What is a Ladies Bucket Hat?

Hats come in all shapes and sizes. There are different styles and some are more traditional while others are more modern. One classic is the bucket hat! What is a ladies bucket hat? It’s typically a hat with a downward, medium-sized brim, although it can also be upturned. A bucket hat is definitely a staple that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. So let’s show you some of our favorites.

At Boardwalk Style we love timeless pieces as well as trendy styles. If you love classics then check out these styles of ladies straw bucket hat. This finely crocheted straw bucket hat is made of 100% Toyo straw. And with a slightly wider brim, it offers great sun protection.

straw ladies bucket hats for summer

But perhaps you’re looking for something with a little more color. This hand-crocheted straw bucket hat with matching string tie is just for you. The brim can be worn up or down.

ladies straw bucket hat los angeles

And if you like ladies bucket hats with a wider brim, we have those too! This premium straw women’s sun hat is perfect! It’s made of 100% hand-crocheted organic raffia straw and is slightly floppy with a color stripe on the crown.

fine hand crochet womens bucket hats

Maybe you’re looking for a straw cloches bucket hats. Well, we have an asymmetrical straw braid cloche hat with stylish bow.

classic straw cloches bucket hats for women

And last but not least we have styles of canvas bucket hat for women! So if straw isn’t what you typically go for we have a variety of canvas and canvas with straw options. Check out our reversible canvas bucket hat and our canvas and fine paper straw bucket hat.

reversible canvas bucket hat for women wholesale straw and canvas bucket hat for women la

Are you a retailer looking for fashionable women’s bucket hats? Then head over to our wholesale fashion accessories website  – Dynamic Asia

And if you’re buying in large quantities be sure to check out our sister site – Fashion by the Case – for your bulk fashion accessory needs!

Stay stylish is a fabulous bucket hat!

– Team Boardwalk

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