Beach Fashion 2015 – Straw Hats and Beach Bags

Get ready for beach fashion 2015!

Beach fashion – the Boardwalk Style way – means great fashion accessories!

To complete your fashionable beach look, straw hats and beach bags are must haves in 2015…and every year!

When people travel, they take lots of pictures, and usually when people take lots of pictures, they want to look good. Of course, wearing a cool, stylish hat is perfect when going to the beach or traveling to another beach city, because hats offer more than just style, they offer great sun protection and help protect the face from harsh UV rays.

Of course, finding the right hat is the hardest part.  Here at Boardwalk Style have a wide range of the most popular styles, as well as the very highest quality.

As you may know, Boardwalk Style is based right out of sunny Los Angeles, and therefore, we know firsthand what styles are most popular near the California beach lines.

Want to see what we are all about? Scroll down to see a sneak peak of some of the best selling beach hats and handbags. Yes! Handbags are equally as important to pair with a summer hat for the beach. If a woman is buying a hat, you know she is going to need a matching handbag to hold all her beach essentials!

Take a look:


Beach Hats 2015-Boardwalk Style

When buying beach summer hats, the go-to hat is usually a wide brim. Why? Because it is very feminine, glamorous and of course, covers more of your face. We all know how harsh those UV rays can be, and the more sun coverage, the better. So what do you think of this one? How much more perfect can a beach hat be, when it has it’s own beach shells as the band? Beach style at it’s best!

Raffia and Seagrass Premium Straw Hat-Boardwalk Style Beach Style 2015

Resort fashion hats are perfect for the beach, because they are a bit more glamorous and stylish than a basic beach hat. Resort fashion focuses more on luxe and chicness. This hat is made of the highest quality premium fine raffia straw, and is crafted very beautifully for some simple elegance.

Sturdy Beach Bag 2015-Boardwalk Style

Beach bags 2015 are a Summer’s must have accessory, because every woman needs a bag, no matter where they go. Lucky for us, and you, beach bags come in all shapes and sizes, and we have them all. We have small beach bags for the simple woman who only needs to carry her basics, and we have larger beach bags for the woman who packs the essentials for a long beach day, such as food, extra clothes, a volleyball, sunglasses, sunblock etc…This bag is perfect for that second woman, because the rope handles are sturdy, and the bag itself is very spacious.

Summer 2015 Handbags 2015 Beach Bags-Boardwalk Style

Maybe you want something smaller, but still keeping with a beachy style. Maybe a tote bag isn’t really your thing, but you would rather carry a bag across your shoulders. This cross body striped crochet bag is casual, and adds a great pop of color on those bright sunny days.

 Hats and Handbags 2015-Boardwalk Style

Straw bag designs 2015 are the best collection of handbags yet. Take this rainbow cornhusk bag for instance. It is very sturdy, relatively smaller in size than a huge tote bag, and is very stylish. What we love most are the contrasting dark handles. This bag looks very tropical and beachy, wouldn’t you agree?

Like what you see? Want to see more? Stay tuned for more to come, but in the meantime, don’t forget to check out Where to Buy Boardwalk Style.

Lastly, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Stay Fashionable!
-Team Boardwalk

Buy Big Floppy Beach Hats

Looking to buy big floppy beach hats? You’ve found ’em!

Summer is right around the corner, so get your hands on these fashionable numbers now!

You can visit our parent company Dynamic Asia or scroll down to see what we have in store! Why not do both?

Wholesale Beach Hats

This blue striped floppy hat is as stylish as it is fun! Double down on fashion by purchasing with a matching tote bag!


Big Floppy Hats

This faux felt floppy hat with a tie goes great with your summer skirts!


Floppy Beach Hats 2015

The ombre style floppy sun hat is lightweight, wide-brim and comes with matching tie!


Floppy Beach Hats

This multicolor striped floppy sun hat will keep you cool and stylish in the ocean breeze!


Beach Hats 2015

This wide-brim floppy sun hat has a peek-a-boo pattern around the edge! Surprise! You look great!


Floppy Beach Hats Wholesale

Hit the beach with this bright floppy straw hat with bow to match that winning smile!


Stay shaded this summer (and every summer!) with these fashionable floppy beach hats!

And don’t forget to visit our parent company Dynamic Asia to buy wholesale beach hats, as well as a number of other styles!

Have fun this summer, and happy shopping!

– Team Boardwalk

Straw Sun Visors for Ladies

Looking for fashionable straw sun visors for ladies? We have you (and your eyes) covered!

