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Big Floppy Sun Hats

Floppy hats are one of the more popular hat styles. They are elegant and flattering on many face shapes. Ladies floppy hats also are also beneficial because they are an excellent sun protector. The larger the hat the more face protection you’ll have! So let’s show you some of our fabulous big floppy sun hats.

We love floppy straw hats and this natural raffia straw sun hat is a great staple for your wardrobe. It’s handmade with a crocheted edge in colored Toyo straw. Take it with you on your next tropical vacation because it’s packable and has UPF 50+ protection.

floppy straw hats los angeles

Another straw style is this wide brim floppy straw sun hat with stitched edges. It has a matching straw band with tassels and comfortable inner sweatband. The brim measures five inches! So if you’re looking for extra large hats, this is the one!

straw ladies floppy hats la

And if you need a little color and aren’t too keen on the natural straw look this women’s ombre-style straw sun hat might just be for you. It’s lightweight and made of 100% paper straw. And with UPF 50+  protection you can’t go wrong.

upf 50 extra large hats sun protection

Perhaps you’re looking for a black straw hat. Well, we have those too! We have this classic style floppy sun hat that is made of lightweight Toyo mesh straw and has a faux-suede band. Or you can opt for this handwoven floppy sun hat with faux leather string band and a shapeable wire in brim.

big sun hats toyo straw large black straw hat ladies

Maybe you need ribbon hats. We have those as well. This ribbon crusher sun hat with contrasting stitching is crushable and packable so take it anywhere!

packable ribbon hats travel

Are you a retailer looking to buy big sun hats? Then head over to our wholesale fashion accessories website  – Dynamic Asia for all your hat needs and more! 

And if you’re buying in bulk check out our sister site – Fashion by the Case – for the best wholesale hats in Los Angeles!

Stay beautiful in a big floppy sun hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Best Bucket Hat

Perfect to protect from the sun, perfect to protect from the rain, the best bucket hat is the hat that is with you all year ’round, regardless of the weather changing.  No need for this hat to hide in the back of your closet!  The bucket hat offers optimal protection in summer or fall.

Here at Boardwalk Style, we offer a wide range of styles.  The floppy, fedora, visors and buckets are among our top selling styles, which are available in a wide range of materials and colors.

Check out our top 10 bucket hats below!


This is one of our top seller bucket hats.  Doesn’t it look great on our model?

Straw Bucket w: 2-Tone Ribbon

 The hat, as shown on the model above, is available in black as well, with a two-tone black and white ribbon.


2-Tone Asymmetrical Lamp Shade- Boardwalk Style

This asymmetrical style gives a nice twist to the basic bucket style.  The two-tone really sets this hat apart!

Black and White Straw Bucket Hat w: Contrast Trim- Boardwalk Style

Talk about classy! Can you say 1950’s Chanel? This black and white bucket can’t get any more chic.  Dress it up with a pencil skirt, or dress it casual at the beach with a lightweight shawl.

Black w: Shimmery Gold Lurex Bucket Hat- Boardwalk Style

Feeling a little more glam?  Try this black with metallic gold detail on for size!

Bucket Hat w:Beaded Straw Tie

This asymmetrical paper braid bucket hat with colored trim and matching straw bow tie is available in six variations of color, including, brown, fuchsia and turquoise.  It is the perfect style to add that slight touch of color to an outfit.

Natural Straw Bucket Hat w:Wide Band- Boardwalk Style

This simple and cute bucket is complete with a side bow detail band — you will want them in every color!

Scrunched Ribbon Bucket Hat w: Wood Ring Detail- Boardwalk Style

This scrunched ribbon bucket hat is very lightweight and crushable, to fit in a purse or while traveling, without damaging the shape.

Shimmery Metallic Polyester Braid Bucket Hat- Boardwalk Style

This is another option is you are feeling a bit more glam.  The metallic polyester braid gives this bucket hat a bit more sheen than the rest, making it an easy day-to-night hat.

Long Brim Felt Bucket Hat- Boardwalk Style

Go one step further with this extra wide brim bucket.  It is almost like the floppy hat of bucket hats.  The 3 inch brim is sure to cover your face from damaging rays or rain.  Rock this hat all year around!

Like what you see? Be sure to stay in contact by checking out Boardwalk Style’s Pinterest, as well as Boardwalk Style’s Twitter for latest updates!  Also, don’t forget to scroll down to check out other style hats and accessories 😉

-Team Boardwalk

Black Straw Hat

In the middle of the cooler months, when it is no longer warm enough to tan at the beach, there is no reason not to still go outside with a hat on!  Why not instead of natural colors, try a black straw hat instead?

Black straw hats are available in a variety of styles, such as floppy, fedora, buckets…

Embrace your dark side, accessorize with black!

Below are our top 10 black hats for both summer and fall.

2-Tone Tweed Straw Fedora w:Buckle-Boardwalk Style Black and White Mixed Braid Floppy Sun Hat- Boardwalk Style Black and White Straw Bucket Hat-Boardwalk Style Black Handwoven Toyo Fedora- Boardwalk Style Black Straw Fedora w:Woven Band Black Wide Brim Felt Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style Black:White Tween Fedora- Boardwalk Style Shimmery Bucket Hat- Boardwalk Style Straw Ribbon  Grey Black Criss Cross Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style Wide Floppy w:Cut Out Brim-Boardwalk Style

 We love our black straw hats just as much as we love our natural straw, how about you?

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Stay fashionable!


-Team Boardwalk

Floppy Straw Hats

You’ve seen celebrities wearing them at the beach in St. Tropez, you’ve seen models wearing them on the runway, and now you can find them here at Boardwalk Style: Floppy Straw Hats!

It’s time to be brave and go big–  and what better time is it to make a fashion statement than by accessorizing with Boardwalk Style (About Us).  It has never been easier to transition from Summer to Fall with this piece.

You will want to rock Boardwalk Style at the beach, by the pool, on vacation in Greece…you name it– the options are practically endless.  Do you want to see what I am talking about?  Check these hats out, and tell me you love them!

Wide Brim w:cutout Brim Black Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style

Floppy Staw Hat with CrissCross Design-Boardwalk Style

Oversized Black and Natural Wide Brim Sun Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style

White Floppy Sun Hat-Boardwalk Style

Extra Wide Brimmed Straw Floppy Hat-Boardwalk Style

Natural Striped Straw Floppy Hat-Boardwalk Style

Natural Wide Brim Straw Floppy Hat w: White Ring Trim-Boardwalk Style


Wide Brim Straw Floppy Hat with Beads-Boardwalk Style

Light Natural Wide Brim Straw Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style

So what do you think?  Are you ready to turn heads with these Boardwalk Style floppy hats?  We sure are, and we know you can rock them too!

Here at Boardwalk Style, our collection consists of accessories for Summer– with many pieces transitional to suit any season!  Some accessories include straw beach totes, straw sun hats, fedoras, and lightweight scarves, perfect for the beach.

With new arrivals always coming in, be sure to stay connected on Pinterest and Twitter for the latest trends!

Shop fashionably!

-Team Boardwalk




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