Wide Brim Straw Beach Hat

Now is the perfect time of year to buy wide brim straw beach hat styles. In the fashion industry, stores must stock their stores a season ahead of time, therefore, it is never too early to start getting your wish list ready with the hottest new styles.

Here at Boardwalk Style, we carry summer hats, handbags and scarves. Our favorite hat is the wide brim, because it offers the most sun protection during those hot summer days. We have put together a list of our favorite wide brim straw beach hats. Check out the list below to find YOUR next favorite ūüėČ


Ribbon and Weat Straw Lampshade Hat-Boardwalk Style
Ribbon and wheat straw lampshade straw sun hats are adorable for strolling down the boardwalk.
Textured Toyo Sun Hat with Linen Band and Bow at back-Boardwalk Style
We love our summer straw hats with linen bows at the back. This style is classic and chic.
Colorbock Wide Brim Summer Hat-Boardwalk Style
This floppy straw hat is one of the floppiest hats we have! It’s brim is extra wide for extra sun protection…and extra glamour :)
Ombre Wide Brim Sun Hat-Boardwalk Style
A new style floppy beach hat is our 2-tone ombre sun hat. This lightweight hat has an open weave pattern around the crown and the brim.
Wide Brim Straw Hats with Beads-Boardwalk Style
This wide brim straw hat with beads is refreshing and clean. The class and wood beads are a perfect touch for the perfect summer beach hat.
Crochet Raffia Sun Hat-Boardwalk Style
Looking for another hat with beads? This one is one of our favorites, because the beads are a beautiful aqua color. Very refreshing.
Mixed Braid Striped Nautical Summer Sun Hat-Boardwalk Style
This striped mixed braid sun hat is perfect for the beach, because it has that nautical vibe to it. We love stripes for the beach, and this wide brim is adorable for a stroll on the sand or on the boardwalk!
Which style will you wear this summer? Interested in buying? Check out the link below to see

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If you’re a retailer, you can buy  any of our hats wholesale from our parent company, DA ( Dynamic Asia )! For more stylish hats, updates, and style trends, be sure to check out our Pinterest and Twitter!

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Best Beach Bag – 2015

Here in California we are prepping for Winter, but it is never too early to shop for the best beach bag…for 2015, of course! In the fashion industry, stores must stock their stores a season ahead of time.

What does it take to make our list of the “best beach bag” you ask? Well, we here at Boardwalk Style¬†we believe in quality and function. We use the finest straw for our straw bags, and we also make sure we sell styles that are most fitting for a beach environment.

We have compiled a list of our Top 5 favorite beach bags, that way you can be one step ahead of the rest, and be all set to order when the time comes.

Crochet Raffia Shoulder Bag-Dynamic Asia

This amazing crochet raffia summer bag is perfect for those beach trips where a lot of packing is necessary. Throw in the towel, volleyball, frisbee, water bottle, sunglasses, snacks, and still have room for more! It is extra large and roomy, and even has side pockets that are perfect for easy access to a phone or music device. With a top zipper closure, faux leather handles and inner pockets, this beach bag is definitely on our list of best beach bags for 2015!

Straw and Mesh Tote Bag- Dynamic Asia

Beach bags and totes come in all shapes and sizes, and are made of all types of materials as well. This straw braid and mesh tote bag is perfect for after-beach clean up. There is a plastic inner lining that makes sand clean up a breeze! It even comes with a mini coin purse.

Nautical Cornhusk Tote Bag-Dynamic Asia

Nothing screams best beach bag like this nautical design. Straw bags for summer can be fun and playful too. This piece is head turning, charming and different than anything on the market. It is available in 7 colors, including, yellow, red, brown and olive.

Striped Straw Tote w: Thick Rope Handles

Straw tote bags can be solid or multicolored, and this happens to be one  of our cutest multicolored tote bags, because it has sturdy rope handles and a drawstring closure which keeps everything inside securely.

Canvas Beach Tote with Mat-Dynamic Asia

A beach bag with more than one function is pretty amazing, therefore, this bag is definitely on our must-have list. It is not only an amazing canvas beach tote, but it comes with a handy mat which could be used for sunbathing and ¬†light yoga. Because the mat has it’s own spot outside, there is more room inside for your beach essentials! Win-Win!

What do you look for in a beach bag? Like what you see? Click the link provided to see where to buy Boardwalk Style! Also, if you are a retailer, you can buy our handbags, hats and scarves  wholesale from our parent company, DA (Dynamic Asia).

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What is a Fedora

What is a Fedora, you ask? Great question! A fedora is one of the most stylish hats, because it is also the most versatile.

The fedora is unique because it is a style that compliments both male and female– many fedoras are unisex. Of course, not all fedoras are unisex, and there are a few that explore color and are fun for summer.

Here at Boardwalk Style, we primarily carry high quality straw hats and handbags, and we sure love our selection of fedoras! We love them so much that we have put together a list of our top favorites!

