Black Straw Handbags 2017

Boardwalk Style has the best black straw handbags! One of the most popular accessories anyone can ever have is going to be a basic black straw handbag.  A dark beach bag is perfect for many different occasions and it is so versatile.

We love our beach accessories for women and we know you will too.  Finding a black straw beach bag at Boardwalk Style is going to be easy and also very exciting. Besides having a terrific selection of straw handbags, we also have many different beach accessories.

black aloha beach tote with poms

Who isn’t going to love this straw beach tote? It has “Aloha” on the front with rope handles. The inside has cotton lining and it also has a magnetic button closure. This is the perfect gift and it’s also available in white.

large black crochet straw handbag

Talk about adding style and elegance to your look. This is a large hand crocheted straw beach bag that is fully lined with a top zipper closure and an inner pocket.

black 2 tone poly straw handbag

One of our best black straw handbags – it doesn’t get any better than this. This handbag has faux leather handles with a magnetic button closure. The inside has a fabric lining with an inner pocket and a hard bottom.

black metallic straw handbag

Another one of our most popular black straw handbags. This is a metallic straw braided handbag with braided rope handles and gold hardware. It has a top zipper closure with a matching PU top trim and a zippered inner pocket.

Boardwalk Style welcomes retailers that would like to add our merchandise to your inventory. If you are interested, please check out our wholesale site – Dynamic Asia.  For large quantities of merchandise, we have an amazing selection of beach accessories and handbags/beach bags. Our sister site is Fashion By the Case.

Happy shopping!

-Team Boardwalk

Wide Brim Panama Hat for Women

Boardwalk Style definitely has the best selection in womens panama hats! Why? We love to carry a wide variety of hats for year-round usage. Why stop at just a wide brim panama hat, when our customers can have a huge selection of not only womens panama hats, but why not add a few womens fedora summer hats?

Check out this wide brim panama hat? It has a terrific look and it is also stylish.  Lightweight and packable with a cute denim band, also available in brown.

heathered straw panama hat with denim band

Or, let’s try the basic panama hat for women.  With an adjustable enter drawstring and an elastic sweatband, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

toyo straw panama hat with sailor knot

What about the perfect black panama hat in womens styling? Yes, at Boardwalk Style we definitely have a popular panama hat with a lace brim.

black straw panama hat with lace brim

What does every woman need? Yes, you got that right – a white panama hat made for womens styling.  This unique one-of-a-kind panama hat can be worn with anything!

white jazzy straw panama hat

We just love our panama hats, but we also carry a great selection of womens fedora hats. All you need to do: start shopping and pick out the right summer hats. These hats are not only great for just YOUR wear, but they also make terrific gifts for all occasions. If you are shopping for that person that has everything, like we all have done at least one time – try a unique Boardwalk Style hat!

Attention Retailers – we also have you covered! Please take your time reviewing our website that has a wonderful selection of wholesale merchandise fit for any showroom floor.

If you are a new retailer that is in need of a bulk quantity, we can also help you with that. Please check out our sister site that has a wonderful selection at great pricing.

Now let’s get back to shopping and have fun doing it!

-Team Boardwalk

Floppy Hat How to Wear

Now is the time for finding the perfect summer hat. At Boardwalk Style, we have so many different types of wide brim be chats to choose from. If you are picky and trying to find the perfect wide brim floppy hat, don’t worry – we have exactly what you are looking for.

Even an oversized floppy hat, we will be able to help you out. These particular types of hats are terrific during the summer time. People love to be out in the sun and even enjoy the beach, but sun protection is often overlooked. By wearing a big floppy sun hat, you will be able to increase your SPF protection to avoid harmful summer rays.

Not sure how to wear floppy hats?  Don’t worry, wearing a big summer sun hat is easy and it also is trendy.

Here are a few of our favorite wide brim floppy summer hats that look great for this season.

white floppy sun hat with pom poms

wide brim hat with tassles

pink pleated ribbon straw summer hat

brown buckaroo hat with chin strap

two tone twisted straw sun hat

shapeable handwoven floppy hat

As you can see, we have a fantastic selection, but we also take great pride in making sure that our high quality summer hats and accessories are available at your favorite retailers.  Have you found a favorite summer floppy hat? Or, are you thinking one of each might work? We would love to help you find that perfect hat.

Our accessories collection is also extensive, with beach bags, sunglasses, and you might even find a few different types of hats for special occasions. We always are updating our inventory for our retailers and we love to make everyone happy.

If you are a retailer looking to add a new summer collection, please do not hesitate to check out our wholesale site or for large bulk orders – Fashion By the Case.

