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Stylish Sun Visors

Are you in need of wholesale sun visors? Head this way and let Boardwalk Style advise you on the most stylish sun visors to get you through the brightest of days!

Get your money’s worth in this Heathered Roll-Up visor, and maybe even throw in a little tip (of the cap)!



Put a bow on it and keep it classy in the shade with this elegant wraparound piece!



Save face with this fashionable zebra print Facesaver Cap.



Or if you’re feeling fierce, check out this Straw Sun Visor with a ferocious leopard band.



Somebody please think of the children! (Oh wait, we did!) This kid’s sun visor with bow is sure to please any kid looking to stay fashionably safe in the sun!



Don’t let the cold keep you down. A winter knit visor is the perfect accessory for those chilly, sun-soaked days.



This lightweight, sewn braid straw visor won’t weigh you down when indulging in your favorite sport or activity, whether it’s frisbee, golf, or anything in between… like laser tag!



When it comes to comfort, the name says it all: Our Most Comfortable Sun Visor. A day on the beach or a night out alone, with friends, or with loved ones, this visor is sure to be a stylish addition to nearly any ensemble.



Don’t let the sun give you sore eyesight, become a sight for sore eyes instead! Find these visors and more here at Boardwalk Style or through our parent company Dynamic Asia!

Happy shopping!

– Team Dynamic

UV Protection Hats for Women

Keeping yourself protected from the sun’s harmful rays just got easier with UV hats. That’s right, we at Boardwalk Style are going to show you our favorite UV protection hats for women so that everyone can be protected from the sun and look great doing so!

The Flat Top Handwoven Toyo Straw Hat isn’t like the other floppy style UPF sun hats on our list. This flat top design with vegan leather criss-cross band and adjustable inner drawstring has a classic inspired look with a modern summer twist!

buy uv hats wholesale

A more traditional style is our Small Brim Denim Crusher Hat. This ribbon sun hat is packable, making it easy to put in your handbag while you’re not outdoors and it offers excellent sun protection at UPF 50+. Plus you still have some shade with a brim that measures 3.5 inches.

floppy upf sun hats

If you’re looking for wide brim sun hats with a more colorful look our Heathered Colorblock Sun Hat is just for you. It’s rainbow stripes are sure to add pops of color to any summer outfit and with a brim that measures five inches your face is fully covered. It comes with an adjustable inner drawstring so even on a windy day your hat won’t fly away.

buy sun protection hats for summer

So if you want to buy sun protection hats, head over to our wholesale hat site – Dynamic Asia!

Need to buy a bulk amount of hats? Check out our sister site – Fashion by the Case.

Thanks for viewing our UV protection sun hats.

Stay beautiful and protected in a sun hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Summer Straw Hats for Women

With the hot season approaching, we now have the chance to accessorize with summer straw hats for women!

We always strive to look our best. Right? Because when we look good, we feel good. Well, I have good news for you – you can feel great by wearing summer straw hats! Accessorizing with sun hats is an easy way to dress up your outfit, be stylish, AND it protects your face from damaging rays.  Let’s face it, no one wants wrinkles from too much sun exposure.

Buying hats can be intimidating at times. There are so many different styles, designs, colors, and it’s always hard to pick the perfect one. We’ve all been there… But do not fret! We are here to help.

Let’s start by taking a look at upcoming trends in women’s summer hats and how various styles of hats can be worn.

Summer Straw Hats for Women Sun Hat

First, we have the wide brimmed straw sun hat. This is a great fashion accessory for walking around or tanning on the beach as it keeps the sun out of your face while allowing your body soaks up some vitamin D. The big black bow is also a nice feature: it’s just so girly and cute! If you are looking for the perfect day-time summer hat, this is the one for you. But wait, there’s more! This wide brimmed sun hat is made out of natural raffia straw. In other words, this puppy is not only stylish, but it is also made from high quality materials.

Black Straw Hat

Next up, we have the straw Panama hat. This summer hat will look amazing with a cute summery outfit! Plus, you can’t go wrong with the color black; it’s simple, sleek, and great for day or night use. On a side note, this style also comes in a white and natural.

Wide Brim Summer Durby Hat White

Last but not least, we have the wide brimmed summer hat that’s perfect for upscale events. If you’re feeling a little fancy, get this fashionable wide brimmed hat that you can wear to a derby, tea party, or whatever classy event of your choosing. This item screams class! It has stylish square cutouts and is made of 100% paper braid straw. It also comes with an adjustable drawstring to fit any sized head. This beautiful sun hat comes on several different colors including: navy, black, fuchsia, natural, and of course white.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, just click here. We have a list of locations where it can be found.

We also sell our products directly to retail stores. If this applies to you, please visit wholesale.dynamicasia.com.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

-Team Boardwalk

Best Beach Hats 2016

Okay, ladies, there is just no getting around it: sun hats are a beach essential! Between needing to protect your face from the damaging rays of the sun to trying to tame the fly-away hair from that amazing salty beach breeze, there’s no denying you need the perfect beach hat (or two)!