Straw Fedora with Colored Trim- Boardwalk Style
Straw fedora hats come in all shapes and sizes. This one with a colored trim  is a bit of a wider style than most.
Straw Fedora with Underbrim Color- Boardwalk Style
As a Los Angeles California hat company, we love to offer variety to our customers. Take this fedora for example– a key lime band and bow offer a unique twist on the typical fedora and a great pop of color!
Tweed Straw Fedora with Band- Boardwalk Style
This is one of our favorite beach hats for women. The faux leather band against the darker weave  compliments both lighter and darker skin tones.
Summer Linen Fedora- Boardwalk Style
Another amazing fedora to add to your beach essentials is this brown fedora. It is one of those unisex styles that goes great for men as equally as it looks amazing on women!
Woven Straw Fedora with Cutouts- Boardwalk Style
This fedora has a lighter straw that really pops against the darker braided band.The cut outs are a great detail that add extra breathability on hotter days.
Fedoras can be worn for any occasion– for a party, at the beach, shopping, at school, on vacation– this hat design is so diverse that it is a must-have, go-to hat for any season! Especially if it is a neutral tone, like most are, you can share it with your favorite man in your life.
Fedoras offer just enough protection from the sun, all while looking chic and stylish. Are you ready to rock a fedora? Which style will you wear this summer? For more stylish hats, updates, and style trends, be sure to check out our Pinterest and Twitter!

If you’re a retailer, you can buy  any of our hats wholesale from our parent company, DA ( Dynamic Asia )! As always, if you have any questions on where to purchase or any other general questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you!

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Best Sun Protection Hats for the Beach

The best sun protection hats for the beach should offer ultimate coverage and primarily protect the face from harmful UV rays. Now that Summer is in full swing, be sure to find your perfect go-to sun protection hat!

Womens sun hats straw beach hats big floppy hat best beach hat Summer 2014- Boardwalk Style

Here at Boardwalk Style, we take pride in providing the best quality sun hats for the woman ready to walk by the sand and soak in some sun, but who is also concsious about protecting from harsh UV rays. It’s not only important to wear a hat for style, but for protection for the eyes and skin.
 buy beach hats from california - boardwalk style - photo rachael dickhute
We have put together a list of our best sun protection hats for the beach, vacation, poolside– pretty much anywhere your heart desires to wear a glam, well made hat that will save your face from getting sun burned and red.

Check out a few of our favorites below!

Best Beach Hat 2014 Summer Floppy Hats- Boardwalk Style

This extra wide white floppy with black bow band is the best hat with bikini because it actually helps shade some neck and upper back when the hat is tilted back, and can shade some chest and shoulders when worn flat. Balance out your coverage from the sun with this extra wide brim hat!

UPF Hats Wholesale Sun Protective Summer Hat-Dynamic Asia

This lampshade hat is called “face saver” for a reason! The bill of the hat extends out in front of the face for maximum coverage of the nose and forehead. The bow in the back of the hat, as well as the border black trim add cute details to this simple and unique style.

Mixed Straw Braid Sun Hat Best Straw Beach Hat- Boardwalk Style

A natural straw large floppy beach hat is classic and matches with anything. This is definitely a staple hat to add to your list of must-haves!

Straw Wide Brim Hat w: Cord-Boardwalk Style

This natural straw hat has a safari feel to it because of the neck straps. Floppy hats, lampshade hats, and safari style hats like this one are among the best hats for sun protection.

Extra Wide Brim Big Floppy Sun Hat Summer 2014- Boardwalk Style

This is our biggest glamorous hat in stock. The 2-tone black and white is very Marilyn Monroe. It is very vintage and looks great paired with a bikini and a pop of red lipstick!

Lampshade Sun Protection Hat w:Wide Ribbon-Boardwalk Style

Aqua is a refreshing color, so why not accessorize with it? This aqua colored sash adds a perfect pop of color to any outfit. Lampshade style hats have a downward facing brim that acts as a mini umbrella to protect the sides of the face as well.

Large Red Sun Protection Hat- Boardwalk Style

Turn heads with this read hat. Sun protective hats are made from many different materials. This one is not made of the common straw variation, but rather, a canvas material that is also very lightweight and breathable under the summer heat.

Which hat will you wear this summer? For more sun protective hats, updates, and style trends, be sure to check out our Pinterest and Twitter!

If you’re a retailer, you can buy  any of our hats wholesale from our parent company, Dynamic Asia. If you’d like to buy this hat for yourself, please see Where to Buy Boardwalk Style!

As always, if you have any questions on where to purchase or any other general questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you.

Stay stylish this summer, but most importantly:  stay protected, with Boardwalk Style of course!

-Team Boardwalk


Lightweight Summer Scarves

Lightweight summer scarves are perfect for covering up from the sun’s hard rays, or for a little extra warmth from the cool ocean breeze.

Here at Boardwalk Style, we stay on top of the current California beach style trends and colors. (Be sure to check out our previous blog posts for our top summer hats and straw handbags as well!) But before you do, below are our Top 10 lightweight summer scarves for Summer 2014. Which one will you be wearing this summer?


