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New Boardwalk Style Summer Scarves 2017

With summer right around the corner, so is the time to start adding the right accessories into your wardrobe. We are very excited to show off some of our new summer scarves. All of our scarves are high quality, comfortable, and lightweight – perfect for the summer season.

We love to add color and patterns, but we also have some fantastic solid summer scarves that are incredibly flattering for anyone to wear.

hearts and dots summer lightweight print scarf

Hearts & Dots Print Scarf

There are many ways to style a scarf, but with this lightweight summer scarf – it’s going to be a piece of cake. There are many different options for this modern art inspired print featuring painted hearts and dots. You may decide to wrap the scarf around your neck or you might even go with an unique knot – the choice is yours.  The scarf is made from 100% polyester and it is 32″x72″ long.

psychedelic summer butterfly beach scarf

Psychedelic Butterfly Scarf

This is the ultimate summer beach scarf med sized!  So much fun and it has wild psychedelic colors with a butterfly print. This awesome summer scarf is 100% polyester and it is lightweight. You can do almost any scarf style with this trendy butterfly scarf. Add this ideal accessory to your summer wardrobe.

light pink summer confetti scarf

Confetti Scarf

One of the best beach accessories for women – this confetti scarf is perfect.  Not only does this scarf come in pink, but taupe, black, gray, and teal are also available. It’s lightweight with a subtle confetti pattern and it has a sheer acrylic texture. This is going to be a very popular summer scarf and a best seller.

There you have it – some of our favorite Boardwalk Style summer scarves for 2017.  We have many large summer scarves that are available.  We are very excited for the upcoming season and we stand behind our amazing merchandise.

Retailers – if it is time to upgrade and update your merchandise, we would love to help you out!  We have terrific wholesale pricing and a selection you simply cannot beat.  Please visit our parent website.

Stay beachy!

-Team Boardwalk

5 Best Beach Bags for 2017

5 Best Beach Bags for 2017

As summer approaches, so does the time to start shopping for the best beach bags 2017 has to offer! What sets Boardwalk Style in a league of it’s own? The wide variety of styles, colors, and accessories available for both customers and retailers.

Black straw handbags look good for any occasion. That is the beauty in a bag like this. It’s a large 2-tone poly straw handbag with faux leather handles. With a magnetic button closure, fabric lining, an inner pocket and a hard bottom – talk about versatility.black straw handbags

Let’s have some fun with this tropical fish canvas tote bag! Boardwalk Style loves the best bags canvas with a fresh seasonal print. This bag is available in two different colors with a matching liner and an inner pocket. From shorts to a summer dress, this is the right bag for you.best beach bags 2017 canvas bag fish print

Looking for the best beach essentials bag? We have it – check out his handwoven seagrass handbag with embroidering. Add colorful string, wood, and coconut beads for the ultimate summer look. It has a drawstring closure with a colorful printed lining.5 best beach bags 2017

Here is the ultimate great beach bag with bright colors. This paper braid tote bag is fully lined with a magnetic button closure and an inner zip pocket. The dimensions are 18x13x6 with a 9 inch strap drop.straw beach totes bags

Boardwalk Style has a great selection of beach accessories for women that will great on anyone. Bright colors, neutrals, and even different styles are exactly why finding a trendy beach bag will be no problem with our merchandise.natural beach bag

Not convinced those are the five best beach bags for summer of 2017?  Check out more great beach bags at our parent company – Dynamic Asia.  (Please note: this is a wholesale site.  To purchase our straw bags and beach bags – and any other beach accessories for women from Boardwalk Style – be sure to go to one of our partners under the tab above “Where to Buy Boardwalk Style”)

Best Wholesale Beach Bags 2017

If you have any questions about our best beach bags, our great beach bags, or even our trendy beach bags :) please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Happy Beach-Going in 2017!

-Team Dynamic

Ladies Beach Bags

When it comes to summer buying ladies beach bags are a must! Whether it’s straw handbag or a canvas tote, we have the bag for you! So let’s show you some of Boardwalk Style’s best beach bags.

The Mixed Color Straw Beach Tote is a great beach bag. Its eye-catching 2-tone design is chic and modern. Its a larger bag and has an inner zip pocket and two regular pockets so its practical for carrying beach essentials.

buy womens ladies beach bags

And what’s more essential than a womens beach bag? A fashionable beach bag that can easily transition from day to night of course! Our Boho Straw & Wood Bead Handbag is perfect for a day at the beach and a night on the town.

boho ladies straw beach bags best beach bags 2017 in straw

If you’re looking for a bag that’s strictly made for a day at the beach, we have those too! Our Canvas Beach Tote With Beach Mat makes for an amazing women vacation bag. It come with a matching roll-up beach mat made of rush straw that securely Velcro straps in place. And it’s durable; it has a waterproof leather-like bottom. This tote is one of our most functional beach bags in canvas.

best beach bags canvas

If you’re a buyer searching for wholesale ladies straw beach bags, visit our site – Dynamic Asia for a wide variety of accessories.

