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Some people call sunglasses “the eyes of the face.” We personally think the actual eyes of the face are the eyes of the face, but to each their own! Speaking of own, it’s time you own some fashionable summer eyewear for the New Year!

Boasting a variety of options for all styles and ages, Boardwalk Style has you, and your eyes, covered!

What’s the teal with these Color Spark sunglasses? They’re downright trendsetting is what, and the vibrant frames couple nicely with lenses of violet hue.

Hot Sunglasses Color Spark Sunglasses


Looking for something less flashy? These polarized Bamboo Jane-style shades provide the understated look you’re seeking while maintaining a modern design.

Sunglasses Polorized Bamboo Jane Polarized Sunglasses


These flexible Flower UV sunglasses aim to a younger crowd, but don’t let anyone tell you you can’t pull them off as well! And hey, if you can’t, you can just literally pull them off. They’re just sunglasses after all and should in no way be permanently attached to your face.

Toddler Sunglasses Kids Flexible Flower UV Sunglasses


That’s not all! The kids have options! Like these Kitty UVs. Purrfect for sunny days and terrible puns.

Sunnies Eyeglasses Kids Kitty UV Sunglasses


Or this Retro Polka Dot pattern:

Unique Sunglasses Kids Retro Polka Dot UV Sunglasses


Don’t you hate when strangers approach you on the street and start reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to your face when you’re not even wearing American Flag aviators? Well, we have the solution to at least one of those problems!

Sunglasses USA American Flag Aviator Sunglasses


So if you’re a retailer in the market for fashionable wholesale sunglasses, head over to our wholesale fashion accessories website  – Dynamic Asia!

Let us help shape (and frame) your day the right way!

– Team Dynamic

LA Beach Sunglasses

Are you tired of summer yet? I didn’t think so! But when the sun is glaring it can be pretty annoying if you don’t have the proper beach sunnies. But not to worry, we at Boardwalk Style have the perfect LA beach sunglasses for you.

Let’s start off by showing you some stylish fashion sunglasses from Los Angeles, where we are based from.

These unisex aviator fashion sunglasses with rainbow tinted lenses are perfect if you’re heading to the beach. They have UV400 protection, which is a necessity if you want to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays, polycarbonate lenses and are they are also lightweight and shatter resistant. They made great sunglasses for sport sunglasses.

buy sunglass la style

Another unique sunglasses style are these colored frame fashion sunglasses with metal bridge and temples. We’re loving the colors of this sunglass style and so will you. They are impact resistant, have polycarbonate lenses and UV400 protection.

la sunnies sunglasses wholesale

If you can’t decide between the classic colors of black or brown la sunnies sunglasses, then try these clear frame sunglasses with colored lenses. They go with any outfit. So if you’re going on vacation you don’t have to take multiple pairs.

shop unique sunglasses

Are you a fan of Boardwalk Style’s sunnies? If you’re a retailer that stocks sunglasses check out our wholesale website – Dynamic Asia – for sunglasses, USA designed! 

And if you’re in need of a large order check out our sister site for styles of sunglass from LA and more – Fashion by the Case.

Keep stylish this summer with some sunnies!

– Team Boardwalk

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