Beach Scarf Tye Dye Yellow and Neutral Lightweight Beach Scarf Summer 2014- Boardwalk Style

What better way to start off the list than with a bright yellow detailed scarf that is as bright as the sun? With Boardwalk Style scarves, of course! This yellow and neutral beige contrast makes for perfect summer accessorizing!

Boardwalk Style Scarves White Sheer Lightweight Beach Scarf- Boardwalk Style

It can’t be summer without a basic white scarf. Light colors help keep your body temperature cool, and this lightweight white scarf is just the trick for staying refreshed in the heat.

Buy Sumer Scarves Los Angeles Lightweight Neon Print Summer Scarf- Boardwalk Style

This neon beach scarf is fun and bright with it’s butterfly print. It eludes a carefree vibe that is perfect for summer.

Buy Summer Scarves Los Angeles Lightweight Printed Scarf- Boardwalk Style

This blue scarf looks exactly like water wrinkles in the ocean and simulataneously like a bright blue sky . What more can one want for Summer?

Lightweight Scarf Green Summer Scarves- Boardwalk Style

This green scarf has rhinestones at the bottoms for an extra touch of sparkle.

Lightweight ZigZag Scarf Summer Scarves- Boardwalk Style

This zigzag print is a great choice for a patterned scarf, because it almost looks tribal (which happens to be an extremely popular trend during warmer temperatures.

Painted Neon Colorblock Scarf Print Lightweight Summer Scarf 2014- Boardwalk Style

This painted color block scarf  is available in 6 other color combinations and this lightweight scarf can be worn like a shawl as well.

Psychedelic Paisly Printed Scarf Lightweight Summer Scarves- Boardwalk Style

This paisley printed psychedelic scarf is fun and different. It is so lightweight that it is nearly sheer.

Watercolor Print Scarf Lightweight Summer Scarves Summer 2014- Boardwalk Style

Buy summer scarves in Los Angeles and find the most summer variety at Boardwalk Style! This watercolor inspired print is strikingly unique and artistic.

Wavy Stripe Multicolor Scarf Bright Summer Printed Pattern Scarves- Boardwalk Style

This bright, colorful scarf is perfect for summer, because the colors are so vibrant, fresh, and fun.

California Hat and Handbag Company Best Beach Bags Cute Beach Bags- Boardwalk Style

Lightweight Summer scarves are perfect when styled with a straw beach bag and  a pair of shades. These are just a few alternative ways to wear any of the lightweight summer scarves listed above: over the shoulders or around the hips!

Don’t forget to check out our earlier blog post on Summer Scarf Style, where you can find further examples on how to style a summer scarf!

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions on inquiries and be sure to stay connected by visiting out Pinterest and Twitter!

Stay fashionable!

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Black Straw Beach Hat

A black straw beach hat is a natural color that matches with a variety of clothing, and they are the perfect accessory for practically any occasion.

Though bright colors are often considered to be more typically, “summer colors”,¬†black hats are the exception and a great summer choice, because they are classic and timeless.

We have put together a list of our Top 7 black straw beach hats. Find your favorite below:

Hats To Wear To The Beach Black Straw Fedora Hat- Boardwalk Style

This black straw fedora hat is ideal for summer, because it is lightweight and breathable.
Womens Sun Hats Black Straw Floppy Sun Hat- Boardwalk Style
This black straw floppy is simple with a western flair. This extra-large paper braid sun hat is named the, “Western Big Brim Hat,” because of its 6.5 inch brim.
 Womens Sun Hats Black Straw Lampshade Hat- Boardwalk Style
Both the lampshade and floppy hat styles are the ultimate womens sun hats because they are so feminine and add a hint of glam to any outfit. This lampshade paper braid hat with contrasting color band and lining has a 5 inch brim that is the perfect face-saver for the summer heat.
Extra Wide Black and White Two Tone Sun Hat- Boardwalk Style
A floppy straw hat that is one of our top sellers is this extra wide brim 2-tone glamorous floppy. The black hat and white trim are a perfect color combination for a classic look.
Hats To Wear To The Beach Black Straw Bucket Kettle Hat 2- Tone Ribbon Band- Boardwalk Style
Bucket and Kettle styles are also great hats to wear on the beach. This straw bucket kettle hat with 2-tone ribbon band is made of elegant paper braid and has an upturned brim.
Hats To Wear on the Beach Black Straw Hats Summer 2014- Boardwalk Style
Add some island chic to your outfit with this wide brim braided straw paper hat! Beads are woven within the strands of the handwoven band for a rustic handmade style.
Black Straw Summer Floppy Sun Hat-Boardwalk Style
This crisscross weave black floppy is a unique patterned design that will set you apart from the rest.

Black hats are a popular color of choice because black hats are perfect for any season. These black hats are excellent for summer and are perfect for any occasion. Take your black hat to the beach, poolside or on your next vacation. Every woman needs a little black dress just the same as every woman needs a black go-to hat!

Check us out on Pinterest and on Twitter for latest updates, new arrivals, and style trends we love.

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