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Fine Organic Raffia Straw Luxury Hats

Luxury hats can be, well, a luxury. They are typically made of the finest materials such a raffia straw which can be more expensive. And you may be asking, “what is raffia?” Raffia straw is a type of palm leaf and it is actually the longest leaf in the plant world. It is incredibly durable so it’s perfect for resort straw hats. At Boardwalk Style we don’t believe you need to spend tons of money to have a great quality hat. So let’s show you some of the fine organic raffia straw luxury hats available.

If you like organic raffia straw hats then check out this hat. This lampshade sun hat with a black grosgrain band and a slanted bow has UPF 50+ sun protection. And with a four-inch brim, it is sure to keep the sun out of your eyes.lampshade resort straw hats for summer

And if you’re looking for fine raffia straw hats these two styles may be what you need. This first one is made of 100% hand-crocheted organic raffia straw. It is slightly floppy with a color stripe on the crown. This second one is a finely crocheted straw bucket hat with matching string tie. An interior sweatband and adjustable inner drawstring ensure a great fit. 

kaminski style straw hats los angeles womens luxury straw hats

Maybe you’re a fan of Kaminski style straw hats this exquisite lampshade hat from our millinery collection and is made of the finest organic raffia straw. It is crocheted with great attention to detail by skilled artisans. If you want luxury straw hats, this is it.

hand crocheted organic raffia straw hats

Perhaps you are looking for a style that doesn’t scream “resort.” Well, we have this raffia straw baseball cap which is the perfect fashion cap for the summer. It’s a unisex style so it’s great for women and men.

ladies fine raffia straw hats and caps

And if you love Panama hats, we have raffia Panama hats as well! This one is made of ultrafine organic raffia straw and it is hand-crocheted with a colored stripe.

what is raffia straw hats

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Stay fabulous in a raffia hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Style a Summer Scarf

Need to add a little style to your wardrobe? With a fashionable summer scarf, you can do just that! Scarves are a fun, lightweight accessory that can really amplify the look of any outfit. So let’s show you some pieces that that will give you some inspiration on how to style a summer scarf.

Do you fancy a lightweight scarf with blended pastel watercolor design? This is the perfect design for summer scarf tying. It can be worn with a variety of different colors and adds the perfect “pop” to an outfit.

printed style scarf los angeles

Another printed scarf that might be up your ally is this intricate lace pattern fashion scarf. If you need something for a less casual look this piece will add some elegance to your outfit. This is a great lightweight scarves tied piece.

trendy summer scarf tying la

And if you need something that is good for the office but also great for any season, this lacy knit infinity scarf is perfect! It’s our favorite style scarf.

knitted all season scarves

But maybe you’re looking for something woven in solid colors. We have a wide variety of different colors. Take a look at our soft, stonewashed scarf with tassels. This one is perfect for pairing a bohemian look. And they are also great sun protection scarves.

lightweight scarves tied with tassels

Or if you need some fringe in your life then check out these two. They are great all season scarves. We have one with a soft feel, it’s a stonewashed scarf with micro fringe. And we also have another fringe scarf without the stonewashed effect. They are great to wrap around you and wear as shawl wrapping styles. Whatever your preference is, we are sure to have it!

stonewash sun protection scarves shawl wrapping styles with fringe

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Stay chic in style scarf!

– Team Boardwalk

Big Floppy Sun Hats

Floppy hats are one of the more popular hat styles. They are elegant and flattering on many face shapes. Ladies floppy hats also are also beneficial because they are an excellent sun protector. The larger the hat the more face protection you’ll have! So let’s show you some of our fabulous big floppy sun hats.

We love floppy straw hats and this natural raffia straw sun hat is a great staple for your wardrobe. It’s handmade with a crocheted edge in colored Toyo straw. Take it with you on your next tropical vacation because it’s packable and has UPF 50+ protection.

floppy straw hats los angeles

Another straw style is this wide brim floppy straw sun hat with stitched edges. It has a matching straw band with tassels and comfortable inner sweatband. The brim measures five inches! So if you’re looking for extra large hats, this is the one!

straw ladies floppy hats la

And if you need a little color and aren’t too keen on the natural straw look this women’s ombre-style straw sun hat might just be for you. It’s lightweight and made of 100% paper straw. And with UPF 50+  protection you can’t go wrong.

upf 50 extra large hats sun protection

Perhaps you’re looking for a black straw hat. Well, we have those too! We have this classic style floppy sun hat that is made of lightweight Toyo mesh straw and has a faux-suede band. Or you can opt for this handwoven floppy sun hat with faux leather string band and a shapeable wire in brim.

big sun hats toyo straw large black straw hat ladies

Maybe you need ribbon hats. We have those as well. This ribbon crusher sun hat with contrasting stitching is crushable and packable so take it anywhere!

packable ribbon hats travel

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Stay beautiful in a big floppy sun hat!

