The Beach Scarf

The beach scarf concern on everyone’s mind: Is it too hot to rock a scarf in the summer?

The short answer: No freakin’ way!

The longer answer: A great summer beach scarf is a practical cover-up.   If the cool ocean breeze suddenly sends chills running up your spine, grab a scarf!  During the day, beach scarves are so lightweight they provide a breezy cover the hot blazing sun!

Dual purpose equals dual love.  And the truth is, women love to accessorize (am I right!?)

Here at Boardwalk Style we bring you the best eye-catching, head turning accessories for the beach.  And these lightweight summer beach scarves are a perfect example of that.

Check out a few of our latest beach scarves in the pictures below.

Flower Print Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Lightweight Colorful Printed Shawl Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf Zig Zag Print-Boardwalk Style

Metallic Lined Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Metallic Stripe Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Multicolor Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Neon Butterfly Pring Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Neon Leopard Print Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Paisley Print Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Stripe Multicolor Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Turquoise Fringe Infinity Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Two Tone Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Neon Lightweight Summer Beach Scarf Shawl-Boardwalk Style

The coolest aspect of summer beach scarves?  You can not only wrap them around your neck, but wear them as a shawl as well (as shown in that last pic!).

So in the summer, think about grabbing a light summer scarf on your way out into the sun and sun.  A bright, fashionable, airy scarf is a really cute way to cover up.

We’re proud of the colors and prints we’ve chosen for this season.  So pick up one of these lightweight summer beach scarves, or another item on the versatile line of Boardwalk Style’s fashion accessories.

For more pictures of summer scarves, beach hats, and straw bags, check out Boardwalk Style’s Pinterest and catch Boardwalk Style on Twitter!

Until then…shop the boardwalk.

-Team Boardwalk

Totally ready to buy one of the great fashion scarves on this page?  A list of participating retailers who carry Boardwalk Style is coming soon!  We appreciate your patience!  :)

Beach Bags and Totes

Packing the right beach bags and totes can make going to the fun, fashionable, and freakin’ easy! :)

You wake up and look outside the window.  It looks like a beach day–you breathe in the air, and it smells like summer.  Towel? Check! Sunblock? Check! Snacks for a mini beach picnic? Yes…Fashion Magazine to read while soaking in the sun? Of course!  Okay, so then what’s missing?

You walk into your closet and stare at your pile of purses and you realize you need a large beach bag to carry all your necessities.  Lucky for you, Boardwalk Style has all the beach accessories you will ever need…want. :)

Boardwalk Style (About Us) stays one step ahead of the fashion trends by bringing you a wide variety of bags, scarves and hats to style and accessorize with.  Based in sunny Los Angeles, trust us– we KNOW summer style  😉

Our summer bags come in a variety of styles, such as canvas beach bags, straw bags, and if you are feeling nautical, we have striped bags as well.

Here! Take a peek at just a handful of Boardwalk Style’s large summer beach tote bags, and see which is big enough to hold everything you need for this day of fun.  Who knows, you might even be able to throw a volleyball in there somewhere…

Flip Flop Design Beach Tote Bag- Boardwalk Style

Green Canvas Beach Tote Bag w:Beach Mat-Boardwalk Style

Multicolor Striped Straw Beach Tote Bag w:Rope Handles-Boardwalk Style

Nautical 2-Color Striped Beach Straw Tote Bag w:Rope Handles

Nautical Big Striped Straw Beach Tote Bag w:Rope Handles-Boardwalk Style

Oversized Natural Raffia Crochet Beach Tote Bag-Boardwalk Style

Orange Canvas Beach Tote Bag w:Beach Mat-Boardwalk Style

Oversized Natural Crochet Raffia Beach Tote Bag-Boardwalk Style

Orange Woven Beach Tote Bag w:Sash-Boardwalk Style

Pink Big Straw Beach Tote  Bag w:Rope Handles-Boardwalk Style

Striped Multicolor Beach Tote Bag-Boardwalk Style

Tropical Fish Design Beach Tote Bag-Boardwalk Style

Feeling the natural straw look?  Brave enough to rock a bright pink or orange?  Or are you drawn to the nautical stripes?  So many choices, but also so many days to hit the beach and stroll the boardwalk, with Boardwalk Style– of course!

Stay tuned for more on our products and how to wear them, as well as stay connect with us on Pinterest and Twitter!

Stay fashionable, cool and fresh– long live Summer!

-Team Boardwalk

Straw Fedora Hats

Just when you thought Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake out wore the fedora, Boardwalk Style brings you straw fedora hats with a fresh new twist.

Here at Boardwalk Style, we not only carry the classic natural with black ribbon, but a wide variety of colors and details.

What’s that you say?  Too hard to choose from all the varieties?

Good thing Boardwalk Style is here to help!

The key to choosing the perfect fedora lies in the subtle details.  It’s those small elements that make straw fedora hats for women unique from one to the next–just like you!

Ready to check them out? Alright, alright.  We have hand chosen a few of our most diverse fedoras for you to lush over.

Let’s start with the natural and black ribbon fedora. This diamond pattern straw fedora hat has a hint of metallic threading woven within the diamond elements.  Probably something you would not have expected, but makes a huge difference to the overall structure of the hat!

Diamond Pattern Straw Fedora Hat- Boardwalk Style

This fedora takes subtle details one step further with the interweaving of the natural with brown paper straw. Pretty cool, huh?

Mixed Colored Straw Fedora Hat-Boardwalk Style

We really love this lightweight, all-season fedora, with it’s dainty, feminine qualities.  The versatile ability for this fedora to be made of knitted cotton and acrylic, yet appear to be made of straw, really challenges the idea of what it means to be a unique fedora.