Now it’s time to get back to shopping and enjoying the sun.

-Team Boardwalk


Large Red Beach Bags

Now is the time to start shopping the best beach bags of 2017.  Who is not going to absolutely love red straw bags?  At Boardwalk Style, we take our beach bags very seriously as you might notice. Getting the best beach essentials bags for 2017 is not only smart, but it’s practical too.

There are so many different beach bags to choose from, but getting the right red straw bag is going to be very easy at Boardwalk Style.  Even if you are looking for a beach essentials vacation bag or you are looking for a particular red striped straw bag – we will be able to get you on the right path.

red stripes beach bag accessories

Thinking red stripes?  This is the ultimate red beach bag with stripes and size.

red beach bags

Going for a “tropical” look perhaps?  Look no further – this beach bag is a head-turner, but it’s also spacious and trendy.

large red straw bag

The perfect basic red straw bag!  A classic look with a bold red color.  You can’t go wrong with this bag ever.

red nautical bag beach essentials

Is it time for the beach?  With this red nautical beach bag, you’re sure to have a great look, but also have a terrific beach bag too.

Red straw bags are terrific for many reasons. For instance, if you are thinking about going to the beach or if you are getting ready for a vacation – having a large red beach bag is important. You will want to have plenty of room to store all of your items, plus have extra room if you plan on doing some shopping.

Whether it’s a red beach bag or just straw beach bags in general – Boardwalk Style will have what you are looking for.

For retailers – please visit our wholesale site Dynamic Asia for our updated inventory.

Happy shopping!

-Team Boardwalk




Sunglasses for the Beach

Is it time for a beach day? Don’t forget your beach sunglasses boardwalk style! We have tons in stock that aren’t just fashionable but also offer great eye protection. We not only have styles for women but we also carry styles for men and children as well! Here are just some of our sunglasses for the beach.

First up are these classic wayfarer style beach sunglasses in fun jelly colors. If you’re looking for sunnies eyeglasses with polycarbonate lenses and UV400 protection, these are it! They are also lightweight and shatter-resistant. And are great for both women or men.

best beach accessories for women 2017

Another wayfarer design is this polarized sunglasses design with bamboo wood temples. If you like bamboo eyewear and are looking for sunglasses polarised, this style is perfect! And they are environmentally friendly because they’re made from sustainable bamboo. What’s better than wearing something stylish? Wearing something that’s stylish and is great for the planet of course!

If you have a kiddo in your life and are looking for adorable kid’s sunglasses Boardwalk Style has them! Check out these with the kitty bow and painted whiskers. They’re perfect for children ages 4-8. They have UV protection and are lightweight. They are also shatter-resistant so no need to worry while the kids are at play.

Check out our wholesale website if you’re a retailer looking for sunglasses, beach accessories and more – Dynamic Asia.

And if you’re interested in buying in large amounts check out our sister site for beach accessories for women, men and children – Fashion by the Case.

Stay stylish in your beach sunnies!

– Team Boardwalk

Our Raffia Hats for Women

Summer is coming and so are the straw hats! We have tons at Boardwalk Style but one of our favorite straw types is raffia. So what is raffia straw you ask? Raffia straw comes from a raffia palm tree. Their leaves grow to be very long which makes them great for making sturdy, high-quality straw hats. So let’s begin by showing you some of our raffia hats for women.

One classic hat style is the boater hat. This style has been a hot seller. If you don’t currently own a boater hat then we have just the style for you. This hat in made of natural raffia straw, has an elegant black grosgrain band and an adjustable inner drawstring to ensure proper fit. The brim measures three inches so it’s great for the sunny days.

shop raffia hats for women

Another classic style is the raffia cowboy hat. This style is from our Millinery Collection and is a premium quality women’s summer cowboy hat. It’s hand crocheted in natural raffia straw with a colorful linen wrap tied into a rear bow with an open weave pattern around the edge. It also has a shapeable wire brim.

summer straw raffia cowboy hat

And if you’re traveling and looking for the best packable sun hat we have raffia styles that are made for just that. This ribbon crusher women’s sun hat has UPF 50+ protection, has a raffia straw band and trim, and is completely packable and shapeable

best packable sun hat for sun protection

If you’re a retailer looking for high-quality raffia sun hats and other fashion accessories then check out our selection on our wholesale site – Dynamic Asia.

And if you’re interested in purchasing in bulk amounts check out our sister site for raffia sun hat styles – Fashion by the Case.

Stay beautiful this summer with a raffia straw hat!

– Team Boardwalk

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