Floppy Sun Hats

What would summer be without floppy sun hats? Boring, of course!  Everyone needs at least one go-to sun hat, and the floppy is an excellent choice for maximum UV ray protection for summer 2014!
Here at Boardwalk Style, we take pride in providing the best quality sun hats for the woman ready to walk by the sand and soak in some sun, but who is also concsious about protecting from harsh UV rays. It’s not only important to wear a hat for style, but for protection for the eyes and skin.
Below are some of our favorite floppy hats.  Maybe you will find your next favorite too!
  Womens sun hats straw beach hats big floppy hat best beach hat Summer 2014- Boardwalk Style
Womens sun hats look fabulous with a matching bag, and this blue set is perfect for a sunny day on the boardwalk!
Blue Floppy Straw Hat Summer 2014- Boardwalk Style
Straw beach hats are lightweight and breathable. Air is able to freely flow through the hat, keeping your head cool and feeling light. This spiral weave wide-brim hat has a plastic wire reinforcement that makes the floppy easy to form into your desired shape.
Best Beach Hat 2014 Summer Floppy Hats- Boardwalk Style
Looking for a big floppy hat? Here is one of our biggest!
Mixed Straw Braid Sun Hat Best Straw Beach Hat- Boardwalk Style
You can’t go wrong with a basic natural straw floppy!
Extra Wide Brim Big Floppy Sun Hat Summer 2014- Boardwalk Style
The best beach hat will not only look great, but will provide optimal protection from the harsh sun rays.
Now see why the floppy is a summer must-have? Check out Boardwalk Style’s Pinterest and Twitter to see other great looks and stay updated with latest info on our sun hats and accessories for Summer 2014!


-Team Boardwalk


Sun Visor Caps

Sun visor caps are great for sports such as golf and tennis, but they look excellent off the sports grounds as well. Some visors have a sash that ties into a bow in the back of the head, and others are more fun with bright colors and trendy prints.
Below are some examples of these popular visor caps:
Clip On Straw Golf Visor- Boardwalk Style
This clip-on straw visor is one of our top golf visors. It is available in several other colors as well including navy blue, black and natural straw.
Cross Braid Straw Golf Visors- Boardwalk Style
Looking for tennis visors? This cross-braid straw visor has the perfect length brim that is just enough protection and works well with fast motion.
Ladies Straw Sun Visor Hat with Summer Bright Color Ribbon Bow- Boardwalk Style
These ribbon sun visor hats offer ultimate sun protection with the extra-wide brim. This hat is available in several other summer colors including orchid purple, fuchsia, yellow, lime and orange.
Tribal Print Head Band Summer Visor Hat- Boardwalk Style
Looking for ladies sun visors with a twist? Tribal print is always in for summer, so why not rock this multi-color tribal print visor? Complete with an adjustable velcro closure and sweatband lining for extra comfort. Did we mention it rolls up into a cone for easy travel?
Glam Stylish Straw Sun Visor Hats Leopard and Zebra Print Hat- Boardwalk Style
This is one of our most stylist sun visors, because of the glam animal print sash that ties into a bow at the back.  There is also elastic at the back for a flexible and soft fit.
Straw Cloche Sun Visor Hat with Floral Sash and Bow- Boardwalk Style
Though this cloche is not technically a visor cap as one would expect, the stylish turned up back brim offers visor-like fit and protection. The flower print linen sash is adds great detail for summer as well.
Retailers can buy these visors and many more on DynamicAsia.com.  Click the link below for direct access:
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Beach Essentials – Straw Sun Hats for the Sand and Surf

When you think of beach essentials , do you think of straw sun hats for the sand and surf?  We sure do!

Here at Boardwalk Style, we carry a wide variety of premium straw hats, bags and scarfs that are beach and travel perfect.

For example, crushable straw hats are perfect to take along when on vacation or on a trip to the beach, because they are able to be compressed into a smaller travel-friendly size, without losing or breaking it’s original shape. They are definitely a must-have beach essential!


There are many styles of ladies summer hats for the beach. Floppy hats are among the most popular because they cover the most skin and offer optimal UV protection.  Other styles of womens sun hats include fedoras, bucket hats, lampshades, and visors.