Pattern Knit Fedora w:Grey Band-Boardwalk Style

Another natural and black-band fedora– spot the major difference?   The weave: speckled toyo straw mesh! If any hat can remind you of dazzling beach sands, it’s this one.  Yes.  Beautiful.

Speckled Mesh Fedora Hat-Boardwalk Style

This woven straw fedora’s unique quality are the cut outs on the side of the hat.  This handwoven fedora made of bangora straw includes a faux leather braided band, for that extra something special.

Straw Fedora Hat w:Cut Outs- Boardwalk Style

A straw paper fedora never seemed so attractive and sleek with it’s pleated satin band.  Stay classy, friends!

Straw Fedora w:Satin Band Hat- Boardwalk Style

This straw mesh fedora is so lightweight and perfect for summer.  Perfect for the ocean breeze to flow through the hat and keep your head cool during those long summer days.

Straw Mesh Fedora Hat w:Band-Boardwalk Style

The interesting aspect about this handwoven paper straw fedora is the tribal element, which is a pattern really rare to find in accessories– especially fedoras!  Rock it, we dare you!

Two-Tone Hand Woven Straw Fedora Hat-Boardwalk Style

Can’t decide on natural?  Can’t decide on black?  Everyone wins with this two-tone braided wheat straw fedora.  Of course, it would not be complete without a striped grosgrain matching band.

Two-tone Straw Fedora Hat- Boardwalk Style

This natural rush grain straw gives the fedora a lighter feel, and it definitely gives off a handwoven characteristic, most evident than the previous straw fedoras.

Woven Straw Fedora Hat w:Striped Band- Boardwalk Style


Well?  Which one’s your favorite?  Stuck between the two-tone, loose-weave, tight weave, diamond weave, brown band, black band, striped band? It’s okay, we are too.

Who would have known one little hat could come in so many variations?

In the mean time, while you sit and contemplate how to mix and match these fedoras with your fashionable wardrobe, stay connected and in the fashion loop by checking out Boardwalk Style’s Pinterest and Boardwalk Style’s Twitter!


-Team Boardwalk



Floppy Straw Hats

You’ve seen celebrities wearing them at the beach in St. Tropez, you’ve seen models wearing them on the runway, and now you can find them here at Boardwalk Style: Floppy Straw Hats!

It’s time to be brave and go big–  and what better time is it to make a fashion statement than by accessorizing with Boardwalk Style (About Us).  It has never been easier to transition from Summer to Fall with this piece.

You will want to rock Boardwalk Style at the beach, by the pool, on vacation in Greece…you name it– the options are practically endless.  Do you want to see what I am talking about?  Check these hats out, and tell me you love them!

Wide Brim w:cutout Brim Black Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style

Floppy Staw Hat with CrissCross Design-Boardwalk Style

Oversized Black and Natural Wide Brim Sun Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style

White Floppy Sun Hat-Boardwalk Style

Extra Wide Brimmed Straw Floppy Hat-Boardwalk Style

Natural Striped Straw Floppy Hat-Boardwalk Style

Natural Wide Brim Straw Floppy Hat w: White Ring Trim-Boardwalk Style


Wide Brim Straw Floppy Hat with Beads-Boardwalk Style

Light Natural Wide Brim Straw Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style

So what do you think?  Are you ready to turn heads with these Boardwalk Style floppy hats?  We sure are, and we know you can rock them too!

Here at Boardwalk Style, our collection consists of accessories for Summer– with many pieces transitional to suit any season!  Some accessories include straw beach totes, straw sun hats, fedoras, and lightweight scarves, perfect for the beach.

With new arrivals always coming in, be sure to stay connected on Pinterest and Twitter for the latest trends!

Shop fashionably!

-Team Boardwalk




Boardwalk Style Fashion Accessories

What are Boardwalk Style Fashion Accessories?  So glad you asked!  :)

In a nutshell, Boardwalk Style hats, straw bags, and summer scarves are the type of accessories you’d proudly take to the beach.

Apologies if you’re reading this on your phone, Google Glasses or whatever tiny device has been invented and wondering: “What’s with all the words?  I thought this was a fashion website?  Where are the pictures of these fashion accessories??!!?”

Alright, pictures are below, sheesh!  :)

Here’s a few Boardwalk Style accessories that will be available in 2014:

Boardwalk Style Bow Hat with Butterfly Split

Boardwalk Style Earth Tone Straw Fedora w: Turquoise Band

Boardwalk Style Lightweight Light Blue Printed Shawl

Boardwalk Style Multi-Green ScarfBoardwalk Style Seagrass Handbag w: Wood Handles

Boardwalk Style Seagrass Tote w: Color Trim

Boardwalk Style Straw Sun Hat w: Black Ribbon

Boardwalk Style Straw Tote w: Rope Handles

Don’t you just want to pack up one of those spacious beach bags, throw on a straw fedora, and wrap yourself up in those lightweight summer scarves, and head off to the warm beach?  It’s 88 degrees and not a cloud in the sky somewhere, right!?  You’ll want to rock Boardwalk Style at the beach or on vacation for lightweight accessorizing!

Stay tuned, as there will be more pictures, products, and news to come about this brand-spanking new brand of beach bags, sun hats, and summer scarves: Boardwalk Style!

In the mean time, stay connected and in the fashion loop by checking us out on Pinterest and Twitter!

Long live summer!

-Team Boardwalk

Hello from Boardwalk Style!

Hello from Boardwalk Style!

Woo woo, it’s our first post on our new website!

Still working on the website, as you can see.

But it will show our summer fashions

In a fashionable way.


More to come!

And thanks for your patience.

-Team Boardwalk Style

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