Sun visors are the go-to accessory for the active woman! Whether you’re playing golf, tennis or just going for a summer stroll, we have the sun visors to keep you shaded and stylish!

If you’re a retailer…Shop wholesale for straw sun visors by clicking these words!

Here are a few examples of some of the straw sun visors you’ll be clamoring for this summer!


Straw Sun Visor

This large roll-up straw visor with polka dot trim has an adjustable velcro trim and adorable matching bow!


Sun Visors for LadiesThe clip-on wheat straw visor is adorned with an attractive side buckle and plush cherry sweatband!


Sun Visor 2015This stylish paper braid sun visor is decorated with a multicolor woven tribal band, adjustable velcro closure and plush sweatband!


Straw Visor 2015This large, braided ribbon straw sun visor comes in bright summer colors! The inner elastic band and back bow make for a comfortable and stylish fit!


Straw Hat and Sun VisorsThis paper braid sun visor with color band and silver buckle has an adjustable velcro closure and elastic sweatband! Available in a variety of colors!

Don’t forget to visit our parent company Dynamic Asia to buy wholesale!

Keep cool this summer with these straw sun visors and happy shopping!

– Team Boardwalk


Find Cute Beach Bags for the Summer

Looking for a cute beach bag for the summer? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re hitting the beach or hitting the town, we’ve got the stylish beach bags you want!

Scroll on down to discover just a few of our best summer beach bags for any style or visit our parent company at to see them all!


You’ll get the conversation started when you step out with this large toyo tote bag in hand! It may be summer, but the leaf print pattern will make everyone fall in love with your beach bag!


Cute Beach Bags 2015

This wavy striped toyo tote bag will brighten up even the sunniest of summer days! A colorful number that will remind you what it means to have fun in the sun!


Cute Summer Beach Bags

You’ll flip for this adorable flip-flops canvas tote bag! This spacious piece is roomy enough to hold all of your beach accessories! Store an extra pair of footwear inside, not just on the outside!

Summer Beach Bags

Stand out amongst the crowd this summer with this tropical print toyo tote! This bag comes equipped with rope handles and is available in a variety of colors!

So what are you waiting for? Click the link to see everything we have to offer! Cute Wholesale Beach Bags

Happy shopping! The beach awaits!

– Team Boardwalk


Where Can I Buy Boardwalk Style Hats and Beach Bags

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy Boardwalk Style hats and beach bags?”

This is an excellent question. Diane’s Beachwear, Chapel Hats, and Swim ‘N Sport are among a few companies where you can find Boardwalk Style. Click here to see our Where to buy Boardwalk Style page for more detailed information. Go stop by your local stores listed above and try on these hats for yourself. They also carry a wide array of other brands and styles that are worth checking out.

Also, if you are a retailer and want to buy any of our products wholesale, you can go to  Dynamic Asia is our parent company, based in sunny Los Angeles.  The middle of LA is home to Dynamic Asia’s showroom and warehouse, so if you are looking to buy in bulk, Dynamic Asia would be your go-to seller.

If you are interested in stopping by the showroom in person, please keep in mind that this is by appointment ONLY. Click here to visit their Contact page to set up an appointment and get more info.

We, Boardwalk Style, are expanding into more and more stores in Florida, Hawaii, California, Texas, so look out for us and keep in contact as we are grow and become more accessible on a wider scale.


Best selling beach bags have a few major qualities:

1.) Spaciousness. They provide sufficient space for a woman’s beach essentials. Knowing how women are, that could be equivalent to a bottomless bag, much like Mary Poppins’! With all jokes aside, beach bags that are spacious make it easier for a woman to carry one bag, and one bag only. Easier to move around and carry everything in one space.

2.) Quality. Beach bags must be quality made to last in a beach environment. Sunlight, sands, etc…Material is also important here as well. Most bags are made of straw or canvas.

3.) Color.  A pop of color is always fun, especially on bright summer days when the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining it’s golden light. Don’t be afraid to have fun! Play with bright colors that stand out, such as fuchsia, yellow, green and blue.

Boardwalk Style Beach Hats

Sun hats 2015 are the accessory of the moment. Why you ask? Because We are in March, and it is technically Spring! Spring 2015 has arrived, and we could not be happier for the sunny days ahead.

Boardwalk Style  Hats and Accessories

Wide brim sun hats are the most important hat a woman can have in her hat collection. Wide brim hats provide the most sun protection, and keep the delicate face safe from harmful UV rays. Having a go-to sun hat is so necessary for a woman. Not only for health reasons, but for the sake of style as well.

