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Stylish Sun Visors

Are you in need of wholesale sun visors? Head this way and let Boardwalk Style advise you on the most stylish sun visors to get you through the brightest of days!

Get your money’s worth in this Heathered Roll-Up visor, and maybe even throw in a little tip (of the cap)!



Put a bow on it and keep it classy in the shade with this elegant wraparound piece!



Save face with this fashionable zebra print Facesaver Cap.



Or if you’re feeling fierce, check out this Straw Sun Visor with a ferocious leopard band.



Somebody please think of the children! (Oh wait, we did!) This kid’s sun visor with bow is sure to please any kid looking to stay fashionably safe in the sun!



Don’t let the cold keep you down. A winter knit visor is the perfect accessory for those chilly, sun-soaked days.



This lightweight, sewn braid straw visor won’t weigh you down when indulging in your favorite sport or activity, whether it’s frisbee, golf, or anything in between… like laser tag!



When it comes to comfort, the name says it all: Our Most Comfortable Sun Visor. A day on the beach or a night out alone, with friends, or with loved ones, this visor is sure to be a stylish addition to nearly any ensemble.



Don’t let the sun give you sore eyesight, become a sight for sore eyes instead! Find these visors and more here at Boardwalk Style or through our parent company Dynamic Asia!

Happy shopping!

– Team Dynamic

Cute Visor Hat for Ladies

Now that summer is here, it’s also the perfect time to start shopping for a cute visor hat for ladies. Finding the perfect cute visor is going to be easy at Boardwalk Style.  We have many different cute sun visors, but we also have hats that are straw.

The Perfect Ladies Sun Visors

If you are starting to look at fashions sun visors, we have exactly what you are looking for. Finding the perfect ladies sun visor is simple. Even if you are looking for a sunvisor for maybe: golf, tennis, or even a sun visor for the beach – we have you covered.

cute visor

Oh la la – the best looking large straw sun visor with sequins. This cute visor provides excellent sun protection with an adjustable Velcro back closure. It can be rolled up making this visor perfect for travel.

Ladies sun visors are available in many different styles and colors! Creating the perfect outfit with a beach visor hat just got even easier. Fashion accessories can really put together a fantastic look, but also have you rocking in style.

sun visor hats straw

Who can resist the most comfortable wraparound sun visor? This is a heathered straw visor with a soft cotton canvas band. It also has a comfortable elastic fit.

Sun protection is also an added bonus any time you are wearing a sun visor.  Harmful sun rays can be damaging to your skin, therefore it is important to find the right visor to protect yourself when you are out in the sun.

cute sun visors

Want an over-sized sun visor?  Look no further – this sun visor provides excellent sun protection, but it is also excellent for travel.

beach visor hat

Now, THIS sun visor is trendy, but also full of color. This is the perfect space-dyed straw braid sun visor with an interior sweatband made out of 100% straw.

Boardwalk Style is the best place for all of your sun visors and more. If you are a retailer looking for inventory, please check out our parent company.  We have excellent wholesale pricing and we can help you get started.

Have fun in the sun and happy shopping!

-Team Boardwalk

The Best Boardwalk Style Summer Hats & Visors

What does summer mean? It means – time for Boardwalk Style hats to update their cool hats and visors for 2017. We absolutely love our new merchandise and we are pleased to share it with you. We have a great selection, but we do have a few of our favorites that we hope you will enjoy.

Our hats are affordable, trendy, and they are also very comfortable. You can wear these hats almost anywhere you can think of and still look great.

Here are a few of our favorite Boardwalk Style stylish summer hats and visors that we think are sure to be instant hits!

taupe shapeable summer bucket hat

Packable Summer Bucket Hat

There are so many reasons why Boardwalk Style loves this hat!  Unlike certain floppy hats for women, this summer hat looks fantastic.  It has a shapeable brim that can be turned up or down.  This hat can be worn almost anywhere and it also has UPF 50+ sun protection.  That is REALLY good sun protection for UV hats.

ivory crownless straw visor hat for summer

Crownless Straw Visor Hat

This is the best versatile ladies sun visor.  With an adjustable inner drawstring, this is a high quality paper straw summer sun visor cap. It is great for traveling or for any occasion that might put you in direct contact with the sun. The front brim on this summer visor is 4 inches.  Available in ivory, natural, and black.

red polka dot ribbon crusher summer hat

Packable Ribbon Crusher with Polka Dot Snap

Time to add some color with this red ribbon crusher hat with a polka-dot trim. How cute is this summer hat? It also has a matching fabric side snap just for that added hint of fun. This hat is perfect and it also is great for traveling. It can be folded up and secured with the snap in your luggage. It is available in beige, red, navy, and black.

