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Big Floppy Sun Hats

Floppy hats are one of the more popular hat styles. They are elegant and flattering on many face shapes. Ladies floppy hats also are also beneficial because they are an excellent sun protector. The larger the hat the more face protection you’ll have! So let’s show you some of our fabulous big floppy sun hats.

We love floppy straw hats and this natural raffia straw sun hat is a great staple for your wardrobe. It’s handmade with a crocheted edge in colored Toyo straw. Take it with you on your next tropical vacation because it’s packable and has UPF 50+ protection.

floppy straw hats los angeles

Another straw style is this wide brim floppy straw sun hat with stitched edges. It has a matching straw band with tassels and comfortable inner sweatband. The brim measures five inches! So if you’re looking for extra large hats, this is the one!

straw ladies floppy hats la

And if you need a little color and aren’t too keen on the natural straw look this women’s ombre-style straw sun hat might just be for you. It’s lightweight and made of 100% paper straw. And with UPF 50+  protection you can’t go wrong.

upf 50 extra large hats sun protection

Perhaps you’re looking for a black straw hat. Well, we have those too! We have this classic style floppy sun hat that is made of lightweight Toyo mesh straw and has a faux-suede band. Or you can opt for this handwoven floppy sun hat with faux leather string band and a shapeable wire in brim.

big sun hats toyo straw large black straw hat ladies

Maybe you need ribbon hats. We have those as well. This ribbon crusher sun hat with contrasting stitching is crushable and packable so take it anywhere!

packable ribbon hats travel

Are you a retailer looking to buy big sun hats? Then head over to our wholesale fashion accessories website  – Dynamic Asia for all your hat needs and more! 

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Stay beautiful in a big floppy sun hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Best Sun Hats for Farmers Markets

Hats are a fashionable and functional accessory. They come in handy when it hot, not only to keep you cool but it also provides excellent sun protection and you look good wearing them. When you’re running your errands like going to a farmers market there’s no better accessory than UPF sun hats. So let’s begin by showing you some of our best sun hats for farmers markets.

We have a variety of sun protection straw hats and one of our favorites that’s perfect for the famers market is our Shapeable Handwoven Floppy Hat. It has a shapeable wire in brim so you can keep your face out of the sun or turn it up while you’re in the shade.

sun protection hats for women buy sun protection straw hats

And if you liked this hat you’ll be sure to love our other floppy straw hats. The Two-Tone Floppy Sun Hat has a chic design and offers UPF 50+ protection.

black and white farmers market hats

Another great UPF 50+ protection hat is our Flat Top Handwoven Toyo Straw Hat. Hats in straw are lightweight and perfect for a sunny day. We don’t call these California hats for nothing!

panama hats straw buy upf sun hats

If you’re looking for sun protection hats for women, visit our wholesale hat site – Dynamic Asia!

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straw california hats

We hope you enjoyed viewing our favorite farmers market hats.

Don’t forget to stay protected from the sun and always have fun with your hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Wallaroo Hats vs Boardwalk Style Hats

What is the difference between Wallaroo hats and Boardwalk Style straw hats?   Keep reading to find out…and…thanks for asking!  :)    (This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of posts comparing Boardwalk Style to competitors like Wallaroo.  So…stay tuned!)

Before we begin, if you are a retailer looking to buy gorgeous wholesale sun hats, please visit Boardwalk Style’s parent company Dynamic Asia:

Boardwalk Style Hats Wholesale – from Dynamic Asia

Let’s start the post with a gorgeous straw sun hat.  Can you tell what company it is from?

wallaroo hats vs boardwalk style sun hats

Buy this sun hat wholesale 

That’s right, it’s a Boardwalk Style hat!  (Did you guess Cappelli Straworld?  Did you even read the title of this post?  :)

First, a little bit about our competitor:

Wallaroo Hat Company is a Colorado based hat company.  You might not have been able to tell by their name or logo.  Unless Wikipedia is incorrect, a “wallaroo” is actually an animal similar to a kangaroo, and so you might think Wallaroo was an Australian hat company.  Nope, it’s here in the good ‘ol USA, just like Boardwalk Style!