There are a lot of choices when it comes to beach hats, so we here at Boardwalk Style have put together a list of the top 10 best beach hats of 2016. These hats are sure to protect your face from the sun while making sure you look stylish in that vacation selfie with the waves crashing behind you!

straw sun protection summer hats

Let’s start with a simple straw classic.  You can’t go wrong with this hat.  It will match any swimsuit or style and offers great sun protection.

colorful beach hats in bulk

When it comes to wide brim sun hats, this might be the choice for you if you like something bright and eye-catching.  Pair this beautiful hat with some big sunglasses and you’re sure to feel like a glamorous movie star!

perfect beach hats

This fun hat is packable and shapable, meaning you can fall asleep on your beach towel with it on or throw it in your beach bag and not worry about it.  It comes in several great colors to match any swimsuit! When it comes to sun protection hats for women, this is an easy choice.

travel hats for women

This is another beach hat that’s perfect for traveling! Throw it into your carry-on and go straight to the beach on your vacation! It’s casual, feminine and fun.

beach visors wholesale

This cute sun visor actually rolls up, making it a breeze to travel with.  If the wide brim sun hats are just too much hat for you, consider a visor.  They offer sun protection with the added bonus that you can easily lean your head back in your beach chair!

tennis visors wholesale

Another easy visor!  Keep this one in the backseat of your car.  This versatile hat will keep you covered (literally) for any number of outdoor activities: hiking, sporting events, strolling the farmer’s market, gardening — and of course relaxing on the beach.

wholesale cowboy hats

A straw cowboy hat is always great at the beach.  It’s a sexy, fun addition to any beach ensemble and will cover even the most out-of-control beach hair. Every woman needs a cowboy hat in her closet!

wholesale straw fedoras

For a more modern casual look, this straw fedora is sure to meet all your beach needs (and be the envy of all your friends when they see your vacation posts)!

beach hats

Who said you have to go casual at the beach?  Pair this stunning wide brim sun hat with a sundress and you’re ready for the beach —  by way of a yacht!  This hat is sure to get you noticed!

best beach wide brim hats

This sweet sunflower laden straw hat offers great sun protection and is just too cute to leave off the list!

Hopefully these hats will  inspire you to plan that tropical vacation or at least head to the nearest beach after work. We just ask that you enjoy the sun responsibly!  Don’t travel without sun protection hats for women!

Click here to find where to buy these trendy, fashionable (and practical) beach hats — and avoid coming back from the beach with a sunburn or the dreaded sunglasses tan lines.

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


Sun Protective Hats for Women

We all want to look our best.  Not just today, but twenty years from today, too!  Which is why sun protection is so important!  And what better way to protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays than with a stylish hat!

Boardwalk Style  has beautiful sun protection hats for women! Women love summer straw hats; they are stylish, easy and protect from sunburn and sun damage.  Check out some of our favorite womens sun hats below.  We have several shapes and colors.  The perfect hat for every occasion.  These wide brim sun hats are what the smart, stylish women will be wearing.    We have casual and dressy styles for a day in your backyard pool or a tropical beach resort.  These beautifully crafted hats will protect your face from the sun and keep you looking (and feeling) cool.  These fashionable and practical wide brimmed beauties will turn heads.

If you wish to buy Boardwalk Style hats, here is a link to a few of the fine retailers who carry us:

Buy Boardwalk Style Sun Hats and Beach Bags

sun hats upf 50 women's foldable hats ladies hats upf 50 plus

floppysunhat wholsalesunhats ladies sun protective hats sun protective hats womens hats sun protective bulk

All hats in this collection are affixed with a UPF 50+ tag.  In case you’re wondering what exactly that means, a garment with a UPF of 50 only allows 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the surface of the garment to pass through it. In other words, it blocks 49/50ths or 98% of the UV radiation. These are some heavy duty sun protective hats!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic



Buy Big Floppy Beach Hats

Looking to buy big floppy beach hats? You’ve found ’em!

Summer is right around the corner, so get your hands on these fashionable numbers now!

You can visit our parent company Dynamic Asia or scroll down to see what we have in store! Why not do both?

Wholesale Beach Hats

This blue striped floppy hat is as stylish as it is fun! Double down on fashion by purchasing with a matching tote bag!


Big Floppy Hats

This faux felt floppy hat with a tie goes great with your summer skirts!


Floppy Beach Hats 2015

The ombre style floppy sun hat is lightweight, wide-brim and comes with matching tie!


Floppy Beach Hats

This multicolor striped floppy sun hat will keep you cool and stylish in the ocean breeze!


Beach Hats 2015

This wide-brim floppy sun hat has a peek-a-boo pattern around the edge! Surprise! You look great!


Floppy Beach Hats Wholesale

Hit the beach with this bright floppy straw hat with bow to match that winning smile!


Stay shaded this summer (and every summer!) with these fashionable floppy beach hats!

And don’t forget to visit our parent company Dynamic Asia to buy wholesale beach hats, as well as a number of other styles!

Have fun this summer, and happy shopping!

– Team Boardwalk

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