Beach Fashion Accessories

Boardwalk Style has the best beach fashion accessories! Yes, you heard that right – we absolutely love our wide variety of beach accessories. Not only do we have beach fedora hats, but we also have beach sunglasses.

Stylish Beach Fashion Accessories

If you are simply looking for beach hats for women or you might even be looking for flip-flops with the American flag, don’t worry at Boardwalk Style, we have you covered.

best straw beach bags

Who isn’t going to love this toyo straw beach tote bag with colorful hibiscus print? This bag is perfect for any location and it also is big. It has rope handles and a top zipper plus loop & button closure with an ivory fabric lining.

beach fedora hats

Of course we have beach accessories for children!  This is a children’s woven straw sun hat with a large polka-dot bow and a fringe edge. This hat is made out of 100% paper straw with an adjustable inner sweatband.

We also specialize in wholesale beach fashion accessories if you are a retailer? We have a specific website catered just for our wholesale customers.

beach accessories for women

Let’s not forget adding fashionable sunglasses! These are aviator fashion sunglasses with rainbow tinted lenses.  These sunglasses are fantastic with UV 400 protection. Light weight, shatter resistant, and the best part – for men and women.

wholesale beach fashion accessories

The best looking beach tote bag with a tropical leaf print available in several different colors. This is a versatile bag that can be worn year-round. It has a top zipper closure with a matching fabric lining and in her pocket. It is also made out of 100% toyo straw.

Beach accessories for women are not going to be a problem at Boardwalk Style.  We love to carry the latest in fashion accessories, but we also enjoy having a nice selection to choose from year-round.

As you can see, we have a nice selection. If you are looking for a larger quantity, our sister site has a terrific selection to choose from.

Stay stylish and enjoy the summer heat.

-Team Boardwalk


Ladies Ribbon Sun Hats

Staying protected from the sun never goes out of style! It’s important to keep your face and body well guarded and a ribbon sun hat is a great way to do just that! So let’s start off by showing you some of the ladies ribbon sun hats that you should be wearing this summer. At Boardwalk Style we have tons of sun protection hats including UV hats. Check these out…

If you’re looking for black beach hats check out this ribbon crusher hat with polka dot trim and matching fabric side snap. It makes for a great travel hat because it folds up into a flat cone that can be secured by the snap. Who doesn’t love packable ribbon hats?

buy ribbon sun hat wholesale ribbon hats los angeles

This one is another packable hat and if you’re looking for wide brim floppy hats, this one is perfect! It’s a reversible ribbon crusher sun hat for women. On one side it’s a solid color with white highlights and the reverse side features a wavy pattern.

wide brim floppy hats for summer

And last but not least is one of our UPF 50 sun hats. It’s made of stonewashed ribbon braid with a facesaver and back bow. It provides excellent sun protection because it’s UPF 50+. This one is also packable and has a shapeable wire brim.

packable ribbon hats for travel

If you’re a retailer who needs to stock up on ribbon hats then be sure to check out or wholesale website  Dynamic Asia! 

And if you need hats in large quantities be sure to check out our sister site – Fashion by the Case

Stay fashionably protected from the sun!

– Team Boardwalk

Ladies Beach Fedora Hat

Fedoras are a classic hat style that never loses its shine. It’s a staple that would be in every woman’s hat collection. They are a popular style for men but women can always do it better, right? Let’s start off by showing you some of the ladies beach fedora hat styles from Boardwalk Style.

If you have your eyes on women’s fedora hats in natural straw then take a look at this one. It’s a lightweight airy fedora hat in knitted straw. It has a contemporary upturned brim with black grosgrain band. It’s a unisex style so it’s great for the ladies of course but men too!

fedora hat ladies wholesale los angeles

Another straw hat for women is this knitted toyo straw fedora. It’s available in a variety of colors including this fun burgundy color. And we’re loving the woven faux-suede band. It has an adjustable inner drawstring so it’s sure to fit you just right like a straw fedora hat for women should.

fedora ladies hat for summer

Now if you’re looking at beach fedoras this one is not to be missed. It’s from our millinery collection and is hand crocheted from the finest natural organic raffia straw. Check out the sweet color block crown with tweed pattern. It’s also packable and crushable so you can take it anywhere!

buy wholesale ladies hats online

Now that you’ve seen some of our fedora hat for ladies check out our wholesale site! If you’re a retailer that stocks fedora ladies hat be sure to see more here – Dynamic Asia! We have tons of ladies hats online and we ship directly from Los Angeles.