So, it’s a little confusing. Is Wallaroo Australian, or American? While you’re wondering if Wallaroo’s sun hats were from Colorado or Australia, or looking at Wallaroo womens hats and thinking they have a fun bouncing kangaroo on their tag, maybe they’re made here in America, be sure to remember one thing: like all major straw hat brands, their hats are made in China.

Really? Wallaroo’s hats are made in China?  Of course.  See Wallaroo’s FAQs to learn more about their company.


So what’s wrong with floppy straw hats being made in China? Iphones are made in China!

So true!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with Wallaroo’s hats being made in China – Boardwalk Style hats are also made in China!

And this is true across the entire hat industry in the United States.  It is very difficult to make straw hats and ladies sun hats in the US these days.  And it’s not just labor costs – it is difficult to find the right raw materials and manufacturing equipment as well.


And don’t forget, there are in fact some amazing hat creators in China doing excellent work.

So, of course, there’s nothing wrong with hats being made in China.  We just feel that when you put a kangaroo on your tag and boast that you are a Colorado company, that you are being not as straightforward with your customers as possible.


Here at Boardwalk Style, we want to be transparent about how our hats are made, and where they come from.  Our parent company – Dynamic Asia – imports all its hats from China, and we personally visit each and every manufacturer we work with at least three times a year.

In the future, we will post photos and video of our hats being made, to bring you into the process and witness their creation by these amazing hat manufacturers.


Boardwalk Style is located in Los Angeles, California, both because of the great weather (and beaches!) and also because the two largest ports in the US are in fact here in LA.  And so we save on shipping costs, enabling us to bring you the highest quality straw sun hats and the lowest possible price.

sun-hats-upf-50 wallaroo-sun-hats-vs-boardwalk-style-straw-hats

Of course, there are many other differences and similarities between Boardwalk Style hats and Wallaroo hats…but this is getting long!  Look for more, next time.

Until then, don’t forget your hat!

-Team Boardwalk


Floppy Straw Beach Hats

Beach season is coming!

When someone says it’s “just another day at the beach?” it’s because we cannot imagine anything topping “another day at the beach.” The beach is amazing! It’s beautiful, relaxing, fun, exotic, and romantic! It’s a fabulous getaway for kids and adults. The sun, the waves, the sand. The beach is the perfect way to spend a day (or three!)

As you pack for your much-deserved beach getaway, make sure you have: your sunglasses, your sunscreen, a swimsuit, a cover-up, a beach bag, flip-flops and of course a floppy straw sun hat!  These are the most stylish wide brim straw hats for the summer and offer amazing sun protection! These floppy summer hats are really a must-have!  They are flirty and functional.  At Boardwalk Style we understand that you want to look your best today (and you will in these fabulous hats!)  We also understand that you will want to still look your best thirty years from today — which is why having the best sun protection hats available is so important!

If making it to the beach isn’t in your immediate future, then wear these floppy summer hats around town and bring the beach to you!  They will look just as great (and protect your face just as well) at the pool, an outdoor wedding or the backyard barbecue. Boardwalk style has many styles and colors to choose from — we are confident there’s a floppy beach hat out there that will be perfect on you! Check out some of the styles available below.

trendy beach accesories must have beach hats trendy straw hats 2016 beach hats floppy straw beach hats

Click here to find out where to purchase these Boardwalk Style floppy summer hats and more perfect beach accessories (including that must-have straw summer bag.)

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


Wide Brim Sun Hats

Boardwalk Style is proud to present its newest line of sun hats, beach fedoras, and summer fashion accessories!

If you wish to buy Boardwalk Style hats, here is a link to a few of the fine retailers who carry us:

Buy Boardwalk Style Sun Hats and Beach Bags

Here in Los Angeles, California we see a lot of wide brim sun hats, on beaches from San Diego to Malibu.

At Boardwalk Style, we’ve got some amazing sun hats, of all brim sizes – especially wide brims!