These are just a few of our fun summer hats that we love. We have many others that are just as unique.

Please visit our website and see what other fantastic summer hats and visors we have to offer.  Retailers or those that would love to see their favorite store add Boardwalk Style hats, please visit our parent site – Dynamic Asia – Wholesale Women’s Hats.

-Team Boardwalk

Sun Visor Hats and Face Saver Caps

Hello smart, stylish shoppers looking for sun visor hats and face saver caps!

At Boardwalk Style we know how important sun protection is for today’s women.  Sun exposure can cause sunburn, dark spots, premature aging and even skin cancer — so of course protecting your face is a top priority.  But after a cold, hard winter, we all deserve a little time in the sun!  (Maybe even a couple days at the beach.) But we need to enjoy the sun responsibly!  In addition to applying SPF to your face, you also want to find the perfect hat to keep away those damaging sun rays.

There are so many styles of sun visor caps and face saver hats to choose from for today’s active women. Whether you’re looking for sun visors for golf or a straw sun visor for your beach vacation, there’s a stylish hat that’s perfect for you.

Here are a few of our favorite visor style caps.  These classic styles allow you to protect your face from the sun, without a lot of excess hat to get in your way while playing sports, hiking or riding your bike.  These visors are classic and elegant — and keep the sun out of your eyes and can easily hide a bad hair day.

face saver hat large sun visor covering face red sun visor

If you want a little more protection (and a little more hat), these roll up visors are very fun and stylish.  And they roll up to make them easy to store or pack.  Whether you prefer a nautical style, a romantic bow or bold colors, we have a visor that is sure to be just what you’re looking for.

sun visor hats rollup nautical summer sun visors straw rollup visor open back hats sun visor straw rollup with bow

Don’t let the sun keep you from the outdoor activities you love.  With these stylish, sun-smart hats you will look your best this summer — and still be looking your best twenty summers from now, with your sun-protected skin!

To find out where to buy these sun visor hats and face savers – and all of our Boardwalk Style Hats – just click here.

And if you are a retailer and wish to buy sun visors wholesale, please visit our parent company – Dynamic Asia.

Until next time…Happy Shopping!

-Team Boardwalk

A Great Straw Sun Visor

If you still think of little old ladies playing golf when you think of sun visors, then you definitely need to check out these new straw sun visors from Boardwalk Style. These ladies sun visors are trendy and fashionable, ready for any outdoor event from backyard barbecues to sporting events (yes, even golf!) Women of all ages will be sporting these visors because these are some of the best sun visor hats around!

This versatile straw visor style with an updated modern look comes in many fun colors.  Perfect for gardening or an afternoon at the pool. This will become your go-to visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face.

Los Angeles visors for ladies sun visors for women sun visor cap   fun sun visors hats for ladies sun visors variety of colors wholesale womens wholesale straw visors

And there are many other straw visor styles. Perfect for the Fourth of July parade or an outdoor summer afternoon concert.

straw ladies visors womens sun visors

The great thing about visors is they travel well.  And if you want more sun protection, then we also have a straw extended visor that rolls up!  Perfect to stuff into your carry-on for your next beach vacation or your staycation in your own backyard!

travel sun visor for women

Click here to find where to buy these trendy, fashionable (and practical) sun visor caps!


Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


Straw Sun Visors for Ladies

Looking for fashionable straw sun visors for ladies? We have you (and your eyes) covered!

Sun visors are the go-to accessory for the active woman! Whether you’re playing golf, tennis or just going for a summer stroll, we have the sun visors to keep you shaded and stylish!

If you’re a retailer…Shop wholesale for straw sun visors by clicking these words!

Here are a few examples of some of the straw sun visors you’ll be clamoring for this summer!


Straw Sun Visor

This large roll-up straw visor with polka dot trim has an adjustable velcro trim and adorable matching bow!


Sun Visors for LadiesThe clip-on wheat straw visor is adorned with an attractive side buckle and plush cherry sweatband!


Sun Visor 2015This stylish paper braid sun visor is decorated with a multicolor woven tribal band, adjustable velcro closure and plush sweatband!


Straw Visor 2015This large, braided ribbon straw sun visor comes in bright summer colors! The inner elastic band and back bow make for a comfortable and stylish fit!


Straw Hat and Sun VisorsThis paper braid sun visor with color band and silver buckle has an adjustable velcro closure and elastic sweatband! Available in a variety of colors!

Don’t forget to visit our parent company Dynamic Asia to buy wholesale!

Keep cool this summer with these straw sun visors and happy shopping!

– Team Boardwalk


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