And if you’re in need of a large order check out our sister site for straw hat brands and more – Fashion by the Case.

Keep stylish in your fedora!

– Team Boardwalk

LA Beach Sunglasses

Are you tired of summer yet? I didn’t think so! But when the sun is glaring it can be pretty annoying if you don’t have the proper beach sunnies. But not to worry, we at Boardwalk Style have the perfect LA beach sunglasses for you.

Let’s start off by showing you some stylish fashion sunglasses from Los Angeles, where we are based from.

These unisex aviator fashion sunglasses with rainbow tinted lenses are perfect if you’re heading to the beach. They have UV400 protection, which is a necessity if you want to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays, polycarbonate lenses and are they are also lightweight and shatter resistant. They made great sunglasses for sport sunglasses.

buy sunglass la style

Another unique sunglasses style are these colored frame fashion sunglasses with metal bridge and temples. We’re loving the colors of this sunglass style and so will you. They are impact resistant, have polycarbonate lenses and UV400 protection.

la sunnies sunglasses wholesale

If you can’t decide between the classic colors of black or brown la sunnies sunglasses, then try these clear frame sunglasses with colored lenses. They go with any outfit. So if you’re going on vacation you don’t have to take multiple pairs.

shop unique sunglasses

Are you a fan of Boardwalk Style’s sunnies? If you’re a retailer that stocks sunglasses check out our wholesale website – Dynamic Asia – for sunglasses, USA designed! 

And if you’re in need of a large order check out our sister site for styles of sunglass from LA and more – Fashion by the Case.

Keep stylish this summer with some sunnies!

– Team Boardwalk

Straw Sun Visor for the Beach

Ready for summer sunshine? Need a hat that will still allow you to be active without sacrificing style? Then grab a straw sun visor! They’re perfect for staying protected from the sun and comfortable to wear when you’re out jogging along the beach or out gardening. Let us show you some styles and you can choose which is the best straw sun visor for the beach.

If you love a little bit of glitz and glamour we have the beach visor for you! This one has sequins that will add a little sparkle to your outfit. It’s a large roll-up straw sun visor that is perfect for travel. It’s a great visor that you can take with you anywhere!

straw sun visor wholesale buy packable beach visor

Another style we absolutely love is one of our most comfortable styles. It’s a wraparound visor so it’s a good one to wear if you’ll be out in the sun for long hours. It has a comfortable elastic fit so you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a hat. And this one is also packable. Aren’t packable visors for women the best?

straw hat brands los angeles

We love ladies visor hats and this style is a top seller. It’s composed of paper straw, has a soft padded band and a comfortable clip. We also are fans of the contrast stripe design. It isn’t too flashy but still makes a fashionable statement.

stylish ladies visor hats for summer

If you’re a fashion retailer looking for ladies straw hats and visors check out our wholesale website – Dynamic Asia.

And if you need to purchase in larger quantities check out our sister site for straw hat brands and more – Fashion by the Case.

Stay stylish in the sun!

– Team Boardwalk

Beach Bags Canvas and Straw

It’s time to pack those bags and head to the beach! Don’t have a beach bag for the summer? Well, Boardwalk Style has the best beach bags in canvas and straw. So whether you’re looking for a solid color, a print or pattern, we have you covered! Let’s check out some of our styles…

If you love large black straw handbags and are looking for something fun for the summer these bags are just for you. Say “aloha” to this beauty. This straw beach tote bag with “Aloha” script and colorful pom-pom tassels is sure to turn heads at the beach or poolside. It has rope handles, is fully lined and has a magnetic button closure. This has to be the best beach bag of 2017!

wholesale beach bags straw

And if you love fun graphics on your bag then check out this straw beach tote bag with pineapple graphic print and colorful yarn tassels. It’s made with high-quality faux leather handles and also has a cotton lining with inner pocket and magnetic button closure. This makes for a great beach bag.

best beach bag 2017 los angeles

But if you don’t like the graphics and want to opt for solid colors this canvas and crochet straw beach bag is perfect! It comes in a variety of colors so you can match with your favorite swimsuit. It has a top zipper closure and is fully lined.

beach bags canvas bright colors

If you like what you see check out our wholesale website just for retailers looking for wholesale beach bags in canvas, beach bags in straw and more – Dynamic Asia

And if you’re interested in buying in larger quantities check out our sister site for straw bag brands and more – Fashion by the Case.

Keep calm and carry your beach bag!

– Team Boardwalk

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