Which summer straw hats will you be rocking this summer? Below are a list of a few of our favorite beach essentials for the sand and surf!
XL brim Striped Ribbon Crusher Hat Summer Beach Essential- Boardwalk Style
This extra large brim is definitely a must have beach essential because it is one of the largest brim hats we have (7.5 inches!) The nautical stripes are available in several other colors such as navy blue, yellow and green.
Straw Hat Fedora w/ Open weave Crown Summer Beach Essential- Boardwalk Style
If you are focused more on style rather than practicality, then this straw fedora hat is perfect. The gross-grain black bow adds a nice feminine touch to the famously classic straw fedora.
Hot Pink Oversized Ribbon Sun Hat Summer Beach Essential- Boardwalk Style
If you absolutely do not like sunlight and try to cover up as much as possible, then look no further than this oversized ribbon hat. High-quality,  glamorous, and serves the important purpose of protecting your delicate face!
Black and Natural Straw Cowboy Hat Summer Beach Essential- Boardwalk Style
Feeling California vibes?  Why not rock a cowboy hat?  The natural woven pattern and and rope band add a unique twist to the typical cowboy hat style.
Those are just a few of our beach hats!  For more essential beach accessories from Boardwalk Style, check out our wholesale page at our parent company’s site:

If you’re a retailer or wholesaler, you can buy hats at that link!

If you’re not a store owner, that’s OK!  :)  If you’re interested in purchasing Boardwalk Style hats for yourself, unfortunately we don’t sell directly to the consumer.  Please look for them at a number of great retailers, including Chapel HatsDiane’s Beachwear, and resort and beach boutiques from California to Florida and Hawaii!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on inquiries and be sure to stay connected by visiting out Pinterest and Twitter!

Stay fashionable!

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Handwoven Raffia Straw Sun Hats

Handwoven raffia straw sun hats have taken over this season and we are loving the unique look of our newest arrivals!

Wondering how raffia straw differs from other types of straw used to make womens hats?  Raffia is composed of leaf fibers that originate from palm trees, specifically in South America and the coast of Africa. It is used mostly for making handwoven straw hats and sturdy handbags

These new wide brim straw hats from Boardwalk Style are sturdy and are not only made to last, but they are made with thick raffia straw to protect your face to the maximum extent.

If you have never tried on a raffia straw hat before, now is the perfect time to try one out!

Here at Boardwalk Style have a wide array of styles and colors to chose from. If you are more of a natural straw type of person, below are some of our top style choices made using raffia straw.
Natural Raffia Straw Hats w/ Floral Painted Design and leather belt around hat- Boardwalk Style
These wide brim straw hats are hand painted and have a leather band across. Made of premium raffia straw, and painted in five different floral designs.
Natural Raffia Summer Staw Hat Fedora w: Painted Flowers- Boardwalk Style
This hand painted raffia straw fedora hat is perfect for both spring and summer seasons.
Natural Raffia Monochromatic Lampshade Summer Sun Hat w:Oversized Bow.
This monochromatic natural raffia hat with natural raffia bow is simple but charming.
Natural Cowboy Hat w: Natural Beige Monochromatic Bow Ribbon
This is probably one of the most feminine cowboy hats you have ever seen. The large bow detail on the hat really takes the cowboy hat the the next level.
Crochet Raffia Straw Sun Hat w: Turquoise Stone Band- Boardwalk Style
This premium straw beach hat has turquoise stones across it as a band.  This kind of hat is both creative,  fun, and a great way to add a subtle touch of color.

Wondering where to buy Boardwalk Style hats?  Check out this page: Where to Buy Boardwalk Style Hats!

If you’re a store, and would like to carry Boardwalk Style fashion accessories, please Contact Us

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Happy shopping!

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Fun Straw Beach Bags

Fun straw beach bags are a great way to welcome summer, because not only will they inspire you to go to the beach or on vacation and appreciate nature at its best, but you will want to fill your stylish bag with fun beach essentials, like a fashion magazine, frisbee and your hottest shades!