Scroll down to catch a glimpse of some of our favorite hats and beach bags:

Ombre Sun Hat Boardwalk Style

This ombre hat is one of our best sellers. It is on trend and is lightweight and breathable.

Raffia Straw Bag Boardwalk Style

This raffia bag. What more can be said? It is simple, and we love it.

White Hat with Striped Bow-Boardwalk Style

This white hat with striped black and white lines has a nautical feel to it that is perfect for the beach.

Boardwalk Style Gold Metallic Bag

This gold metallic beach bag shines like the sun. Perfect for summer. Metallic never goes out of style.

Boardwalk Style Havana Safari Hat

This safari hat is perfect for those days when you are unsure if you want to wear a wide brim hat or a fedora. The safari hat is the perfect blend of each.

So now that you know where to buy Boardwalk style hats and bags, what are you waiting for? Enough of looking at pictures of these stylish hats.  Pick one out for yourself. Summer will be here before we know it. Get ready and style yourself in the most beach worthy accessories from Los Angeles.

Stay fashionable!

Team Boardwalk

The Most Fashionable Hats with the BEST Sun Protection

The most fashionable hats with the BEST Sun protection should not be hard to find. Lucky for you, we here at Boardwalk Style have designed a new line of summer hats, beach bags and  scarves to meet the needs of women worldwide who want to accessorize stylishly, and who are also health conscious about protecting their skin.

Wearing a sun hat with the most sun protection is key, but it is also important to wear a style that will fit your movement needs. For example, if you decide you want to play tennis on a hot sunny day, it is wiser to wear a visor than it is to wear a wide brim sun hat, even though the sun hat usually has the widest brim circumference of all hat styles we carry.

The Skin Cancer Foundation has provided an excellent list of reasons why year-round sun protection is extremely important. Check that out here:

The Importance of Year-Round Sun Protection

In the list, they mention the importance of covering areas that are often missed by sunblock, “including, lips, ears, eyes, neck, scalp…especially if hair is thinning” (Skin Cancer Foundation).

With that said, covering the head and protecting the face is extremely important– they are also physically closer to the sun and are most vulnerable to receiving contact.

We invite you to scroll down to browse through a list we have created that includes the most fashionable hats with the BEST sun protection:

Boardwalk Style sun protection hats for women

Sun protection hats for women come in all shapes and sizes, but this lampshade style is one of our top favorites. Why? Because the brim goes down and out, with an umbrella-lampshade like protection. This style is made of fine straw and has a black bow for a little something extra.

Womens Sun Hats Blue Striped Floppy Hat-Boardwalk Style

Womens sun hats come in all colors of the rainbow, but it is also feels good wearing light colors when the sun is blasting it’s heat on you. Stay extra cool in this blue striped floppy straw hat. These shades of blue along with the white stripes are reminiscent of the ocean blue against white sands. Take this hat on your next trip to the beach, or maybe even on a tropical vacation getaway!

Sun Protective Hats Safari Hat with Cord-Boardwalk Style

This mixed straw safari hat with cord is one of our top sun protective hats, because the chin cord is perfect for many outdoorsy activities, including gardening, hiking, canoeing, rafting, etc…The chin cord allows the hat to stay in place, while providing ultimate sun protection.

Straw Facesaver Sun Hat-Boardwalk Style

This hat is called a “facesaver” for a reason. Only the brim extends outward from the face. It has an adjustable velcro back for the perfect, unique fit. It is made of sturdy paper braid and has a contrasting grosgrain band.

Sun Protective Cowboy Hat-Boardwalk Style

If you are looking for a style that is a bit more fun, maybe a cowboy hat is for you. Believe it or not, cowboy hats actually offer substantial protection, just make sure you pick a style that does not have light, open weaving. For example, this tweed straw cowboy hat is made of a thick weave, and therefore cannot allow any light through the brim of the hat.

Sun Protective Golf Visor-Boardwalk Style

Ladies summer hats include visors too! You can’t have a sun protection list without a visor. This style in particular is a “golf visor.” The top is made of straw for airy, lightweight breathability, and the bill is solid for extra protection.

Striped Ribbon Rollup Visor-Boardwalk Style

This striped ribbon visor does not cover the very top of the head, but it is convenient because it rolls up into a small cone, which saves space when traveling and allows you to take it anywhere without it losing it’s original shape. This style wins on convenience, but it still has a 4 inch brim that is sufficient enough for protection of the face.

Looking to buy Boardwalk Style sun hats and beach bags?  Check out Where to Buy Boardwalk Style.

Thanks for reading, and check back often for more interesting news and updates on latest products.

Stay Fashionable!

-Team Boardwalk

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