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Big Floppy Sun Hats

Floppy hats are one of the more popular hat styles. They are elegant and flattering on many face shapes. Ladies floppy hats also are also beneficial because they are an excellent sun protector. The larger the hat the more face protection you’ll have! So let’s show you some of our fabulous big floppy sun hats.

We love floppy straw hats and this natural raffia straw sun hat is a great staple for your wardrobe. It’s handmade with a crocheted edge in colored Toyo straw. Take it with you on your next tropical vacation because it’s packable and has UPF 50+ protection.

floppy straw hats los angeles

Another straw style is this wide brim floppy straw sun hat with stitched edges. It has a matching straw band with tassels and comfortable inner sweatband. The brim measures five inches! So if you’re looking for extra large hats, this is the one!

straw ladies floppy hats la

And if you need a little color and aren’t too keen on the natural straw look this women’s ombre-style straw sun hat might just be for you. It’s lightweight and made of 100% paper straw. And with UPF 50+  protection you can’t go wrong.

upf 50 extra large hats sun protection

Perhaps you’re looking for a black straw hat. Well, we have those too! We have this classic style floppy sun hat that is made of lightweight Toyo mesh straw and has a faux-suede band. Or you can opt for this handwoven floppy sun hat with faux leather string band and a shapeable wire in brim.

big sun hats toyo straw large black straw hat ladies

Maybe you need ribbon hats. We have those as well. This ribbon crusher sun hat with contrasting stitching is crushable and packable so take it anywhere!

packable ribbon hats travel

Are you a retailer looking to buy big sun hats? Then head over to our wholesale fashion accessories website  – Dynamic Asia for all your hat needs and more! 

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Stay beautiful in a big floppy sun hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Ladies Ribbon Sun Hats

Staying protected from the sun never goes out of style! It’s important to keep your face and body well guarded and a ribbon sun hat is a great way to do just that! So let’s start off by showing you some of the ladies ribbon sun hats that you should be wearing this summer. At Boardwalk Style we have tons of sun protection hats including UV hats. Check these out…

If you’re looking for black beach hats check out this ribbon crusher hat with polka dot trim and matching fabric side snap. It makes for a great travel hat because it folds up into a flat cone that can be secured by the snap. Who doesn’t love packable ribbon hats?

buy ribbon sun hat wholesale ribbon hats los angeles

This one is another packable hat and if you’re looking for wide brim floppy hats, this one is perfect! It’s a reversible ribbon crusher sun hat for women. On one side it’s a solid color with white highlights and the reverse side features a wavy pattern.

wide brim floppy hats for summer

And last but not least is one of our UPF 50 sun hats. It’s made of stonewashed ribbon braid with a facesaver and back bow. It provides excellent sun protection because it’s UPF 50+. This one is also packable and has a shapeable wire brim.

packable ribbon hats for travel

If you’re a retailer who needs to stock up on ribbon hats then be sure to check out or wholesale website  Dynamic Asia! 

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Stay fashionably protected from the sun!

– Team Boardwalk

Best Travel Hats – Packable and Crushable Hats

For the traveling fashionista, there’s no stylish accessory more practical than a womens crushable hat. At Boardwalk Style we love hats you can pack and we’re here to show you the best travel hats – our packable and crushable hats!

The Striped Denim Crusher Hat is a shapeable and foldable ribbon crusher hat. It has a shapeable wire brim so you can adjust the hat to what suits you the best. Which is perfect for days when it may be a bit cloudy. And the striped design makes for a great summer beach look!

striped ribbon sun hats

If a solid color hat is more your style we have the Classic Ribbon Crusher Hat With Tie. It’s a classic style with a string band and comes in a few different colors. Just check out that beautiful teal; it’s a hot shade for summer! With a four-inch brim, it offers great shade from the sun.

buy hats you can pack wholesale womens crushable hat

However, if you fancy a much wider brim, look no further! Our Oversized Ribbon Sun Hat is a head-turner! This glamorous hat is the queen of ribbon hats. Its brim measures seven inches! And it’s completely foldable and packable.

oversized ladies travel hats

Do you need to buy ribbon sun hats? Check out our wholesale hat site – Dynamic Asia for all your ladies travel hats and more!

