Scarf Style

When you’re talking about scarf style, it really varies – from short to long, thin to thick – depending on the season.

Here at Boardwalk Style (About Us), we consider ourselves scarf connoisseurs in a way.  We are carrying more and more scarves as our selection grows, and we incorporate the latest styles and colors.  Growing and learning – that’s us!

Scarf style is what gives each scarf it’s own personality.  Some scarves have stripes, patterns, others are solid and sheer.  Either way, the truth is women love to accessorize, and scarves are not only fashionable, but they’re functional.

Below we’ve chosen a selection of our scarves to illustrate the variety scarf styles out there.  Some of our spring scarves, summer scarves, lightweight scarves and slightly thicker scarves, for when the breeze comes creeping in.

Colorblock Scarf - Boardwalk Style

This color block scarf is great for lightweight protection, but it is also slightly thicker, for a little more warmth when needed.

Flower Printed Spring Summer Scarf- Boardwalk Style

This printed scarf is perfect for mixing in some brighter colors, yet staying neutral and not too flashy.  The Daisy print gives this lightweight summer scarf a feminine touch.

Green Tye-Dyed Scarf- Boardwalk Style

Never thought you could rock the tye-dye look?  Think twice!  This tye-dye emerald green scarf makes tye-dye look so classy and chic.

Lightweight Colorful Summer Scarf- Boardwalk Style

This multicolor lightweight scarf is bright like the sun!  You will want to wear this scarf all year around because it just has that perfect Spring/Summer essence to it, does it not??

Lightweight Sheer Scarf w: Dangles- Boardwalk Style

Scarves can be sheer too!  This scarf style is crinkly and wrinkled on purpose– no need to try ironing it out!

Lightweight Summer Spring Zigzag Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Talk about scarf style!  Style it in any way you choose.  This scarf serves a multipurpose function and can be worn as a shawl at the beach or poolside.

Multicolor Bright Summer Spring Scarf- Boardwalk Style

Go bright or go home! Just kidding.  But look how amazing these colors are!

Rainbow Multicolor Lightweight Spring Scarves- Boardwalk Style

This crinkly style spring scarf is the perfect balance of bright and muted tones.  Wear this in summer, and transition it to fall.

Sheer Scarf w: Crochet Details- Boardwalk Style

This sheer scarf with nubby details is another scarf style that is right on trend.  Stay one step ahead with this unique blend of materials.

 White w:Metallic Crinkle Scarf- Boardwalk Style

Nothing says summer more than a lightweight white scarf.  The metallic details give this scarf style a new twist.

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Stay cool, stay warm, stay on trend– throw a scarf on!


-Team Boardwalk




Best Bucket Hat

Perfect to protect from the sun, perfect to protect from the rain, the best bucket hat is the hat that is with you all year ’round, regardless of the weather changing.  No need for this hat to hide in the back of your closet!  The bucket hat offers optimal protection in summer or fall.

Here at Boardwalk Style, we offer a wide range of styles.  The floppy, fedora, visors and buckets are among our top selling styles, which are available in a wide range of materials and colors.

Check out our top 10 bucket hats below!


This is one of our top seller bucket hats.  Doesn’t it look great on our model?

Straw Bucket w: 2-Tone Ribbon

 The hat, as shown on the model above, is available in black as well, with a two-tone black and white ribbon.


2-Tone Asymmetrical Lamp Shade- Boardwalk Style

This asymmetrical style gives a nice twist to the basic bucket style.  The two-tone really sets this hat apart!

Black and White Straw Bucket Hat w: Contrast Trim- Boardwalk Style

Talk about classy! Can you say 1950’s Chanel? This black and white bucket can’t get any more chic.  Dress it up with a pencil skirt, or dress it casual at the beach with a lightweight shawl.

Black w: Shimmery Gold Lurex Bucket Hat- Boardwalk Style

Feeling a little more glam?  Try this black with metallic gold detail on for size!

Bucket Hat w:Beaded Straw Tie

This asymmetrical paper braid bucket hat with colored trim and matching straw bow tie is available in six variations of color, including, brown, fuchsia and turquoise.  It is the perfect style to add that slight touch of color to an outfit.

Natural Straw Bucket Hat w:Wide Band- Boardwalk Style

This simple and cute bucket is complete with a side bow detail band — you will want them in every color!

Scrunched Ribbon Bucket Hat w: Wood Ring Detail- Boardwalk Style

This scrunched ribbon bucket hat is very lightweight and crushable, to fit in a purse or while traveling, without damaging the shape.

Shimmery Metallic Polyester Braid Bucket Hat- Boardwalk Style

This is another option is you are feeling a bit more glam.  The metallic polyester braid gives this bucket hat a bit more sheen than the rest, making it an easy day-to-night hat.

Long Brim Felt Bucket Hat- Boardwalk Style

Go one step further with this extra wide brim bucket.  It is almost like the floppy hat of bucket hats.  The 3 inch brim is sure to cover your face from damaging rays or rain.  Rock this hat all year around!

