Straw Fedora Hats for Women 2017

Boardwalk Style absolutely loves straw fedora hats for women 2017!  Not only are fedora hats for ladies a terrific fashion accessory, but these hats can be worn year-round. Have you ever thought about checking out ladies trilby straw hats or maybe just some beach fedoras?

New Straw Fedora Hats

A fedora hat for ladies can be in a wide variety of colors and even styles. Even the most fashionable women love a good fedora hat.  One of our favorite types of hats at Boardwalk Style is going to be the straw fedora hat for women.

ladies trilby straw hats

A lovely part of our “millinery” collection – this is a hand crocheted pattern fedora hat made from the finest natural organic raffia straw.

fedora hat ladies

Love contemporary fedora hats?  This is a lightweight fedora hat made out of knitted straw.

We are an industry leader for fashion accessories, but we also are a fedora hat company. Whether it be beach fedora hats or even children’s fedora hats – we have you covered.

fedora ladies hat

Love this look?  Boardwalk Style has many different colors available!

straw fedora hat women

We have lots of fedoras with vibrant colors too!

We love our retail customers, but we also love all of our clientele that think Boardwalk Style has great merchandise. If you are a retailer and looking for some high quality women’s fedora hats, please take the time to contact us or visit our website.

fedora hat company

A floral fedora hat available in sage and turquoise.

We also have a parent company that can accommodate large bulk orders. Don’t be left in the dust – get your new fedora hats for 2017 and get prepared for 2018! Time is of the essence and you want to be sure that you are ready for all of the upcoming seasons.

Happy shopping and please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have questions.

-Team Boardwalk Style

Beach Baseball Hats and Caps

At Boardwalk Style, we absolutely love our inventory of beach baseball hats and caps. One of the main reasons why we carry such a wide selection – we want our caps for ladies to be incredible. Having a nice selection to choose from can be a great thing, especially if you are a retailer that would like to update your current inventory.

Ladies Baseball Caps and Hats

We have straw baseball caps, beach baseball hats, and we even carry beach essentials accessories. You aren’t going to find a better supplier or in industry leader like Boardwalk Style.

caps for ladies

This light corduroy baseball cap looks great, but it’s also really comfortable.  It is available in several different colors and it also is unisex.

beach baseball hats

A one-of-a-kind fashion baseball cap made out of faux suede that is perforated with tiny pinholes. This is a polyester hat with an adjustable snapback closure.

ladies fashion baseball caps

Have some fun and go with a Hawaiian tropical floral print baseball cap. This can be worn by both men or women. This Is also made out of 100% polyester with an adjustable back sliding metal ring.

womens fashion baseball hats

A fun straw mesh fashion for women with an adjustable velcro back. This is made out of natural seagrass straw.

When it comes to ladies fashion baseball caps, we have a great deal of experience. We know what looks good and what is the current trending style.

Also, if you are thinking about adding our merchandise into your inventory – we carry many different womens fashion baseball hats. There is simply something for everyone.  Any retailers looking for bulk orders, please take the time to check out our parent company. We would be glad to assist you with all of your ordering needs.

Stay fashionable!

-Team Boardwalk

Big Floppy Straw Beach Hats

Boardwalk Style has the best selection of big floppy straw beach hats that are not only trendy, but they look good on everyone. We also have many different styles of large floppy beach hats to choose from.

Wide Brim Beach Hats

If you are thinking about adding new inventory to your store or if you are a retail customer trying to locate one of our stylish large floppy beach hats, then you have, to the right place. Even though summer is almost over, wearing floppy summer straw hats is still stylish.

large floppy beach hats

Check out this wide brim toyo straw sun hat with a cut out crown pattern. This is a comfortable hat with amazing sun protection and a comfortable inner drawstring.

black straw hat wide brim

Who doesn’t love a black hat? This is the perfect look and it also is very stylish.

floppy summer straw hats

A nautical inspired wide brim sun hat with a rope band tied in a sailors knot – this is a really cool hat that is also available in red.

wide brim floppy hat

Bad hair day or just wanting to enjoy a nice breeze at the beach – this hat has fantastic sun protection and it also is light weight/comfortable.

You don’t need to be in sunny California to sport a dynamic look by wearing a wide brim floppy hat. The sun is out year-round, so that makes sun protection extremely important. You want to find the best wide brim sun protection hat for year-round usage.

