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Stylish Sun Visors

Are you in need of wholesale sun visors? Head this way and let Boardwalk Style advise you on the most stylish sun visors to get you through the brightest of days!

Get your money’s worth in this Heathered Roll-Up visor, and maybe even throw in a little tip (of the cap)!



Put a bow on it and keep it classy in the shade with this elegant wraparound piece!



Save face with this fashionable zebra print Facesaver Cap.



Or if you’re feeling fierce, check out this Straw Sun Visor with a ferocious leopard band.



Somebody please think of the children! (Oh wait, we did!) This kid’s sun visor with bow is sure to please any kid looking to stay fashionably safe in the sun!



Don’t let the cold keep you down. A winter knit visor is the perfect accessory for those chilly, sun-soaked days.



This lightweight, sewn braid straw visor won’t weigh you down when indulging in your favorite sport or activity, whether it’s frisbee, golf, or anything in between… like laser tag!



When it comes to comfort, the name says it all: Our Most Comfortable Sun Visor. A day on the beach or a night out alone, with friends, or with loved ones, this visor is sure to be a stylish addition to nearly any ensemble.



Don’t let the sun give you sore eyesight, become a sight for sore eyes instead! Find these visors and more here at Boardwalk Style or through our parent company Dynamic Asia!

Happy shopping!

– Team Dynamic

Straw Fedora Hats for Women 2017

Boardwalk Style absolutely loves straw fedora hats for women 2017!  Not only are fedora hats for ladies a terrific fashion accessory, but these hats can be worn year-round. Have you ever thought about checking out ladies trilby straw hats or maybe just some beach fedoras?

New Straw Fedora Hats

A fedora hat for ladies can be in a wide variety of colors and even styles. Even the most fashionable women love a good fedora hat.  One of our favorite types of hats at Boardwalk Style is going to be the straw fedora hat for women.

ladies trilby straw hats

A lovely part of our “millinery” collection – this is a hand crocheted pattern fedora hat made from the finest natural organic raffia straw.

fedora hat ladies

Love contemporary fedora hats?  This is a lightweight fedora hat made out of knitted straw.

We are an industry leader for fashion accessories, but we also are a fedora hat company. Whether it be beach fedora hats or even children’s fedora hats – we have you covered.

fedora ladies hat

Love this look?  Boardwalk Style has many different colors available!

straw fedora hat women

We have lots of fedoras with vibrant colors too!

We love our retail customers, but we also love all of our clientele that think Boardwalk Style has great merchandise. If you are a retailer and looking for some high quality women’s fedora hats, please take the time to contact us or visit our website.

fedora hat company

A floral fedora hat available in sage and turquoise.

We also have a parent company that can accommodate large bulk orders. Don’t be left in the dust – get your new fedora hats for 2017 and get prepared for 2018! Time is of the essence and you want to be sure that you are ready for all of the upcoming seasons.

Happy shopping and please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have questions.

-Team Boardwalk Style

Ladies Beach Fedora Hat

Fedoras are a classic hat style that never loses its shine. It’s a staple that would be in every woman’s hat collection. They are a popular style for men but women can always do it better, right? Let’s start off by showing you some of the ladies beach fedora hat styles from Boardwalk Style.

If you have your eyes on women’s fedora hats in natural straw then take a look at this one. It’s a lightweight airy fedora hat in knitted straw. It has a contemporary upturned brim with black grosgrain band. It’s a unisex style so it’s great for the ladies of course but men too!

fedora hat ladies wholesale los angeles

Another straw hat for women is this knitted toyo straw fedora. It’s available in a variety of colors including this fun burgundy color. And we’re loving the woven faux-suede band. It has an adjustable inner drawstring so it’s sure to fit you just right like a straw fedora hat for women should.

fedora ladies hat for summer

Now if you’re looking at beach fedoras this one is not to be missed. It’s from our millinery collection and is hand crocheted from the finest natural organic raffia straw. Check out the sweet color block crown with tweed pattern. It’s also packable and crushable so you can take it anywhere!

buy wholesale ladies hats online

Now that you’ve seen some of our fedora hat for ladies check out our wholesale site! If you’re a retailer that stocks fedora ladies hat be sure to see more here – Dynamic Asia! We have tons of ladies hats online and we ship directly from Los Angeles.

And if you’re in need of a large order check out our sister site for straw hat brands and more – Fashion by the Case.

Keep stylish in your fedora!

– Team Boardwalk

5 Great Beach Fedora Hats for 2017

It’s time to start looking for great beach fedora hats 2017 has to offer. What do you like? Perhaps – a great looking ladies beach fedora hat? Let’s check a few out!