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-Team Boardwalk

Black Straw Hat

In the middle of the cooler months, when it is no longer warm enough to tan at the beach, there is no reason not to still go outside with a hat on!  Why not instead of natural colors, try a black straw hat instead?

Black straw hats are available in a variety of styles, such as floppy, fedora, buckets…

Embrace your dark side, accessorize with black!

Below are our top 10 black hats for both summer and fall.

2-Tone Tweed Straw Fedora w:Buckle-Boardwalk Style Black and White Mixed Braid Floppy Sun Hat- Boardwalk Style Black and White Straw Bucket Hat-Boardwalk Style Black Handwoven Toyo Fedora- Boardwalk Style Black Straw Fedora w:Woven Band Black Wide Brim Felt Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style Black:White Tween Fedora- Boardwalk Style Shimmery Bucket Hat- Boardwalk Style Straw Ribbon  Grey Black Criss Cross Floppy Hat- Boardwalk Style Wide Floppy w:Cut Out Brim-Boardwalk Style

 We love our black straw hats just as much as we love our natural straw, how about you?

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Stay fashionable!


-Team Boardwalk

Cute Beach Bag

Who doesn’t want to show up at the beach with a cute beach bag?  You can still be a “beach bum” with style!

Here at Boardwalk Style, we have a wide variety of cute beach bags to suit your individual needs.  We have canvas beach bags, straw beach bags, and extra large beach bags, incase you want to throw in a towel and volleyball 😉

Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, we definitely have a clear appreciation for summer fashion and accessories.  We want to share our latest trends with you, so fee free to check out or top 15 most popular beach bags below!

This semi-sheer beach bag is perfect for spotting everything you need under the bright sun.  Looking for the sunblock? Your sunglasses?  Your lip balm?  Make it an easy go-to bag for go-to items.

Black Straw and Mesh Beach Bag-Boardwalk Style

This is the Audrey Hepburn “little black dress,” of cute beach bags.  Talk about classy!  With dainty wood handles, turn heads with this chic piece!Black Straw Beach Tote Bag w:Wood Handle

Feeling tropical?  We sure do! Here at Boardwalk Style, we love experimenting with prints and colors.  You don’t have to be in Hawaii to rock some leaf prints!

Canvas Beach Bag w: Tropical Leaf Print-Boardwalk Style

This crochet paper tote bag comes in four colors, and is complete with a top zipper closure.  This is an easy, casual style to wear off the beach as well.

Crochet Beach Tote Bag-Boardwalk Style

This fun geometric print bag is fab and fresh for summer.  This is for the women out there who are not afraid to try something new!

Cute Beach Bag Tote w:Geometric Pattern-Dynamic Asia

This oversized structured seagrass tote with studs would not be complete without its bamboo handles.  The top zipper and inner pockets make beach trips easy and safe to pack all your personal belongings.

Cute Beach Bag-Large Green Seagrass Tote-Boardwalk Style

This sturdy striped canvas beach tote has outer pockets around the entire bag, perfect for easy access to water bottles and sunglasses.  It has a hard bottom, top zipper closure, inner pockets…carry all in this cute carry-on!

Cute Striped Canvas Tote Beach Bag-Boardwalk Style

How much cuter and convenient can a beach bag get?  Complete with a matching beach mat, you will never need to worry about forgetting an extra towel to lay on.  Because it is secured outside the bag, there is more space inside for you to throw in all your personal items.

Ganvas Beach Tote w:Mat-Boardwalk Style

This two-tone woven straw tote has a top zipper closure, so that none of your goodies fall out. Complete with soft-leather-like straps, against this gorgeous pink hue, how much more cuter can a beach bag get??

Large 2-Tone Straw Beach Tote-Boardwalk Style

Talk about sturdy! This woven cornhusk beach bag has a cotton drawstring closure, and faux leather handles, equipped  for heavier lifting.  You never know what you can throw in this large beach bag!   Who knows? You may just find some cool beach rocks and shells to take home!  Go on an adventure with this bag!

Large Cornhusk Best Summer Beach Bag-Boardwalk Style

When you think of cute, do you think pink? (hey, that rhymed!)  Okay, Okay, enough being cheesy, this rich pink  beach bag is more than cute, its gorgeous!  Complete with  faux leather braided straps, this oversized beach bag will be your new favorite go-to beach bag 😉

Large Seagrass Fusia Beach Bag-Boardwalk Style

There is something so cute about this simple striped beach bag.  Almost Ralph Lauren-ish.  The stripes give the beach bag a nautical look, and is super cute in this peachy pink hue.

Large Straw Mesh Striped Beach Bag-Boardwalk Style

You have to own at least ONE metallic accessory in your wardrobe! Why not make it this gorgeous metallic gold beach bag?  Turn heads with this popular tote.