We have several different straw hat brands and we always carry big sun hats.  Now is the time to start getting ready for the seasons changing, but not ignoring summer beach hats. If you are a retailer that would like to learn more about our inventory, please visit our website.

Stay breezy!

-Team Boardwalk

Fashion Caps for Ladies

Boardwalk Style has the best fashion caps for ladies. We absolutely love our selection of cute womens baseball hats. There are so many different types of women’s fashion baseball caps that we decided to have a huge selection for all of our customers to choose from.

New 2017 Fashion Caps

We love our womens trucker hats too.  Womens caps for summer just got even better at Boardwalk Style.  Not only do we have many different colors to choose from, but we also have different styles.

cute womens baseball hats

You can wear a baseball cap literally anywhere. Even a late-night run to the store – a baseball cap is a great way to get dressed quickly and you don’t even need to do your hair! Finding the right womens fashion baseball cap can be as simple as picking out your favorite color or your style.

women's fashion baseball caps

Are you a retailer looking for caps for ladies? Will look no further, you are in the right place. Adding a great selection for all of your customers to your show room floor is a terrific move. Having versatility, but also quality merchandise can be a game changer.

womens trucker hats

These types of hats work well with any environment. At Boardwalk Style, we also have many different types of hats. Fashion accessories is one of our favorite types of merchandise to have, plus we are always on top of all of the latest trends in the fashion world.

womens caps summer

We want all of our customers to look fantastic and be the best that they can be. For any retailers looking to add our merchandise, please feel free to visit our website for more information.

Have fun in the sun and stay breezy.

-Team Boardwalk

Top Beach Bags of Summer 2017

Now is the time to check out the top beach bags of summer 2017. You simply cannot go wrong with a great beach bag. The best part about beach bags – they are available at Boardwalk Style.  We even carry beach bags in canvas!

New Summer 2017 Beach Bags

One of the main reasons why the best beach bags in 2017 this so important, you want to be sure that you have a beach bag that can hold all of your items and look stylish at the same time. It may seem complicated or hard, but our selection of womens beach bags is incredible.

beach bags canvas

We love to specialize in the best beach accessories for women, but we also know how important it is to look stylish at the same time. Even if you have a specific look you want to achieve, we have exactly what you will be looking for.

great beach bag

From large bags to small bags or even colorful beach bags – at Boardwalk Style we have what you are looking for.

best beach bag 2017

Attention retailers – if you are thinking about updating your inventory or you would like to add Boardwalk Style in your store, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new customers and we are glad to help you add new exciting inventory to your showroom floor.

womens beach bag

We aim to please and we think you will like all of our different collections and styles. We are constantly updating and changing our inventory to keep our customers happy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. One of our trained and experienced customer service representatives will get you on the right track.

Enjoy the summer and have fun at the beach.

-Team Boardwalk

Organic Raffia Straw Sun Hats

Who isn’t going to love organic raffia straw sun hats? You’re absolutely right – everyone is going to love these hats. At Boardwalk Style, we love all of our organic raffia hats.  Our selection is amazing. We literally have raffia hats for women that look good with everything. You can be shopping, going to the beach, or even going to church and look great in one of our raffia sun hats.

New Premium Organic Raffia Straw Hats

These hats are great for sun protection, but also the versatility makes these hats so popular. Even if you are just outside in your backyard gardening, a classic straw hat will look great. They are affordable and also durable.

organic raffia

Boardwalk Style is an industry leader and we take great pride in making sure we are a top-of-the-line California hat company.  Don’t worry if you are new to the world of retail, we have you covered. All you need to do is take a look at our website. We have plenty of different types of hats and we also have accessories.

raffia hats for women

Your showroom floor can carry all of our different collections which will make your customers happy. We are constantly updating our inventory and we hope that you will enjoy shopping at our company.

raffia sun hats

If you are looking for a bulk order, we have a parent company that can take care of all of your needs. Our number one goal at Boardwalk Style is to give excellent customer service and make sure that all of your needs are taken care of. Now is the time to start shopping and see what merchandise will be perfect for your showroom floor.

classic straw hat

Happy shopping and stay breezy!

-Team Boardwalk

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