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Hottest Summer Ladies Bucket Hats

Looking for a fun summer hat style? Well, we at Boardwalk Style have the absolute best ladies bucket hats for summer. If you like modern trends and a mix of classic design then women’s bucket hats should be on your go-to list. We have the hottest summer ladies bucket hats and we’re here just to show you a few.

Starting off the list is this fine crochet toyo sun hat style. This is one of our favorite straw sun hats and it’s available in a variety of colors. The classic design means it can be worn with just about anything and with color options you can never have too many.

best womens bucket hats for summer

Next up is this fun brown crochet raffia bucket hat with natural color string around the crown. If you like raffia sun hats then this one might just be for you.

ladies bucket hats usa

Another great style is this summer bucket hat with mixed straw patterns. It has a mixed braid pattern crown and brim and a lacy string band with tassel detail.

trendy ladies summer hats

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Stay beautiful in a cool bucket hat!

– Team Boardwalk

Best Scarf Styles for Summer

What’s the best way to jazz up a summer outfit? Add a beach scarf to your look! And here at Boardwalk Style, we have the best scarf styles for summer. If you’re looking for great beach accessories for women we have plenty of great beach scarf styles. If you like summer scarf tying then check out these scarves.

Like this large, lightweight cotton scarf with hand-pulled fringe and adorable seashells print. It is perfect for summer and spring and can be used as a scarf or shawl.

style scarf designs los angeles

Another summer favorite is this fashionable feather print scarf. If you’re looking for fun and colorful print this is a great go-to. And if you’re looking for multiple ways to style a scarf this one can be worn as a sarong if you’re heading to the beach.

best beach accessories for women 2018

And one of our newest style scarf styles is this blue dolphins print. We love the subtle tie-dye background design because it gives the perfect summer vibe.

ladies beach scarf

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Stay fabulous this summer with a style scarf!

– Team Boardwalk

Best Beach Fedora Hats for Summer

Are you a retailer searching for fashionable ladies summer hats? Check out the stylish beach fedoras we have available! At Boardwalk Style we are a top fedora hat company offering the very best styles. So take a look at some of our best beach fedora hats for summer.

Check out this summer fedora hat made of hand-crocheted paper straw. It has a color block crown with tweed pattern. It’s also packable and crushable so you can take it anywhere you need to go!

ladies beach fedora hats USA

Another one of our favorite fedora ladies hat styles is this handwoven straw fedora hat available in a variety of 2-tone summer-style colors. It has a straw string band with a tie and inner sweatband to help on those hot summer days.

straw fedora hat company los angeles

And if you’re looking for something with a fashionable print check out this summer linen fedora in soft floral print and pleated fabric band. This is one of our favorite beach fedora hats for women. The colors and floral print are perfect for your summer wardrobe.

best ladies summer hats

If you’re a fashion accessories retailer searching for stylish fedora ladies hat styles for your store, then check out our wholesale fashion accessories website  – Dynamic Asia for all your hat needs and more! 

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Stay stylish this summer in a fedora hat!

– Team Boardwalk


Some people call sunglasses “the eyes of the face.” We personally think the actual eyes of the face are the eyes of the face, but to each their own! Speaking of own, it’s time you own some fashionable summer eyewear for the New Year!

Boasting a variety of options for all styles and ages, Boardwalk Style has you, and your eyes, covered!

What’s the teal with these Color Spark sunglasses? They’re downright trendsetting is what, and the vibrant frames couple nicely with lenses of violet hue.

Hot Sunglasses Color Spark Sunglasses


Looking for something less flashy? These polarized Bamboo Jane-style shades provide the understated look you’re seeking while maintaining a modern design.

Sunglasses Polorized Bamboo Jane Polarized Sunglasses


These flexible Flower UV sunglasses aim to a younger crowd, but don’t let anyone tell you you can’t pull them off as well! And hey, if you can’t, you can just literally pull them off. They’re just sunglasses after all and should in no way be permanently attached to your face.