Metallic Gold Beach  Tote Bag-Boardwalk Style

This typical straw beach bag is perfect for the sand, and large enough to fit a wide brim hat too 😉

Oversized Crochet Raffia Shoulder Beach Tote Bag-Boardwalk Style

We’ve all had those days when we want to mix some tribal print with our outfit.  What cuter way to wear this trend, than at the beach!  This tote is one of our newest beach bags.  What do you think??

Tribal Print Beach Woven Toyo Straw Tote Bag-Boardwalk Style

Alright, so how cute are those?  Did you see the green beach tote with mat? The metallic gold?  The bags ranging from light peachy-pink to fusia?  Show us how you wear your Boardwalk Style Tote 😉  Stay connected with us on Boardwalk Style’s Pinterest, as well as on Boardwalk Style’s Twitter!

Stay fashionable!  Shop cute summer beach bags, at Boardwalk Style!


-Team Boardwalk

Ladies Sun Visor

When you think of a ladies sun visor hat, do you automatically envision a woman playing golf?  True, those are sun visors too, but here at Boardwalk Style, we have transformed the sun visor into a fashionable hat that you will want to wear outside the tennis court or golf course.

Boardwalk Style, as always, brings you the freshest beach accessories.  Go from sporty to chic with this the new, “IT,” accessory for summer!  With sun bills as long as 7 inches, you will be protecting your face from harmful UV rays, all while staying on trend.

Check out our Top 10 women’s sun visors for summer!!


Crochet Straw Sun Visor-Boardwalk Style Extra Wide Brim Sun Visor Cap-Boardwalk Style Golf Mesh Sun Visor-Boardwalk Style

This oversized brim visor is perfect for the, “girly-girl,” woman who wants to style with feminine vintage flare.  The polkadot bow offers a special touch to this already cute sun visor.  The adjustable velcro closure is attached to a band to easily secure the visor into a cone for easy traveling.

Large Rollup Straw Visor Hat w:bow-Boardwalk Style Large Rollup Sun Visor Hats w:bow-Boardwalk Style

Complete with a padded sweatband, for a snug and comfortable fit, this summer hat is perfect for those sporty days.

Natural Straw Sun Visor-Boardwalk Style Rollup Natural Straw Visor w:Contrast Trim-Boardwalk Style Rollup Straw Visor w:Bow-Boardwalk Style Rollup Straw Visors-Boardwak Style Staw and Mesh Sun Visor Hat-Boardwalk Style Sun Protective Straw Visor-Boardwalk Style Wide Brim Su Visors-Boardwalk Style

Some of our sun visor caps fold up  nicely for easy traveling.  Don’t you hate it when you go on vacation and want to pack your gorgeous hats along, but there is no space?  Even if there is, you risk damaging the shape of the hat by stuffing it into your overpacked suitcase!  Try one of these ladies sun visors on for size, and not only easily fit it into your suitcase, but your purse or carry on bag.  You will wish somebody told you these existed sooner!

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Protect your face– wear Boardwalk! 😉


-Team Boardwalk


Summer Scarf Tying

You don’t have to be a creative person to nail the techniques for summer scarf tying, but why not go all out and have fun with it?

Of course, there are countless ways to wear a summer scarf.  But hold on, let’s go back to the beginning:  What is a summer scarf, you ask?  Summer scarves are specifically lightweight enough to be worn in warm weather, for sun protection, style, or slight warmth.

You can throw it over your neck, knot it, twist it, hang it– just to name a few.  Take a look at a few versions of the way we have tied or wore our scarves:

Summer Scarf Tying- Boardwak Style

Lightweight  Scarf-Boardwalk Style

High Tie Lightweight Summer Scarf- Boardwalk Style

Shawl Wrapping Styles Lightweight Scarf-Boardwalk Style

Ways To Style a Scarf as a Body Shawl-Boardwalk Style

Scarves are that convertable fashion accessory that can be work on multiple parts of the body, in multiple ways:  around the head, neck, shoulders, hips…Leave it to us here at Boardwalk Style to take the guesswork out of the nearly endless ways to wear a scarf.  With that said, we have  searched high and low for the easiest how-to guides, and have complied them here for you! Click the links below to check out some great ways to tie your Boardwalk Style summer scarf!

The Fashion Spot Scarf Tying

Scarves Dot Net

If you have a few minutes to spare, we definitely suggest you watch this how-to video by the notably respected Fashion Blogger, Wendy Nguyen— (aka: Wendy’s Lookbook).

Not only is her 4 minute video mesmerizing to watch, but a completely genius illustration of 25 creative ways to tie a scarf!

Next time you throw on your Boardwalk Style beach scarf, be sure to update your look with a new tying technique– trust us, you will  want to be experimenting all day on how to tie a summer scarf.  Tie it into a turban, if you dare!

As always, be sure to stay connected with Boardwalk Style’s Pinterest, and Boardwalk Style’s Twitter for more fashion updates!


-Team Boardwalk

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