A Great Straw Sun Visor

If you still think of little old ladies playing golf when you think of sun visors, then you definitely need to check out these new straw sun visors from Boardwalk Style. These ladies sun visors are trendy and fashionable, ready for any outdoor event from backyard barbecues to sporting events (yes, even golf!) Women of all ages will be sporting these visors because these are some of the best sun visor hats around!

This versatile straw visor style with an updated modern look comes in many fun colors.  Perfect for gardening or an afternoon at the pool. This will become your go-to visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face.

Los Angeles visors for ladies sun visors for women sun visor cap   fun sun visors hats for ladies sun visors variety of colors wholesale womens wholesale straw visors

And there are many other straw visor styles. Perfect for the Fourth of July parade or an outdoor summer afternoon concert.

straw ladies visors womens sun visors

The great thing about visors is they travel well.  And if you want more sun protection, then we also have a straw extended visor that rolls up!  Perfect to stuff into your carry-on for your next beach vacation or your staycation in your own backyard!

travel sun visor for women

Click here to find where to buy these trendy, fashionable (and practical) sun visor caps!


Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


Sun Protective Hats for Women

We all want to look our best.  Not just today, but twenty years from today, too!  Which is why sun protection is so important!  And what better way to protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays than with a stylish hat!

Boardwalk Style  has beautiful sun protection hats for women! Women love summer straw hats; they are stylish, easy and protect from sunburn and sun damage.  Check out some of our favorite womens sun hats below.  We have several shapes and colors.  The perfect hat for every occasion.  These wide brim sun hats are what the smart, stylish women will be wearing.    We have casual and dressy styles for a day in your backyard pool or a tropical beach resort.  These beautifully crafted hats will protect your face from the sun and keep you looking (and feeling) cool.  These fashionable and practical wide brimmed beauties will turn heads.

If you wish to buy Boardwalk Style hats, here is a link to a few of the fine retailers who carry us:

Buy Boardwalk Style Sun Hats and Beach Bags

sun hats upf 50 women's foldable hats ladies hats upf 50 plus

floppysunhat wholsalesunhats ladies sun protective hats sun protective hats womens hats sun protective bulk

All hats in this collection are affixed with a UPF 50+ tag.  In case you’re wondering what exactly that means, a garment with a UPF of 50 only allows 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the surface of the garment to pass through it. In other words, it blocks 49/50ths or 98% of the UV radiation. These are some heavy duty sun protective hats!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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-Team Dynamic



Kimberly Luu in Boardwalk Style 2015

Fashion Blogger Kimberly Luu in Boardwalk Style

It’s that time of year again, where we give thanks to some of the amazing fashion bloggers and style bloggers we’ve worked with.

Most of the amazing women we work with are in California, and usually that means Los Angeles or San Francisco.  In this case, it’s the county to the south – Orange County fashion and lifestyle blogger Kimberly Luu!

Check out Kim’s Fashion / Lifestyle Blog: AccordingToKimberly.com

This year, Kim Luu – she sometimes goes by “Kim” and that’s a lot easier to write! – wore a wide array of our hats, many of which ended up on her Instagram (@Kimberly_Luu) and others on her fashion blog, According To Kimberly (ATK for short).

The photos below are from Kimberly Luu’s Instagram and her website, According to Kimberly.  Both are very active, and she is always updating.

If you like fashion, food (and…fun?) follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media connection you can get your hands on!  Seriously.

Alright, enough said.  Here’s Kim rocking some Boardwalk Style hats! (And in some cases, hats by our parent company: Dynamic Asia – Wholesale Only)

lifestyle bloggers kimberly luu orange county

kim luu style blogger
kimberly luu of lifestyle blog according to kimberly

orange county fashion blogger kimberly luu boardwalk style

kimberly luu los angeles fashion blogger

kimberly luu orange county fashion blogger

Thanks again, Kimberly, for all the great photos in 2015!

We’re looking forward to working with even more in 2016.

-Team Dynamic


Wide Brim Sun Hats

Boardwalk Style is proud to present its newest line of sun hats, beach fedoras, and summer fashion accessories!

If you wish to buy Boardwalk Style hats, here is a link to a few of the fine retailers who carry us:

Buy Boardwalk Style Sun Hats and Beach Bags

Here in Los Angeles, California we see a lot of wide brim sun hats, on beaches from San Diego to Malibu.

At Boardwalk Style, we’ve got some amazing sun hats, of all brim sizes – especially wide brims!

Click below for more photos of our newest wide brim straw sun hats!

wide brim womens sun hats summer hat

That’s a colorblock hat, great for the beach or pool, or anytime you want a lot of sun protection.

ladies seashell wide brim beach straw hat

If style and comfort is what you desire then look no further than our ladies seashell wide brim straw hat. Made of raffia straw and real seashells this summer hat is the embodiment of femininity and uniqueness!

ombre wide brim floppy summer hat

Not all floppy summer straw hats are the same and to attest to that is our ombre style wide brim hat. Lightweight, and available in a variety of colors, not just the one pictured, this summer hat is sure to turn heads at your next pool date, while protecting you from those harmful UV sun rays.

white ribbon black wide brim straw hat

Perfect for a summer evening gathering on the beach – or anywhere, really – our black and white wide brim straw hat is the epitome of elegance. The white ribbon is a subtle and feminine detail, while its no fuss packable design allows it to fit into any ladies bag!