Boardwalk Style has a wide selection of straw tote bags, and we’ve compiled a list with our Top 5 favorite and fun straw bags for summer.  Of course, they would not be fun without a pop of color!
Boardwalk Style Bright Neon Yellow 2-tone Summer Straw Beach  Handbag
Let’s begin with this 2-tone straw beach bag is a fun way to accessorize within the color-block trend.  It is available in orange and lime as well. You may just want all three with how simple and chic these are!
Boardwalk Style Multicolor Bright Striped Straw Summer Tote Beach Handbag w/Rope Handles
This five-color pattern straw tote bag is sure to match with anything you wear this Summer.  It has a drawstring closure that makes it easier not to lose any small loose items in the sand.
Boardwalk Style Nautical Blue Striped Big Straw Cornhusk Summer Beach Tote w/ Rope Handles
Made from cornhusk and featuring a wood anchor and rope handles, this purse is designed to be the perfectly fun, nautical go-to purse.  There are pockets in the inner lining perfect for easy access to sunglasses and a cellphone.
Boardwalk Style Abstract Modern Artistic Tropical Print Summer Beach Tote w/ Bamboo Handles
This tropical print straw tote is simple with it’s abstract, modern and artistic design. The delicate features are accentuated with the bamboo handles.
Boardwalk Style Freestyle Line Abstract Tribal Print Summer Beach Straw Tote Bag
The freestyle lines on this abstract tribal printed summer beach bag is a fun take on the classic tote.

Pack all you need inside these  large totes, and let your fun and stylish beach bag be your go-to accessory when you seek adventure!

-Team Boardwalk

Our Top Sun Protection Hats for Women this Summer

Spring is in full bloom and the sun is shining, so what better time check out our top sun protection hats for women?

Summer will be here before we know it, and it is the perfect transition period to start thinking of the top trends and styles.

Here at Boardwalk Style, we strive to sell the best quality products for the best prices as well as provide the widest variety.

Sun protective hats come in all shapes and sizes. For example, some popular women’s sun hats are floppy straw hats, fedoras, visors and bucket hats.  They all offer great sun protection– of all the sun protection fashion accessories on the market, a great hat is key for optimal coverage for your face and neck.

Below are a few of our top sun protection hats for women that not only serve a purpose in protecting against harmful UV rays, but also pop with color and unique design, and are summer’s must-have hats:

Boardwalk Style Black and White Cowboy Hat w: Pattern

Summer would not be complete without a cowboy hat! Especially in Southern California! Rock this hat on the boardwalk or while laying on the sand. The thin band is tied in the back into a delicate bow.Boardwalk Style Summer Asymmetrical Straw Fedora Hat w: Blue Ribbon

The colors on the ribbon will have you dreaming of the ocean, even when you are not there. This summer sun protective hat can be worn with beach attire or regular clothing to accentuate any outfit since the hat itself is made of  neutral straw and has a neutral colored  bow.

Boardwalk Style Striped Bright Blue Summer Green Yellow Roll Up Butterfly Visor Hat

This green and blue striped roll-up sun hat is all the rage when traveling! It rolls into a tiny travel-size version of itself and is made of crushable material so that it does not lose its shape when you stuff it in your overpacked suitcase!

Boardwalk Style Textured Toyo Sun Hat w: Ribbon

The perfect summer hat for those plain yet stylish days is this monochromatic straw sun hat. It offers optimal sun protection because of the thickness of the hat– no sun rays getting past this one!

Boardwalk Style Extra Wide Brim Summer Floppy Striped Hat

Another amazing top sun protective hat is this nautical-like extra-wide floppy hat.  With a 7.5 in brim, this hat will never let you down when fighting against the harsh rays of the summer sun.  Again, this crusher style sun hat easily collapses in shape because it is conveniently foldable and can be thrown in a purse or suitcase when traveling.

Boardwalk Style Bright Asymmetrical  Straw Fedora Hat w: Bow

This asymmetrical hat honestly offers less coverage than our other top sun protective hats for summer, however, it makes up for it with it’s striking yellow-green shade and contrasting black bow.  Are you willing to try a color this bright? In the sake of summer, say yes!

Boardwalk Style Wide Brim Summer Hat w: Cross Cross Edge

Finally, shine bright like the sun with this head turning bright yellow sun hat! The criss-cross edge adds a nice twist onto the basic summer hat.

So, which is your favorite? Experiment with new, bright and rich colors. Have fun!  In the meantime, be sure to check out our new arrivals and our latest news by staying connected through our Twitter and Pinterest!

-Team Boardwalk


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