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Stylish Sun Visors

Are you in need of wholesale sun visors? Head this way and let Boardwalk Style advise you on the most stylish sun visors to get you through the brightest of days!

Get your money’s worth in this Heathered Roll-Up visor, and maybe even throw in a little tip (of the cap)!



Put a bow on it and keep it classy in the shade with this elegant wraparound piece!



Save face with this fashionable zebra print Facesaver Cap.



Or if you’re feeling fierce, check out this Straw Sun Visor with a ferocious leopard band.



Somebody please think of the children! (Oh wait, we did!) This kid’s sun visor with bow is sure to please any kid looking to stay fashionably safe in the sun!



Don’t let the cold keep you down. A winter knit visor is the perfect accessory for those chilly, sun-soaked days.



This lightweight, sewn braid straw visor won’t weigh you down when indulging in your favorite sport or activity, whether it’s frisbee, golf, or anything in between… like laser tag!



When it comes to comfort, the name says it all: Our Most Comfortable Sun Visor. A day on the beach or a night out alone, with friends, or with loved ones, this visor is sure to be a stylish addition to nearly any ensemble.



Don’t let the sun give you sore eyesight, become a sight for sore eyes instead! Find these visors and more here at Boardwalk Style or through our parent company Dynamic Asia!

Happy shopping!

– Team Dynamic

Womens Beach Baseball Hats for 2018

When you take me out to the ball game, er, beach, don’t forget your womens beach baseball hats!  :)  

Hit the sand with a beach bag, towel, and baseball bat (optional) in hand, and don’t forget to sport a fashionable beach cap to make you look striking – without striking out!

Quick note: Are you a store owner or buyer looking for wholesale beach baseball hats?  You can buy Boardwalk Style hats from our parent company DNMC Los Angeles!  Go to:

Shop Boardwalk Style Wholesale!
Beach Baseball Hats and Womens Caps

Now, back to the post…

Boardwalk Style has the beach baseball hats you’re looking for this summer.

This raffia straw women’s baseball cap is just the thing you need to keep that foul ball known as “the sun” out of your eyes whether enjoying America’s favorite pastime or simply taking a stroll in the ocean breeze.

beach baseball hats women raffia straw cap


This Sequin Mesh cap is sure to be a home run with onlookers. Watch it sparkle and shine like a diamond (but not a baseball diamond; those don’t shine at all)!

Sequin Mesh baseball cap

Be the life of the dugout in this colorful Tropical Print baseball cap, a must-have for any beach-bunting baseball bash!tropical print baseball cap

From building sand castles to tossing a frisbee with friends or family, this Butterfly-adorned Kid’s Baseball Cap is sure to put a smile on any child’s face.

Kid's Butterfly baseball cap

Whether it’s the 7th inning stretch or the bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, two outs, two strikes or any other variation of baseball-related phrases that can be applied to fun in the sun, sports on the beach and feeling the sand between your toes, Boardwalk Style has got you(r head) covered!

Are you a retailer that sells beach hats?  Buy Boardwalk Style from our parent company – DNMC!  Go to:

Buy Boardwalk Style Beach Hats Wholesale

Swing, batter batter!… and dress better better this summer for the beach!

Stay fashionable,

-Team Dynamic

Ladies Bucket Hats for Summer

There are many styles of hats that are perfect for summer. The style just depends on what you’re wearing and the activity you may be engaging in. At Boardwalk Style we are loving ladies bucket hats for summer. They’re great for more leisurely activities and look great with maxi dresses and maxi skirts. Here we’ll show you a few of our favorites.

We are in love with the Fine Crochet Toyo Straw Bucket Hat. It’s a straw bucket hat that easily goes great with many outfits because of its classic design and natural straw tone. It’s finely hand-crocheted and has an adjustable drawstring so it’ll fit just about any size. Its brim is a cross between a traditional bucket hat and a floppy hat which provides excellent sun protection.

buy ladies summer hats

Another favorite women’s summer bucket hat is the Ultrafine Crochet Raffia Turn Up Hat. We love the fine crocheted details and the natural color with black stripe along the brim. This style is elegant and looks lovely with any summer look.

wholesale straw bucket hat

The last of the three ladies bucket hats we’re featuring is definitely not the least. The Fine Crochet Raffia Turn Up Hat is a beautifully hand-crocheted sun hat made of organic raffia straw. The crocheted pattern adds a unique touch to this summer sun hat.

straw womens summer bucket hat

If you’re ready to buy some ladies summer hats check out our wholesale hat site – Dynamic Asia for all your women’s hats and more!

Also if you’re buying in larger amounts check out our sister site for bucket hats for ladies and other accessories – Fashion by the Case.

Stay gorgeous!

– Team Boardwalk

Great Boating Hats for 2017

Summer is almost here, which means – time to find a new boating hat right?  Summer boating hats are not just meant to be worn on a boat – you can wear a fashionable hat like this anywhere!  Doesn’t that sound great?  At Boardwalk Style, we just love changing seasons, because it means time to change our inventory too!

