Boardwalk Style is a fashion brand of summer hats, beach bags, and resort accessories from established Los Angeles, California fashion company Dynamic A.

The brand launched in August, 2013 at WWDMAGIC-Las Vegas. Fashion accessories under the Boardwalk Style label have begun appearing in stores in California, Hawaii, Nevada, and beyond.

Looking to buy Boardwalk Style sun hats and beach bags?  See: Where to Buy Boardwalk Style

Want to read more about the brand and the latest styles?  Visit the Boardwalk Style Blog to read about our newest products, get fashion tips, and learn the ins and outs of sun hats, straw bags, and summer accessories!

Where has Boardwalk Style appeared in the press?  Check out Boardwalk Style Press Page and see how Boardwalk Style is popping up all over the place! :)

On that note, if you see us in the news or online, drop us a line through Contact Boardwalk Style.

Thanks for reading!  Boardwalk-Style.com is updated often, so check back soon.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler who would like to carry Boardwalk Style, please visit Dynamic A’s wholesale site (Wholesale.Dynamicasia.com) or their classic site (www.DynamicAsia.com).  And for high-volume fashion accessory buyers, don’t miss our new site: Fashion by the Case

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