Toddler Sunglasses Kids Flexible Flower UV Sunglasses


That’s not all! The kids have options! Like these Kitty UVs. Purrfect for sunny days and terrible puns.

Sunnies Eyeglasses Kids Kitty UV Sunglasses


Or this Retro Polka Dot pattern:

Unique Sunglasses Kids Retro Polka Dot UV Sunglasses


Don’t you hate when strangers approach you on the street and start reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to your face when you’re not even wearing American Flag aviators? Well, we have the solution to at least one of those problems!

Sunglasses USA American Flag Aviator Sunglasses


So if you’re a retailer in the market for fashionable wholesale sunglasses, head over to our wholesale fashion accessories website  – Dynamic Asia!

Let us help shape (and frame) your day the right way!

– Team Dynamic

Stylish Sun Visors

Are you in need of wholesale sun visors? Head this way and let Boardwalk Style advise you on the most stylish sun visors to get you through the brightest of days!

Get your money’s worth in this Heathered Roll-Up visor, and maybe even throw in a little tip (of the cap)!



Put a bow on it and keep it classy in the shade with this elegant wraparound piece!



Save face with this fashionable zebra print Facesaver Cap.



Or if you’re feeling fierce, check out this Straw Sun Visor with a ferocious leopard band.



Somebody please think of the children! (Oh wait, we did!) This kid’s sun visor with bow is sure to please any kid looking to stay fashionably safe in the sun!



Don’t let the cold keep you down. A winter knit visor is the perfect accessory for those chilly, sun-soaked days.



This lightweight, sewn braid straw visor won’t weigh you down when indulging in your favorite sport or activity, whether it’s frisbee, golf, or anything in between… like laser tag!



When it comes to comfort, the name says it all: Our Most Comfortable Sun Visor. A day on the beach or a night out alone, with friends, or with loved ones, this visor is sure to be a stylish addition to nearly any ensemble.



Don’t let the sun give you sore eyesight, become a sight for sore eyes instead! Find these visors and more here at Boardwalk Style or through our parent company Dynamic Asia!

Happy shopping!

– Team Dynamic

Womens Beach Baseball Hats for 2018

When you take me out to the ball game, er, beach, don’t forget your womens beach baseball hats!  :)  

Hit the sand with a beach bag, towel, and baseball bat (optional) in hand, and don’t forget to sport a fashionable beach cap to make you look striking – without striking out!

Quick note: Are you a store owner or buyer looking for wholesale beach baseball hats?  You can buy Boardwalk Style hats from our parent company DNMC Los Angeles!  Go to:

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Beach Baseball Hats and Womens Caps

Now, back to the post…

Boardwalk Style has the beach baseball hats you’re looking for this summer.

This raffia straw women’s baseball cap is just the thing you need to keep that foul ball known as “the sun” out of your eyes whether enjoying America’s favorite pastime or simply taking a stroll in the ocean breeze.

beach baseball hats women raffia straw cap


This Sequin Mesh cap is sure to be a home run with onlookers. Watch it sparkle and shine like a diamond (but not a baseball diamond; those don’t shine at all)!

Sequin Mesh baseball cap

Be the life of the dugout in this colorful Tropical Print baseball cap, a must-have for any beach-bunting baseball bash!tropical print baseball cap

From building sand castles to tossing a frisbee with friends or family, this Butterfly-adorned Kid’s Baseball Cap is sure to put a smile on any child’s face.

Kid's Butterfly baseball cap

Whether it’s the 7th inning stretch or the bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, two outs, two strikes or any other variation of baseball-related phrases that can be applied to fun in the sun, sports on the beach and feeling the sand between your toes, Boardwalk Style has got you(r head) covered!

Are you a retailer that sells beach hats?  Buy Boardwalk Style from our parent company – DNMC!  Go to:

Buy Boardwalk Style Beach Hats Wholesale

Swing, batter batter!… and dress better better this summer for the beach!

Stay fashionable,

-Team Dynamic

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