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Thanks for taking a peek at our packable sun hats.

See you next time, fashionistas!

– Team Boardwalk

Great Straw Beach Hats for Women with Elizabeth Keene

Here’s a quick post to showcase – and thank – Los Angeles Fashion Blogger Elizabeth Keene for her recent blogs featuring gorgeous pictures of her in Boardwalk Style wide brim hats.

Don’t miss Elizabeth’s amazing fashion blog: A Keene Sense of Style.  She has great style, posts very regularly, the photos are always amazing, and sometimes you’ll even spot her in Boardwalk Style hats!

The first of these sets of hat photos features Elizabeth modeling a classic wided brim straw beach hat, perfect for the beach, lake, or pool:

boardwalk-style-hats-straw-model-photo-elizabeth-keene classic-straw-hat-elizabeth-keene floppy-straw-summer-hats-elizabeth-keene

That’s a great straw beach hat for women.  With the cutouts it won’t offer as much UV protection as most of other other beach hats, but it looks great and is still far better than wearing no hat at all!

Here’s a few more shots from Elizabeth’s post: A Labor Day Picnic by Elizabeth Keene

great-beach-hats-by-boardwalk-style ladies-sun-hats-wide-brim-straw-elizabeth-keene-fashion-blogger

As a beach hat brand, here at Boardwalk Style it’s always nice to see our hats being worn seaside.  Elizabeth shows how you can sport a classic straw hat without wearing a swimsuit – it goes well with so many summer outfits!


The other great hat that Elizabeth featured on her fashion blog was a striped ribbon wide brim hat.  As you can tell by the photos below, it works well for garden parties, outdoor events in white, and what she calls the Golden Hour Glow. (That’s a link to the blog post where you can find these photos and more.)

los-angeles-fashion-blogger-elizabeth-keene-in-a-boardwalk-style-wide-brim-hat los-angeles-fashion-blogger-elizabeth-keene-in-a-wide-brim-straw-hat ribbon-hats-wide-brim ribbon-sun-hat-elizabeth-keene

boardwalk-style-hats-a-california-hat-company floppy-summer-straw-hats-boardwalk-style-elizabeth-keene straw-beach-hats-for-women-elizabeth-keene-fashion-model-blogger

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for the beautiful shots, and looking so gpod in Boardwalk Style hats (and everything else!  Don’t forget to check out her site: www.akeenesenseofstyle.com)

Stay fashionable.

-Team Boardwalk


Ribbon Hats and Lampshade Hats

Ribbon hats and lampshade hats are two kinds of beach hats that not only look great on any women, but also provide effective protection against the sun. Boardwalk Style just so happens to have a wide variety of summer hats for women, in a myriad of styles and colors.

If you are looking for ways to accessorize your beach outfit, you have come to the right place. With these stylish sun straw and ribbon hats for women, you can take your resort outfit to a whole new level, without having to worry about getting sunburnt.


Lampshade Hats Straw String Band

This lampshade hat with a string band with tiny beads and charms offers excellent sun protection. What’s more, it has an adjustable inner drawstring, so it can fit any-sized head.

Lampshade RIbbon Hats Women

For those who like brighter colors, this turquoise short brim lampshade hat, made with sewn ribbon and decorated with a a sheer sash, would be perfect for a day out at the beach, the picnic, or the park.


Straw Lampshade Hat Women

How about this straw lampshade hat, adorned with a colored grosgrain ribbon with a subtle shimmer?

Wide Brim Sun Hat Ribbon

With this extra wide brim hat in ribbon and straw, never worry about the sun again! This sun hat for women is also decorated with matching flowers and a ribbon band, making your outfit effortlessly chic.

Thank you for viewing this blog. If you like any lampshade hats or ribbon hats you see, please visit Where to Buy Boardwalk Style to see a list of retail stores you can purchase these sun hats for women.

If you are a retailer and are looking to buy wholesale lampshade and ribbon hats, please visit Dynamic Asia, our parent company.

Happy Shopping!

-Team Boardwalk


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