A fedora ladies hat that you simply cannot go wrong with is going to be this hot little number. The knit fedora with a braid is hot and available in several different colors. It’s perfect for all seasons, has a matching inner sweatband, and it also has a faux leather band with a matching knot.brown fedora ladies hat

Beach fedora hats are so much fun and they look great. A day at the beach just got even better with this handwoven 2-tone straw fedora hat with a straw string band. Made out of 100% paper braid straw and it also has an inner sweatband.straw beach fedora hats

Beach fedoras just got even better with this earthy heather straw fedora. It’s a cute packable paper straw fedora in earth tones of: brown, olive, and rush. This hat also has a string bow tie that matches.earthy beach fedora hats womens

Searching for the perfect straw fedoras 2017? Try this unique straw fedora out! A paper straw fedora with printed images of leopards and tropical foliage.straw fedoras girls hats hawaii

Retailers will love this straw fedora with a rainbow sash. Ladies fedoras are very popular, so carry what trendy women are looking for like this gorgeous rainbow fedora.popular rainbow fedora

Fedoras for the beach or really anywhere you are going are a great way to make your outfit look complete.  Having a fantastic taste in style has become even easier and it’s so much fun with our summer beach fedora hats.

There you have it!  These are the best beach fedora hats for 2017.  Boardwalk Style stands behind our merchandise and am happy to help out retailers and customers.  Looking for a straw fedora hat for women as a gift perhaps – let us help you out.

Stay beachy,

-Team Boardwalk

Ladies Straw Fedora Hat

There’s no headpiece more iconic than a ladies straw fedora hat and Boardwalk Style carries a variety to choose from. So if you’re looking for natural straw, bright colors or a design, we are sure to have them.

Here are a few of our classic favorites…

The Basketweave Straw Fedora is a hot item on our fedora ladies hat list. With its unique woven design and striped brim it’s a statement piece that can easily be worn with an array of outfits. It’s made of paper straw and fits most; it measures 57 cm and stretches to 59 cm if extra room is needed.

straw fedora ladies hat nautical

And if you’re looking for something to fit a smaller head we do carry fedora hats for children. The Child’s Havana Fedora Hat is a stylish piece for the little ones. We carry a 43 cm for infants, 51 cm for toddlers and 53 cm for the youth. The classic design makes for a great addition to any store that carries beach fedoras.

kids hats straw beach fedoras

And when it comes to beach fedoras make sure you carry this one; it screams summer! The Handwoven 2-Tone Straw Fedora Hat is the perfect summer straw fedora hat for women. It’s lightweight and has an inner sweatband so it’s great for the summer heat.

straw fedora hat woman

Those summer days are just around the corner!  Find out where to buy Boardwalk Style straw fedora hats for women by clicking the tab above – you see it, the one that says “Where to Buy Boardwalk Style!”  :)

If you’re a retailer, you can place your order of fedora hats for ladies with Dynamic Asia Wholesale Women’s Hats.

And if you buy in high volume check out FashionbytheCase.com for ladies trilby straw hats and more.

Stay fabulous in a fedora!

-Team Boardwalk

Fedora Hats for Ladies in 2016

Fedora hats for ladies in 2016 could not be a bigger trend. Summer saw the popularity of the straw fedora, and the trend will continue into cooler months with the addition of wool and felt fedoras.

But for now, let’s keep our focus on straw fedoras, because they are the most versatile hat, as well as a continuous best sellers throughout the year!

Why are fedoras such great sellers? Because most styles are unisex. It’s a style that is a great investment piece, as there are double as many customers shopping a unisex style hat.

Scroll down to see some of our top favorites!

fedora image 1

Fedora hat ladies, check this out. This style is great because it has structure and cutout detail for added breathability. The faux leather band adds a stylist edge. It is available in 5 different colors, including black, brown, ivory and olive.

Fedoras 2016

A fedora ladies hat will  ever go out of style.  Take this style for instance– another unisex piece. This nubby knit is still lightweight, and transitions well to different weather conditions.

Beach Fedora Hats-Dynamic Asia

Straw beach hats for women feature different types of straw. This one in particular is made from rush straw, and is woven by hand! What great craftsmanship…

beach fedoras-Dynamic Asia

Orange like the sun! Beach fedoras are great when they have a touch of color. This style, for example has the color focus at the central part of the band.

Ladies Trilby Fedora Hats-Dynamic Asia

Ladies trilby straw hats are the perfect transitional hat between seasons. The fedora is still small and humble enough to wear as a fashion accessory, rather than for sun protection. However, don’t underestimate the shorter brim. Fedoras will definitely provide some shade when needed.

Like what you see? Check out our link on Where to Buy Boardwalk Style!

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions & inquiries!

Stay fashionable,

Team Boardwalk

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