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Fine Organic Raffia Straw Luxury Hats

Luxury hats can be, well, a luxury. They are typically made of the finest materials such a raffia straw which can be more expensive. And you may be asking, “what is raffia?” Raffia straw is a type of palm leaf and it is actually the longest leaf in the plant world. It is incredibly durable so it’s perfect for resort straw hats. At Boardwalk Style we don’t believe you need to spend tons of money to have a great quality hat. So let’s show you some of the fine organic raffia straw luxury hats available.

If you like organic raffia straw hats then check out this hat. This lampshade sun hat with a black grosgrain band and a slanted bow has UPF 50+ sun protection. And with a four-inch brim, it is sure to keep the sun out of your eyes.lampshade resort straw hats for summer

And if you’re looking for fine raffia straw hats these two styles may be what you need. This first one is made of 100% hand-crocheted organic raffia straw. It is slightly floppy with a color stripe on the crown. This second one is a finely crocheted straw bucket hat with matching string tie. An interior sweatband and adjustable inner drawstring ensure a great fit. 

kaminski style straw hats los angeles womens luxury straw hats

Maybe you’re a fan of Kaminski style straw hats this exquisite lampshade hat from our millinery collection and is made of the finest organic raffia straw. It is crocheted with great attention to detail by skilled artisans. If you want luxury straw hats, this is it.

hand crocheted organic raffia straw hats

Perhaps you are looking for a style that doesn’t scream “resort.” Well, we have this raffia straw baseball cap which is the perfect fashion cap for the summer. It’s a unisex style so it’s great for women and men.

ladies fine raffia straw hats and caps

And if you love Panama hats, we have raffia Panama hats as well! This one is made of ultrafine organic raffia straw and it is hand-crocheted with a colored stripe.

what is raffia straw hats

Are you a retailer searching for luxury raffia hats? Then check out our wholesale fashion accessories website  – Dynamic Asia for all your hat needs and more! 

And if you’re buying in large quantities check out our sister site – Fashion by the Case – for the best fine straw hats and more!

Stay fabulous in a raffia hat!

– Team Boardwalk

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