Are you looking for new straw hat?  Or, travel hats or just a classic straw hat that can be worn anywhere?  We love to provide comfort and a classy look, but also having the right sun protection straw hats for women is important to Boardwalk Style.

Let’s take a look at a few of our great looking summer boating hats that provide style, comfort, and sun protection!

classic straw sun hat 2017

The White Straw Boater Hat w/ Striped Band

Now, this classic straw summer hat is cool.  It’s got a very neat navy striped grosgrain band with an adjustable string.  You don’t have to worry about this hat getting blown off your head.  It’s also made of 100% paper straw with a 2.5 inch brim.

Fun two tone pattern straw summer boater hatThe 2-Tone Pattern Straw Boater Hat

A stylish summer boating hat, but this hat also is available in black as well.  There is nothing wrong with having two different colors of your favorite ladies summer hats.  The checkered pattern makes this hat have some “pizzazz” and the matching grosgrain band with the 1.75 inch brim really ties this hat together for the complete package look.

pink and white floral boating hat for women

The Straw Boater Hat w/ 2 Flowers

Now, this is a lovely straw boater hat.  What makes this hat so darn unique?  Besides wearing this to the beach or on a cruise – you can go fancy and wear this to a wedding or a summer party.  Two pretty flowers and a lace band – it’s also made out of 100% wheat straw.

Boardwalk Style summer boating hats come in many shapes and sizes as you can see.  We just love having a little or A LOT of something for everyone!

Another great part about shopping with us — we have wholesale opportunities for any retailers that want new summer hats or accessories.  Please check our our parent company – Dynamic Asia for summer boating hats, but also anything else you might be interested in.

Cheers and have a great summer!

-Team Boardwalk

Classic Straw Hat

The classic straw hat – is a fashion accessory every woman should have in her wardrobe.

With a number of brim sizes and colors, we have an idea of the perfect straw hat for the summer.

In this post we’ll be showing you a variety of Boardwalk Style’s straw beach hats for women.  To buy any of our ladies summer hats be sure to visit: Where to Buy Boardwalk Style Classic Straw Hats.

Now let’s start off with the trendy floppy summer straw hats we all love. They go great with maxi dresses and swimsuits or you can dress up a casual top and shorts look. Go for a glamorous look with a natural tone oversized hat with contrast bow and trim or a beach inspired look with this crochet sun hat.



These hats and many of our other premium straw hats are made of organic raffia straw, natural seagrass, and paper braid straw. Our large beach hats are stylish and offer exceptional protection from the sun.

floppy summer straw hats

Another style that keeps your face protected is our Panama style straw hats. With a smaller brim than our floppy hats and a slightly larger brim than most fedoras, the Panama hat is the perfect balance for any chic straw hat woman!



If you’re a retailer and want to buy straw hats brands wholesale, visit our wholesale hat site – Dynamic Asia, yep, that’s the link!

And if you’re looking to buy hats in bulk, we now have a a new site – Fashion by the Case – just for high volume wholesale buyers.

Thanks for taking a look at some of Boardwalk Style’s classic straw hat summer favorites.

Whether you’re going to the beach or just talking a stroll around town, stay classy and don’t forget your hat!

-Team Boardwalk

Wide Brim Sun Hats

Boardwalk Style is proud to present its newest line of sun hats, beach fedoras, and summer fashion accessories!

If you wish to buy Boardwalk Style hats, here is a link to a few of the fine retailers who carry us:

Buy Boardwalk Style Sun Hats and Beach Bags

Here in Los Angeles, California we see a lot of wide brim sun hats, on beaches from San Diego to Malibu.

At Boardwalk Style, we’ve got some amazing sun hats, of all brim sizes – especially wide brims!

Click below for more photos of our newest wide brim straw sun hats!

wide brim womens sun hats summer hat

That’s a colorblock hat, great for the beach or pool, or anytime you want a lot of sun protection.

ladies seashell wide brim beach straw hat

If style and comfort is what you desire then look no further than our ladies seashell wide brim straw hat. Made of raffia straw and real seashells this summer hat is the embodiment of femininity and uniqueness!

ombre wide brim floppy summer hat

Not all floppy summer straw hats are the same and to attest to that is our ombre style wide brim hat. Lightweight, and available in a variety of colors, not just the one pictured, this summer hat is sure to turn heads at your next pool date, while protecting you from those harmful UV sun rays.

white ribbon black wide brim straw hat

Perfect for a summer evening gathering on the beach – or anywhere, really – our black and white wide brim straw hat is the epitome of elegance. The white ribbon is a subtle and feminine detail, while its no fuss packable design allows it to fit into any ladies bag!

Speaking of travel hats, this crushable straw hat is a must for any trips to Hawaii, Florida, Palm Springs, or anywhere else where it’s sunny:

crushable sun hats raffia straw trim ribbon braid

Wherever you are, whatever the season, be sure to stay stylish and protect yourself from the sun with a wide brim sun hat from Boardwalk Style!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


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