Speaking of travel hats, this crushable straw hat is a must for any trips to Hawaii, Florida, Palm Springs, or anywhere else where it’s sunny:

crushable sun hats raffia straw trim ribbon braid

Wherever you are, whatever the season, be sure to stay stylish and protect yourself from the sun with a wide brim sun hat from Boardwalk Style!

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic


New Ladies Fedoras and Summer Hats

Looking for a stylish summer hat?  How about fedoras for women?  These beautiful straw fedora hats are stylish and keep your face shaded from the sun’s rays.  The perfect combination of form and function.

Check these hats out:

straw panama hats - los angeles california brand boardwalk style

This straw panama hat is sure to make a statement at the beach, the pool or that backyard barbecue with its fun blue crisscross pattern and contrasting black band.  It’s one of the most stylish ladies summer hats for 2015.

womens straw fedoras - beach accessories 2015 - boardwalk style los angeles

This women’s straw fedora hat is classy and chic.  Perfect for brunch with the ladies.  The stylish answer to your summer bad-hair days.  Pair it with cut-offs, a boho maxi-dress or a swimsuit. You can’t go wrong with this straw fedora hat with a subtle tropical print.

white fedora for women - straw hats by boardwalk style

This white fedora with a simple floral pattern is perfect paired with a sundress and sandals.  It’s a stylish and breezy look for every summer gathering.

ladies summer hats straw fedora panama hat boardwalk style california

If you want something with a wider brim for more sun coverage, look no further than this elegant straw fedora hat with a simple black band.  This accessory can be dressed up or down and is a summer go-to for all occasions.

ladies straw panama hats fedora hat for summer - boardwalk style los angeles


Who said straw fedoras for women had to be straw-colored?  This black straw fedora hat will easily transition from summer 2015 into fall 2015.

So quit hiding  behind a ponytail and a ball cap, there are so many unique styles of beautiful straw fedoras for women available to elevate your summer style, and keep you protected from the damaging sun’s rays.

Check out more ladies straw fedoras here at Boardwalk-Style.com, or if you’re a retailer, order wholesale Boardwalk Style hats from our parent company, Dynamic Asia.  They can be found at Wholesale.DynamicAsia.com

Happy Shopping!

-Team Dynamic






Beach Fashion 2015 – Straw Hats and Beach Bags

Get ready for beach fashion 2015!

Beach fashion – the Boardwalk Style way – means great fashion accessories!

To complete your fashionable beach look, straw hats and beach bags are must haves in 2015…and every year!

When people travel, they take lots of pictures, and usually when people take lots of pictures, they want to look good. Of course, wearing a cool, stylish hat is perfect when going to the beach or traveling to another beach city, because hats offer more than just style, they offer great sun protection and help protect the face from harsh UV rays.

Of course, finding the right hat is the hardest part.  Here at Boardwalk Style have a wide range of the most popular styles, as well as the very highest quality.

As you may know, Boardwalk Style is based right out of sunny Los Angeles, and therefore, we know firsthand what styles are most popular near the California beach lines.

Want to see what we are all about? Scroll down to see a sneak peak of some of the best selling beach hats and handbags. Yes! Handbags are equally as important to pair with a summer hat for the beach. If a woman is buying a hat, you know she is going to need a matching handbag to hold all her beach essentials!

Take a look:


Beach Hats 2015-Boardwalk Style

When buying beach summer hats, the go-to hat is usually a wide brim. Why? Because it is very feminine, glamorous and of course, covers more of your face. We all know how harsh those UV rays can be, and the more sun coverage, the better. So what do you think of this one? How much more perfect can a beach hat be, when it has it’s own beach shells as the band? Beach style at it’s best!

Raffia and Seagrass Premium Straw Hat-Boardwalk Style Beach Style 2015

Resort fashion hats are perfect for the beach, because they are a bit more glamorous and stylish than a basic beach hat. Resort fashion focuses more on luxe and chicness. This hat is made of the highest quality premium fine raffia straw, and is crafted very beautifully for some simple elegance.

Sturdy Beach Bag 2015-Boardwalk Style

Beach bags 2015 are a Summer’s must have accessory, because every woman needs a bag, no matter where they go. Lucky for us, and you, beach bags come in all shapes and sizes, and we have them all. We have small beach bags for the simple woman who only needs to carry her basics, and we have larger beach bags for the woman who packs the essentials for a long beach day, such as food, extra clothes, a volleyball, sunglasses, sunblock etc…This bag is perfect for that second woman, because the rope handles are sturdy, and the bag itself is very spacious.

Summer 2015 Handbags 2015 Beach Bags-Boardwalk Style

Maybe you want something smaller, but still keeping with a beachy style. Maybe a tote bag isn’t really your thing, but you would rather carry a bag across your shoulders. This cross body striped crochet bag is casual, and adds a great pop of color on those bright sunny days.

 Hats and Handbags 2015-Boardwalk Style

Straw bag designs 2015 are the best collection of handbags yet. Take this rainbow cornhusk bag for instance. It is very sturdy, relatively smaller in size than a huge tote bag, and is very stylish. What we love most are the contrasting dark handles. This bag looks very tropical and beachy, wouldn’t you agree?

Like what you see? Want to see more? Stay tuned for more to come, but in the meantime, don’t forget to check out Where to Buy Boardwalk Style.

Lastly, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Stay Fashionable!
-Team Boardwalk

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