For bulk orders on beach accessories for women be sure to visit our sister site – Fashion by the Case!

best beach accessories for women

We hope you enjoyed viewing the best beach bags of 2017.

Stay lovely and don’t forget your beach bag!

– Team Boardwalk

Womens Straw Beach Bag

There is nothing better than a great womens straw beach bag from Boardwalk Style! One of the best things about shopping for beach accessories is so many terrific options to choose from. Now is the time to start looking, so you are ready for summer time.

A great beach bag with lots of character is the straw tote beach bag with leaf print. This womens beach bag has a top zipper closure with matching fabric lining and an inner pocket. The dimensions for this bag are 19x14x5 inches, so there is plenty of room for all of your goodies. Brown, red, fuchsia, and orange are the colors available.womens straw beach bag

Looking for trendy bold colors? The perfect beach bag is going to be this lovely striped straw tote with rope handles. It’s a beautiful blend of five colors with a blue fabric lining. This straw tote will turn heads that’s for sure.Womens Beach Bag

Add a nautical theme to your wardrobe with this ship wheel straw tote with rope handles. This straw tote has a top zipper, inner pockets, and striped seersucker fabric lining. The rope shoulder straps also give it even more of a nautical appearance.Beach Accessories

Nothing makes a statement like this timeless classic black straw handbag. This large bag also has faux leather handles with a magnetic button closure and fabric lining. The color black and natural are available.Black Straw Handbag

Don’t wait to long – check out Boardwalk Style now for your cute beach bag 2017. Retailers don’t hesitate to give us a call, we carry a wide variety of summer bags and accessories for everyone.

-Team Boardwalk

Trendy Beach Bags 2017

The warm sun on your skin, the waves crashing onto the shore in the distance and a cocktail in hand; this is what we love about summer. We also love beach accessories for women. So here we will show you some of our trendy beach bags 2017.

Some of our best beach bags include this Hand Crocheted Raffia Straw Hobo Bag. It’s lined with cotton material and has a magnetic button closure. The multicolor striped pattern matches well with a handful of colors and is a perfect addition to your summer womens beach bag selection.

crochet straw trendy beach bag

Another bag that’s a great addition to your store should include some of our big beach bags. This Large Crochet Straw Handbag is one of our largest bags and measures 17 x 12 x 6.5 inches with a 10 inch strap drop. It has a unique crochet design and a sturdy top zipper closure. This is a great beach bag that can fit all your beach necessities.

buy big beach bags

And when it comes to necessities we all can use a trendy beach bag with a cute design. We offer an array of beach bags in canvas including this Tropical Fish Canvas Tote Bag. Its functional design includes an inner pocket and it’s also available in yellow.

cute beach bags canvas

best beach bags 2017

Are you ready to place? Or want to browse more of our beach bags? Head over to our wholesale hat site – Dynamic Asia.

And if you’re looking to buy bags by the dozens, we now have a new site – Fashion by the Case – for those who purchase in bulk.

Thanks for looking at our favorite beach bags for 2017.

Stay trendy and don’t forget your beach bag!

-Team Boardwalk

Women’s Beach Hats, Scarves, and Bags

Some say that accessories for resort vacations like women’s beach hats, scarves, and bags are unnecessary, even excessive. They could not be more wrong – an outfit just would not be complete without key packable sun hats, great straw fedora hats,  summer bags, and sarongs.

As we step into the hotter season, the perfect beach weather – summer – is just around the corner. How would we be able to shield our face from the bright rays of the sun without a sun protective beach hat? How would we carry our sun tan lotion, sunglasses, magazines, snacks, and other beach essentials if we didn’t have a big beach bag? And what would we use to wrap around our bodies when it gets a little breezy, if we didn’t have a summer swimsuit cover ups and light summer scarves?

Luckily, here at Boardwalk Style, we have a wide variety of beach hats, beach scarves and resort bags that combine style with function, that will make your outfit shine. With these accessories, you will be the envy of all the other beach-goers.

Take a look at how you could mix these accessories with your beachwear to create the perfect beach outfit:

beach scarf hat womens accessories - alexandra choi for boardwalk style

This raffia straw crochet hat pairs greatly with any white tank top to create an easy and breezy style. Add a large blue summer scarf to it, here worn as a sarong, and you’ve got yourself a snazzy outfit.

womens beach hats boardwalk style - eva catherine

For a more sophisticated look, go with this wide brim sun hat!


womens beach accessories scarves bags

As summer approaches, it is time to ditch the dark, sombre colors of winter for brighter, more vibrant colors like the ones on this beach bag and rainbow scarf. Not only do these lighter colors make your outfit pop, but also dispel heat more quickly, helping you stay cool despite the hotter weather.

beach hats womens accessories - laura lily hawaii

Like these styles? Click on Where to Buy Boardwalk Style to see a list of retail stores where these beach accessories can be found.

If you are a retailer looking to buy wholesale hats, scarves, or beach bags, please visit Dynamic Asia, our parent company.

Have fun shopping!

-Team Boardwalk

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