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Boardwalk Style Wide Brim Floppy Hat

At Boardwalk Style, we have a fantastic selection of floppy summer straw hats that everyone loves. Whether you are looking for a wide brim floppy hat or maybe you are looking for summer hats with SPF protection? Don’t worry, we will have you covered.

There are many different straw hat brands, but at Boardwalk Style, we want you to know our quality is impeccable and we love to make our customers happy. Summer hats are very popular right now, so of course we are going to carry a wide variety of sun protection straw hats.

Are you that “straw hat woman” that just loves to have a wide variety of hats to choose from?  We sure hope so, because we have a great selection.

Don’t wait too long, let’s start shopping and pick out some amazing summer straw hats!

white floppy wide brim summer hat with poms

The perfect white floppy hat with a black grosgrain band and dangling pom-poms. This fun hat also has great sun protection: UPF 50+ and is 100% paper straw.

wide brim hat with tassels and pearls

What a fantastic summer hat! This is a glamorous straw floppy hat with a black lace band with tassels and pearls. This hat also has an adjustable inner drawstring and sun protection.

pink pleated ribbon straw sun hat

A bit more dressy, but this is also a versatile straw hat. The hat is composed of paper braids straw and ribbon that is packable and crushable. The brim can be turned up or down and it has an inner sweatband with an adjustable inner drawstring.

extra wide brim natural sun hat

Get amazing sun protection with this extra wide brim straw sun hat. It has a comfort sweatband and an adjustable inner drawstring.

As you can see, we have a few different types of straw hats. We also have many more to check out. Our wholesale site is available for retailers who are looking to add inventory and new popular merchandise to their store.

Or are you looking for bulk quantities? Don’t worry, we have our sister site that has a great high-quality selection that is affordable.

Enjoy the summer in your new summer straw hats!

-Team Boardwalk

Women’s Straw Beach Hats 

Summer is around the corner and the temperature is already on the rise. What does this mean? It’s time to bring out straw beach hats for women. At Boardwalk Style we love a classic wide brim floppy hat but we can also appreciate the more fashion forward styles. Here are just some of the women’s straw beach hats we currently have in stock.

What doesn’t say “floppy beach hat” more than a straw hat with seashells? This little number is sure to compliment your swimsuit at the playa. It’s made of paper straw and has a matching straw band with tassels. Plus, it has an inner sweatband which makes being in the hot sun just a little more comfortable.

shop straw beach hats for women

And if you’re looking for a straw hat for women that provides excellent sun protection, check out this visor. It’s great for taking with you on trips because it easily rolls up for travel!

straw hat women visor

Another hat with a wide brim is this style here. This oversized floppy hat is one of our favorites because it has UPF 50+ protection. And it has a stylish cutout crown pattern and woven faux-leather band.

mer straw hats, floppy beach hat, oversized floppy hat for summer

If you’re a retailer looking for hot straw hat brands, we have them here for you! Check out our selection of fashion accessories and more on our wholesale site – Dynamic Asia

And if you’re interested in buying in larger quantities check out our sister site for more floppy summer straw hats – Fashion by the Case.

Stay fabulous this summer in a straw beach hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Best Floppy Straw Hats For Summer

We all have our favorite style of hat but one hat we continue to see throughout the year is the floppy hat. We have the gorgeous wool hats for the fall and winter and come spring and summer there’s the floppy straw hat. At Boardwalk Style we love this trend and are here to show you the best floppy straw hats for summer.

We love a nautical theme hat for the summer so the Sun Hat With Nautical Rope Band starts off our list. It has a classic design with a traditional sailor’s knot. This is perfect for boat trips or a day by the lake. We’re loving the blue color and it is also available in red making it one of our favorite floppy summer straw hats.

buy floppy summer straw hats

Another favorite on this list is the Peek-a-boo Too Floppy Hat With String Bow. We’re loving the sexy “peek-a-boo” handwoven pattern. This is perfect for a day at the pool or a romantic dinner by the beach.

ladies floppy hats wholesale

Another great straw summer hat is the Floppy Sun Hat With Coconut Ring. It’s on our favorite list because of its elegant style and because it looks stunning with so many looks. It’s a packable hat which makes it great for getaways and it has UPF 50+ protection!

summer hats for women los angeles

So now are you ready to buy some summer hats for women? Check out our wholesale hat site – Dynamic Asia for all your women’s hats and more!

And if you’re buying in larger amounts check out our sister site for ladies floppy hats and more – Fashion by the Case.

Stay beautiful in a floppy summer hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Classic Straw Hat

The classic straw hat – is a fashion accessory every woman should have in her wardrobe.

With a number of brim sizes and colors, we have an idea of the perfect straw hat for the summer.

In this post we’ll be showing you a variety of Boardwalk Style’s straw beach hats for women.  To buy any of our ladies summer hats be sure to visit: Where to Buy Boardwalk Style Classic Straw Hats.

Now let’s start off with the trendy floppy summer straw hats we all love. They go great with maxi dresses and swimsuits or you can dress up a casual top and shorts look. Go for a glamorous look with a natural tone oversized hat with contrast bow and trim or a beach inspired look with this crochet sun hat.



These hats and many of our other premium straw hats are made of organic raffia straw, natural seagrass, and paper braid straw. Our large beach hats are stylish and offer exceptional protection from the sun.

floppy summer straw hats

Another style that keeps your face protected is our Panama style straw hats. With a smaller brim than our floppy hats and a slightly larger brim than most fedoras, the Panama hat is the perfect balance for any chic straw hat woman!



If you’re a retailer and want to buy straw hats brands wholesale, visit our wholesale hat site – Dynamic Asia, yep, that’s the link!

And if you’re looking to buy hats in bulk, we now have a a new site – Fashion by the Case – just for high volume wholesale buyers.

Thanks for taking a look at some of Boardwalk Style’s classic straw hat summer favorites.

Whether you’re going to the beach or just talking a stroll around town, stay classy and don’t forget your hat!

-Team Boardwalk

Floppy Summer Straw Hats for 2017

Summer 2017 is right around the corner, therefore the need to update floppy summer straw hats is a must. There are so many wonderful straw beach hats for women, but also just picking out trendy sun hats for your store is going to be a sure hit. Or, if your just looking for a few hats for yourself, you might think about surprise gifts for friends.

A great summer look is this small denim crusher hat. It is versatile, fashionable, but it’s also lightweight. This crusher hat provides good sun protection (UPF 50+) and it also has an inner sweatband. The hat isn’t overwhelming either, the brim is 3.5 inches. Best Beach Hats Women

Finding the best beach hats women love isn’t hard either with Boardwalk Style. Check out this black straw hat wide brim – looks great right? This uniquely styled hat has an airy peekaboo pattern with a grosgrain band. Prefer lightweight? This summer hat is made of starched paper straw with an adjustable inner drawstring.Black Straw Hat Wide Brim

Love sophisticated large floppy beach hats? This Toyo floppy hat with a color ring has a large 4.75 inch brim and a twisted straw band. It also has an inner adjustable drawstring. The neutral color looks great with any outfit or hair-color.Large Floppy Summer Straw Beach Hats

Take some time to browse our selection of amazing boardwalk style beach hats. It’s the perfect time to get ahead of the game and find some new merchandise for your closet. A retailer? Even better, our summer straw hats are available at wholesale pricing through our parent company Dynamic Asia – Wholesale Women’s Hats.

Stay cool – we look forward to supplying all of your floppy hat needs.

-Team Boardwalk

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