Women’s Straw Beach Hats 

Summer is around the corner and the temperature is already on the rise. What does this mean? It’s time to bring out straw beach hats for women. At Boardwalk Style we love a classic wide brim floppy hat but we can also appreciate the more fashion forward styles. Here are just some of the women’s straw beach hats we currently have in stock.

What doesn’t say “floppy beach hat” more than a straw hat with seashells? This little number is sure to compliment your swimsuit at the playa. It’s made of paper straw and has a matching straw band with tassels. Plus, it has an inner sweatband which makes being in the hot sun just a little more comfortable.

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And if you’re looking for a straw hat for women that provides excellent sun protection, check out this visor. It’s great for taking with you on trips because it easily rolls up for travel!

straw hat women visor

Another hat with a wide brim is this style here. This oversized floppy hat is one of our favorites because it has UPF 50+ protection. And it has a stylish cutout crown pattern and woven faux-leather band.

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Stay fabulous this summer in a straw beach hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Straw Lampshade Hats

There’s no better time to grab a great straw hat than summer time! With tons of styles to choose from it may seem like a challenge picking out the perfect hat that provides excellent sun protection and is just as fabulous as you. At Boardwalk Style we carry the best of the best when it comes to summer hats so check out the straw lampshade hats we currently have in stock!

Lampshade hats are perfect for sun protection because they usually have a wider brim. Plus, many of these hats also have UPF protection. So if you’re looking for stylish UPF sun hats, look no further because we have the hats for you.

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Aside from keeping you protected from the sun’s harmful rays they’re stylish too! Check out our Textured Straw Beaded Lampshade Hat with its unique straw pattern and cute beaded band. Summer straw hats have never been more fun and fashionable.

trendy summer straw hats

Our lampshade hats are also made of mixed materials. Check out this hat made of ribbon and wheat straw. The combination of ribbon and straw makes for a chic pattern that is sure to go with your summer wardrobe.

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Stay fashionable in your straw lampshade hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Sunglasses Polarised

Sunglasses are one of the more popular accessories when it comes to fashion. And they are one of the more functional accessories along with hats and bags. If you’re looking for excellent sun protection there are a couple things you should consider when looking at beach sunnies. A great fit is first and foremost. And second is the sun protection it provides. At Boardwalk Style, we have you covered with UV protection and Sunglasses, polarised for your protection.

Our Bamboo Jane Polarized Sunglasses are a classic Wayfarer design with polarized lenses and bamboo wood temples. We love bamboo eyewear because of its minimalist style. Plus, these earth wood glasses are great for both men and women.

beach sunnies wholesale

Also, if you’re looking for a lightweight design these are a great style to add to your selection. And they are shatter-resistant so they’re perfect to wear during outdoor activities.

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If you need some polarized sunnies in your store the Bamboo Jane Polarized Sunglasses are for you! They’re available in three different colors and you can even choose to purchase an assorted pack. Place your order today, they’re available and ship from Los Angeles.

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Thanks for checking out our bamboo sunnies. Stay beautiful and well protect in polarized sunglasses!

– Team Boardwalk

A Great Beach Bag (or Three)

Beach season is coming and the best accessory to be toting around is a trendy beach bag! At Boardwalk Style, we carry a large selection of bags for the summer making it easy for you to stock your store with the best of the best. So let’s start off by showing you a great beach bag (or three).

The Straw Beach Tote Bag With Striped Bottom is first on our list. It has matching striped straw handles, a magnetic top-button closure, is fully lined, and has inner pockets; perfect for storing all your beach essentials!

great beach bag for summer

Next up is another striped design. The Crocheted Straw Summer Tote Bag is a big straw beach bag that can carry all your beach items. It has faux leather handles and if you’re not a fan of the stripes, it also comes in four other solid colors.

beach essentials women vacation bag wholesale

But since we’re loving striped bags let’s end with the Striped Canvas Resort Tote. This tote bag in made of sturdy striped canvas fabric and has outer pockets around the entire bag, perfect for water bottles, sunscreen and more! If you’re looking for beach bags in canvas, this bag is functional and great for the beach.

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Stay fabulous!

– Team Boardwalk

Raffia Straw Hats – Summer 2017

Straw hats are the epitome of summer. They keep you cool and assure facial coverage from the sun. At Boardwalk Style we’re loving straw hats, more specifically raffia sun hats. Raffia is an extremely durable material which makes it ideal for hats. Here are some of our raffia straw hats for summer 2017.

The Straw Womens Cap With Oversize Bow is an eye-catcher. We’re loving the unique texture of the crochet crown and tightly woven brim. It comes with an elegant large fabric bow with matching black trim. If you’re looking for a straw hat woman, this is the one!

organic raffia wholesale

Another classic number is the Raffia Straw Lampshade Hat With Bow. It’s made of organic raffia. It provides UPF 50+ protection and has a wide four-inch brim. It’s perfect for hot days because it has a comfortable inner sweatband.

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Also great for the sun is the Raffia Straw Safari Hat. The brim is a bit wider on this hat at five inches and it also has UPF 50+ protection. With its minimalist design, it makes it easy to pair with any outfit, plus it’s perfect for both men and women. So if you’re not just looking for straw beach hats for women, this is a hat you’ll want to add to your order.

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Stay cool in a raffia straw hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Summer Caps for Ladies

Caps have come a long way in the fashion world, they’re no longer just for sports related activities and they are definitely not just for men. Fashion baseball hats are a hot ticket item for the summer because they keep you feeling cool and looking cool. So let’s show you a sneak peek of our summer caps for ladies.

Straw hats are everywhere this summer so don’t stay away from the Raffia Straw Baseball Cap. If you’re looking for womens straw baseball hats, this one is the perfect pick. It’s a unisex hat and has an adjustable velcro back.

wholesale womens straw baseball hats

Another womens fashion baseball cap style we love is the Light Corduroy Baseball Cap. The corduroy material is lightweight so it will keep you cool and it has an adjustable strap with metal buckle on the back. Plus there’s a selection of colors available to choose from!

buy womens fashion baseball caps

And if your store offers blank fashion caps for ladies, check out the Suede Bill Baseball Cap. It’s a cotton twill cap with a faux suede bill and is great for embroidery. This style is also suitable for men.

fashion baseball hats for sale

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Keep cool and chic in a hot summer cap!

– Team Boardwalk

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