Click below for more photos of our newest wide brim straw sun hats!

wide brim womens sun hats summer hat

That’s a colorblock hat, great for the beach or pool, or anytime you want a lot of sun protection.

ladies seashell wide brim beach straw hat

If style and comfort is what you desire then look no further than our ladies seashell wide brim straw hat. Made of raffia straw and real seashells this summer hat is the embodiment of femininity and uniqueness!

ombre wide brim floppy summer hat

Not all floppy summer straw hats are the same and to attest to that is our ombre style wide brim hat. Lightweight, and available in a variety of colors, not just the one pictured, this summer hat is sure to turn heads at your next pool date, while protecting you from those harmful UV sun rays.

white ribbon black wide brim straw hat

Perfect for a summer evening gathering on the beach – or anywhere, really – our black and white wide brim straw hat is the epitome of elegance. The white ribbon is a subtle and feminine detail, while its no fuss packable design allows it to fit into any ladies bag!

Speaking of travel hats, this crushable straw hat is a must for any trips to Hawaii, Florida, Palm Springs, or anywhere else where it’s sunny:

crushable sun hats raffia straw trim ribbon braid

Wherever you are, whatever the season, be sure to stay stylish and protect yourself from the sun with a wide brim sun hat from Boardwalk Style!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


Floppy Beach Hats for 2015

Floppy beach hats for 2015 never looked so good, here at Boardwalk Style! If this is your first time stumbling upon us, we are a California based hat, handbag, and accessory company, based in sunny Los Angeles. Being based in a location with spectacular Summer weather, we definitely know a thing or two about Summer trends, as well as everyone’s favorite hat: the floppy!
The floppy hat is great for summer because it has a wide brim that covers for even more face protection. Also, the floppy waves of the brim are cute and stylish. Interested in checking out a few of our floppies? Lucky for you, we have put together a list of our top favorite floppy summer hats for Summer 2015! Scroll down!
Felt Floppy with Ribbon Band-Boardwalk Style
Floppy straw hats are made of a variety of materials, including paper, ribbon, straw and felt. This floppy is made of felt, and is among one of our most popular hats (and also one of the longest brims). This is the go-to hat for ANY season. Get the most use out of this hat, because you can wear it in the summer to block the sun, but pair it with some leggings, boots and an oversizes sweater in the Fall.
Multi-Color Blue Stripe Floppy Sun Hat-Boardwalk Style
The best beach hats are hats that make you want to go to the beach. This multi-colored blue striped floppy hat has all the shades of the ocean. White for crashing waves, turquoise for the water and dark blue for the ocean at a distance. Blue is an essential for summer.
Crisscross Weave Summer Floppy Hat-Boardwalk Style
Straw sun hats for the beach look great when there are 2 tones as well, rather than a solid hat. This crisscross weave floppy is a great alternative to the classic black floppy hat. It is available in white with black weave as well.
Summer 2015 Crusher Hat with Buckle-Dynamic Asia
This ribbon crusher hat with buckle is called a “crusher” because it folds easily in a compact size– easy for traveling. Open it up and it will still retain it’s shape. It is available in black, neutral and brown as well.
Felt Floppy with Tied Band Summer 2015-Boardwalk Style
Another favorite is this felt floppy with matching knotted band. Though it is made of felt, it is still perfect for summer, because it will protect more than some other straw styles that may possibly not be as UV protective as felt.
Ribbon Braid Floppy Hat-Boardwalk Style
This hat is made from braided ribbon, and is extremely lightweight. Stay cool with this summer hat! We also carry it in olive and light blue.
Curious of where to buy Boardwalk Style? Click here to see where you can buy these styles, and many more!
If you’re a retailer, you can buy  any of our hats wholesale from our parent company, DA ( Dynamic Asia )!

As always, if you have any questions or any other general questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you! Also, for more stylish hats, updates, and style trends, be sure to check out our Pinterest and Twitter!

Stay fashionable and happy!
-Team Boardwalk

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