– Team Boardwalk

The Best Large Beach Bag in LA

Ever feel like your beach bag just isn’t big enough? Between the beach towel, sunscreen lotion, snacks and all your other essentials, there is almost never enough room. Well, at Boardwalk Style we have tons of large straw bags for summer that are sure to fit your needs. Let’s check some of them out so you can have the best large beach bag in LA!

If you love fun designs but also need a large straw tote handbag then check out this straw beach tote bag with cute pineapple graphic print and fun and colorful yarn tassels. It’s made of high-quality faux leather handles so it’ll stay sturdy even with carrying your beach needs. Also, check out the “aloha” design.

best large beach bag los angeles large straw bags for summer la

Another large bag we have is this minimalistic Toyo straw tote bag for the summer. It has faux leather handles and is made of 100% paper straw. If you’re looking for something simplistic, this is the bag for you.

womens straw tote handbags for the beach

Need a large straw handbag with a bold hue? This pink one has a top zipper closure and fabric lining with an inner pocket. Grab this one and it’ll be the best large beach bag on the sand.

oversized straw tote handbag

But is pink is too much opt for this large and beachy, two-tone hand crocheted handbag which is perfect for taking anywhere.

wholesale best beach accessories los angelesAnd if you don’t need anything too large in size we have this medium sized straw tote bag with a striped paper braid body with rope handles enhanced with metal tipped knots. This nautical design is perfect for the beach!

Best Large Beach Bag in LA

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Stay calm and buy a stylish large beach bag!

– Team Boardwalk

Straw Baseball Hats and Ladies Caps

Baseball caps can be fun and fabulous and you also don’t have to be an athlete to wear them. At Boardwalk Style, we love creating fashionable straw baseball caps and ladies caps that are also functional, nit just pretty to wear. So take a look at some of our favorite ladies baseball caps this season.

We love women’s fashion baseball cap designs with a unique look and this one is no exception. Check out this straw fashion cap with metallic look and fabric trim. It’s a unisex style so it’s a great hat for women and men.

womens fashion baseball cap los angeles

Another unisex design is this straw trucker cap with paper straw front section and bill, and matching mesh back section. 

unisex caps for ladies and men

If you’re looking for a lightweight design this one is made of knitted straw mesh. It has an adjustable velcro back and comfortable elastic sweatband. If you’re looking for practical caps for ladies, this is a great one!

lightweight straw ladies fashion baseball caps

Maybe you’re looking for some beach baseball hats. This straw trucker fashion caps with a zigzag design is perfect for the beach and other outdoor settings.

fashion beach baseball hats la

And we also have beach baseball caps for girls. That’s right, we have kids hats too. This girls straw baseball hat is brightly colored caps with butterflies and with an adjustable snapback it fits kids of all ages.

new arrivals beach baseball caps girls

Another cute design for girl is this kitty caps. This whimsical cap for children has a cute kitten face and ears. It has a matching pink nose and pink grosgrain bow.

cute fashion baseball hats for kids

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Stay fashionable in a straw baseball cap!

– Team Boardwalk

Sun Visors with Good Sun Protection

No matter what the season one should always be concerned with having an appropriate amount of sun protection. The sun’s rays are powerful but you can always take precautions to stay protected. Here at Boardwalk Style, we love sun visors with good sun protection. Let’s show you a few of our favorites.

Large roll-up sun visors provide good sun protection for your face. Check out this stylish one with sequins. If you’re looking for beach sun visors with some sparkle this is the perfect one. Plus it easily rolls up for travel!

stylish ladies sun visor hats for summer

If you’re looking for something nautical this roll-up straw sun visor with navy stripes and an oversized bow may be what you’re looking for. It has an adjustable velcro back and wraps into a compact cone.

sun protection sun visor hats los angeles

And if you need sun protection sun visor hats you may want to look for something that also has a top. The brim size does help tremendously but for overall sun protection, you’ll want something that covers your entire head. This straw face saver hat provides the best sun protection. It also has UPF 50+ protection.

womens straw sun visors upf 50

Perhaps you’re looking for something other than women’s straw sun visors. We do have a knitted sun visor. And it’s complete with an inner sweatband so it’s great for anyone who is active.

knit beach sun visors

Maybe you fancy a straw visor with an oversized bow wrapped around the back and a shapeable wire in brim. This one is great and has a 4-inch brim.

good sun protection straw hats and facesavers

And, if stripes are your thing when it comes to ladies sun visor hats check out this one with space-dyed straw braids. 

straw beach sun visors la

Sun visors don’t give as good sun protection as a full hat since they don’t cover the top of your head but they do provide excellent face protection so grab yourself a visor and be fabulous!

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Stay fabulous in a sun visor!

– Team Boardwalk

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