Boot Socks and Fingerless Gloves

Boardwalk Style is in the business of style, people! It’s right there in the name. You might even say we have a leg up on the competition, especially when it comes to Boot Socks and Fingerless Gloves.

Keep those hands and legs cozy in a variety of styles at prices worthwhile!

Marled Boot Cuffs aren’t a shabby way to go when looking to add some seasonal POP! to a festive ensemble.

Marled Boot Cuffs

A warm pair of Cable Knit Boot Socks can pair well with a snazzy winter dress. Also great for a comfortable lounge (and inevitable nap) in front of a roaring fire (specifically one contained safely within the confines of a fireplace).

Cable Knit Boot Socks

These Scallop Lace Cuffs are fashionable, cute and practical to boot! (I’m not even going to bother asking if you saw what I did there, because I know you saw what I did there.)

Scallop Lace Boot Cuffs

Don’t let the legs have all the fun! You have other appendages, too, you know! Let us give you a hand in accessorizing them as well!

Need to hold something cold but also point at that thing over there (but also look great while doing so)? Accomplish both without hindering the other with these Long Fingerless Cable Knit Gloves.

Long Fingerless Cable Knit Gloves

Keep things festive and fun with our Opposites Day Fingerless Gloves! But not too opposite. They still go on your hands, not your feet! I mean, do what you want, but that doesn’t sound very comfortable.

Opposites Day Fingerless GlovesYou need Short Fingerless Gloves, and we’ve got ‘em!


Short Fingerless Gloves w:Button

Or Poms!

Short Fingerless Gloves w: Poms

So don’t be left out in the cold! Head to our sister site for great deals on wholesale Boot Socks and Fingerless Gloves today. The power of price compels you!

– Team Boardwalk

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